19 Şubat 2021

My Best Friend the Virgin


I met my best friend Brandy during a particularly hot PNW summer. I lived in Washington state and she was living in Hollywood, pursuing modeling and acting. She had come to visit mutual friends for the summer, although she was having a lot of success in LA- most likely because she looks like the lovechild of Meghan Fox, Angelina Jolie, and Scarlett Johansson. From her tan skin, to her perfectly whitened teeth, to her curvy frame and toned abs, to her blue eyes and ebony hair; she was by far the hottest girl I had ever met.

And little did she know, she came in to my life at just the right time. I had recently entered the wonderful world of d/s, up to this point I had been a dedicated submissive, and discovered my growing attraction to women…

Enter Brandy.

Who was somehow still a virgin.

We did everything together. We got close fast. So close that in our second week of friendship, we chugged a bottle of peppermint schnapps together and ended up kissing quite a bit more than most best friends do. Sadly, that was the end of that. Until 2 months and lots of “sarcastic” flirting later…

We were in my house playing some stupid children’s board game, each taking a shot of Smirnoff from cheap tourist shot glasses when we lost. Eventually, we moved the game aside and collapsed beside each other, wasted off our asses, staring at the ceiling and laughing about absolutely nothing. She was telling me about her trouble using the vibrator that we actually bought together. She said it was too big for her, and that she couldn’t get it in without hurting herself. I offered to help, half joking and half serious, but the only response I got was more deep laughter.

Somewhere in her incessant giggling, she mumbled, “We should just, not wear shirts.”

I laughed, thinking she was just being dumb, but she stopped me with a mischievous, “I will if you will.” I raised an eyebrow, and agreed. We moved closer together, and I grabbed the hem of her tank top. Through our giggles, we counted down from three, and took off each others’ shirts, revealing her double D breasts, nipples fully erect, and my own perky B-cups, hard as well. I was glad we were both too overheated earlier to put bras on. We took a final peek at each other’s boobs and melted into puddles of laughter, but for some reason, I couldn’t keep my eyes off of her. I couldn’t help it, she was- is, absolutely beautiful. How had this girl managed to avoid sex?? Brandy noticed my staring, and smirked, “Do I have nice boobs?” I dragged my eyes away from her large breasts, and to her face.

“Oh, yes,” I replied, swallowing my lust with a single gulp. I had to show SOME self control here. She’s my best friend, for God’s sake!

But Brandy was having none of that.

“One of them is way bigger than the other,” she remarked innocently, before locking eyes with me. I knew what she wanted. Could I? She bit her lip. The alcohol in my system kicked in, and I sat up and crawled toward her. “Really?”

I reached out and tenderly caressed each breast in each of my hands. She was right, her left was significantly smaller!

Brandy rolled her eyes, trying to ignore casino siteleri the potential of this situation. “It’s so annoying,” she slurred, “Does it feel weird?” In response, I gently began circling her nipple with a single finger, erecting a small gasp from her. Her nipples stiffened beneath my touch, and I gently began to brush the tips with my finger. A moan slipped through her lips, and I took this as a sign to pick up the pace. I moved my fingers across her nipples harder now, and faster than my former, tantalizing slowness. I received a louder moan from the recipient. “Oh my god, Elizabeth, that feel so good,” she stammered. She began to grind her hips against the air, and I could smell her pussy from where I was. I shivered with delight, then looked at the contorted face of my best friend and quickly pulled away. How could I do this to her? I knew that no one had made her cum before, I couldn’t take away this poor girl’s innocence… The second I unlatched from her sweet nipples, I was met by a cry of protest. Panting, I explained, “Sober consent or no consent,” a phrase I often use in both sides of the situation, and planted a kiss between her breasts, on her sternum, “But no, they don’t feel weird. You have amazing boobs, babe.”

Her eyes lit up at the compliment, and I laid down beside her, with my head against hers.

“We’re so about to make out right now,” she giggled.

“Are we?” I joked, moving my lips closer to hers.

“Oh yeah, definitely, we’re gonna make out,” she slurred against my lips. And with that, our mouths tenderly collided. Her lips are the softest I’ve ever kissed, and she was surprisingly good considering I was the second person she had ever kissed. I felt her tongue peeking through, and I instinctively met it with mine, attempting to invade her mouth, but she quickly pulled it back. She teased me like this for a few minutes, not quite getting that she had to open her mouth. I stopped kissing her and laughed, before laying my head on her stomach, my attention again coming to her breasts. “You could suck them…” she shyly suggested. I bit back a moan, though I had been licking my lips at the sight of them ever since I laid eyes on her nipples. “I know you’re a tease, Elizabeth, and I’m going to get what I want.” My mouth opened slightly in amusement at her sudden dominance. This was the Brandy I knew.

“Mmm, you want me to suck them, huh?” I smirked, my dominant side now taking control. With one swift move, I straddled her, and began kissing every inch of her right breast, avoiding her nipple, while my finger gently circled around the other one. Her eyes fluttered shut. With this, I flicked my tongue over the tip, my other hand mirroring what my mouth did. Brandy whimpered beneath my touch. Feeling empowered by the submission of this confident, driven supermodel beneath me, I gently pulled on her nipple with my teeth, before roughly sucking up and down. She tasted heavenly.

“I could do this all day, ” I whispered before quickly pinching both of her nipples, and kissing my way up to her neck. Her hips were bucking hard at this point, and I knew she had probably soaked her canlı casino thin pyjama shorts.

“You need to learn to keep still, dear,” I breathed into her ear, nipping at the edge and giving her nipples one last, hard pull.

