9 Kasım 2021

mum and me pt3


mum and me pt3after a few weeks of touching each other,we got more involved mum would dress in nice underwear when dad went to work,and put on her elasticated trousers over them which would be easy for me to remove,and a top,so the first image i would get is a middle aged mum/housewife,going around her normal chores,i would usually be in my shorts or tracky bottoms,i would watch her from behind as she washed the dishes at the kitchen sink and then go up behind her kiss the back of her neck and put my tuzla escort hands on her arse and squeeze her cheeks it was easy for me to put my hands down her trousers because of the elasticated waist band,i could feel her ample hips ad belly as i put my hands down her trousers to feel her fleshy regions she would turn around to face me,im on my knees looking up at my mum who is letting me pull her trousers down revealing her lacy full cut knickers in which i could now see how wet sancaktepe escort she was my hand would rub her wet clit through her knickers causing her to shudder and moan,she would take off her top to reveal a matching lacy bra covering her 40 c cup tits,by now im rampant looking at mum in her bra and knickers standing in front of me as im playing with her clit and mound i move my lips towards her sweet smelling cunt and start to lick and taste her juices,i was getting üsküdar escort a little uncomfortable now as my cock is hard and encased in my tight tracky bottoms so i stood upit was mums turn to kneel in fornt of me and she removed my bottoms revealing my hard teen cock,she started rubbing my cock and then engulfed it with her mouth,the sight of my own mum having my cock in her mouth was very erotic feeling her tongue darting around the tip of my helmet ,it didnt take e long to start to cum which seemed to make her suck harder and cup my arse cheeks to pull me even closer to her mouth i could feel my cum pumping into mums mouth she just kept on sucking until every last drop of my cream was in her mouth and my cock had now gone soft,she looked up at me and just winked,

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