“And I need to learn how to control myself.”

With that, I left my sexy best friend writing on the carpet beside me. I could tell she was on the edge of an orgasm, which I would happily bring her to if she just asked…

“I have to pee,” she panted, and ran to the bathroom. I took the opportunity to gather my collection of toys, thinking I would seize the opportunity to teach her how to pleasure herself… I hid them beneath my crumpled shirt just as she emerged from the bathroom.

“Please do that all the time,” she smiled as she lay down beside me again, eyes wide. I smirked.

“You are a horny, horny girl, Brandy.”

She bit her lip and nodded, then grabbed my hand and guided it back to her breast. I raised an eyebrow and laughed, but began tracing over her nipple again. I decided to push it further, and slowly moved my hand down her stomach, to her soaking crotch. She gasped, and softly cried, “Please don’t tease me!”

I ignored her request. I rubbed her pussy gently through the sopping wet fabric, while my remaining hand toyed with her nipples, and my mouth feasted on her soft neck. “Elizabeth no, you can’t do this,” she whined at my gentility.

“I’m just trying to control myself here, baby,” I whispered against her neck. “Would you rather I just-” I drew both hands away, “stopped?”

She cried out loudly in protest. I loved the noises she made. It was like I had my own personal porn star.

“Well fine, then!” I teased, “But I can’t do anything with these on.”

With that, I yanked down her shorts and underwear, and the smell of her sweet juices was absolutely intoxicating. She was breathing heavily now.

“I’m going to teach you how to use these,” I explained, revealing my vast array of vibrators, dildos, and bullets.

“Don’t worry, they’re clean,” I winked. She nodded wordlessly. “Now, the most important part of this is proper lubrication,” I smirked, placing a small bullet into my mouth and sucking for a few seconds. I flicked it to “ON”, and held it against her one of her nipples, then moved it to the next. I trailed it down her body to her clit, and pressed it against her for almost a full minute. Her juices were running down her thighs now, and I moved the bullet toward her entrance.

“We’ll start off small, yes?” I asked.

“Can you find my hole?” She asked, laughing nervously. I smiled hungrily. Suddenly I plunged the bullet into her, and began masturbating her with the tiny object.

“Oh my god, yes,” she breathed heavily, aggressively grinding against the vibrations. I continued to plunge it in and out of her pussy, and moved back up to her nipples to suck to my heart’s content. She was obviously nearing orgasm, but I didn’t want to grant it to her yet. This was the first time anyone would give her one, I wanted to make it earth-shattering. I grabbed a blue, 5-inch vibrator, and ran it between her swollen lips. Her kaçak casino eyes opened quickly at the new object between her legs. I pulled out the bullet, and stuck the tip of the blue vibrator, now dropping with her wetness, in her hole.

“Relax, baby. It’s gonna go in really easy.” I coaxed, knowing she was scared after her mishap with her own 8-inch one.

“Please,” she moaned, much to my surprise and delight.

“I love it when you beg,” I growled, and plunged it into her with a powerful thrust.

She cried out in pleasure as I continued to move it in and out. I decided she was ready for more, and turned it to ON. “OH MY GOD,” she cried, breathing heavily and grabbing at my arm. I licked my fingers until spit ran down the sides, and pressed them directly to her clit, then rubbed her hard, still pumping the vibrator in and out.

“Are you gonna cum for me, baby?” I growled again.

“I w-want toooo,” she blurted out, almost pleading, “So, so bad.”

“Then cum. Let it go. Cum for me. Now.”

I could feel her orgasm shaking her body, and I slowed my thrusting and rubbed her clit with wild abandon. But I wasn’t done with her yet.

“I’ve thought about this so many times, Brandy,” I moaned as I slowly pushed the vibrator all the way in. She gasped at the deep penetration,


“Oh, yes. You’re in all my fantasies,” I smirked. I kept eye contact with her as my head moved between her thighs. I pushed her legs open further, and slowly moved my tongue in circles around her clit.

“Oh, my god, Elizabeth, yes,” she stammered, grabbing my head in both of her hands and forcing me further against her pussy. I happily obliged, and began flicking my tongue and sucking her clit hard.

“You taste,” I panted, “SO good.” She shuddered against me, and I could tell she was about to cum again. I bit down on her little button as another orgasm took over her body. I could tell she was getting really worked up, and that the next one would come easy. I moved my face back up to her nipple, and she moved her hair out of the way.

I smiled, “Good girl.”

Brandy laughed softly. “That sentence doesn’t have the same effect on me that it does on you,” she mumbled.

“Not yet,” I replied, attacking her nipple with my teeth and reaching down to flick her clit again. She groaned loudly and attempted to stop my hand from touching it, now very sensitive after multiple orgasms, but I immediately grabbed her hand, and pinned it above her head.

“I’m in charge,” I instructed, staring into her eyes, “and I know you want to cum again.”

“Yes,” she begged, “yes, yes, YES,” with that, she lost all control of her body, and after a few minutes of spasms she lay lifeless on the floor. I cooed in satisfaction, and told her I was going to remove the vibrator.

“Good luck…” she teased. Her pussy muscles were tightly clenched around the toy, but I managed to gently pull it out, and turn it off. I brought it to her mouth, and instructed her to taste herself. She obeyed immediately, cleaning her cum off of it, surprised to know that she did, in fact, taste as good as I told her.

With that, I lay beside her, and pulled her against my chest. I kissed her forehead and stroked her hair, reaffirming her importance to me through some very needed aftercare. She snuggled against my chest, and mumbled, “Let’s do that again.”

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