8 Kasım 2021

My cuckold journey IV


My cuckold journey IVMy wife Angie was onto her second lover after marrying me. She was now fucking a guy from her work, someone she had had an affair with during her first marriage. The first guy lasted only a few weeks but I had higher hopes for this one…I would, at least once a week, get a text saying she would be home later than usual. When she came home and gave me that sexy wink I knew she had been with him. Normally they would have sex in the school where they worked, but sometimes in his or her car in a country lane and she would often point out their ‘shagging lanes’ when we out on drive. Every now and then I would get a text telling me to give her an empty house, mostly on friday nights. So I would make myself scarce for a few hours and wait for a call, returning to my wife lying on our bed smelling of sex. We would then make love and she would tell me everything. Joe (her lover) never came inside her, I think he liked to see his cum flying over my wifes ass, tits or face. Also he never came in her mouth, she said this was reserved for me alone. I would have loved it but she always said no. I also had some input into their sex life, choices of clothing for her in particular. Joe didn’t know that I knew about them but I got a thrill out of fulfilling some of his fantasies. One time I suggested she dress as a dirty school girl, short skirt socks and tie, shirt knotted and pushing her boobs up, and no knickers. She said his jaw dropped when he saw her. Her favourite part of this she said was when she was riding him üsküdar escort reverse cowgirl she bent forward and looked between her legs, her little tartan skirt was bunched round her waist and she got a good view of his cock sliding in and out of her pussy. Another time I suggested she answer the door wearing a fur coat, heels and nothing else. This guy must have thought he some kind stud, a married woman dressing up for him, sucking and fucking him, then sending him home.The best time with Joe happened when Angie told me on the monday he was coming over on the friday, so my mind went into overdrive, what could I plan for them? Friday night came and I was in a local pub knowing Angie would just be coming home to prepare for her date. I got a text *You’re a dirty boy Jim**Do you approve**Absolutely, love you**Love you too, have fun*I had been online and ordered her a matching red basque, stocking and panty ensemble. I had also put the camcorder on a tripod in the corner of our bedroom, pointing at the bed! I waited anxiously for my call to come home. I was going to hopefully watch my wife with another guy, if only on film. Finally she phoned saying he was gone. I rushed home and asked her if he was OK with the camcorder. ‘Have a look for yourself’ she said. I hooked the cam to the TV and we both sat down to watch the homemade porno starring my wife!Angie was lying on the bed wearing the lingerie I had bought her. Joe was off screen taking his clothes off by the sounds. He moved tuzla escort in from the right wearing only his black boxers and climbed onto the bed and on top of my wife. They started kissing deeply, which lasted only a minute or two before he slid down her body, licking and kissing as he went, kneading her boobs with one hand and spreading her thighs with the other. He pulled her panties down, Angie lifting her hips to accomodate him, then lowered his face into her pussy. She rubbed the back of his head moaning softly as she did so. Joe moved between licking her and pushing one then two then three fingers roughly up into her. Her moans got louder and he started to lick her clit and finger fuck her at the same time. Maybe 20 minutes of oral and Angie was cuming, bucking her hips into his face and grabbing his head to keep his mouth where it was, screaming ‘fucking hell’ as she came. ‘I’ve never saw myself cum before’ She said to me ‘that was amazing’. He stood up at the side of the bed and slid off his boxers, his erect cock springing forth. He then moved between her legs to enter her but she held his shoulders and turned him on his back, then lay on top of him and kissed him. Situations reversed, it was her turn to kiss and nibble down his body. She paused at his nipples and flicked at them with her tongue, biting each one in turn, before running her tongue down over his stomach and over his pubic hair. She continued downwards ignoring his cock as it stood proudly by her cheek pendik escort and pushing his legs wide open with her hands, licked the area between his balls and legs. She swirled her tongue round and under his balls, coming back up the other leg, then slowly ran her tongue over his sack. Angie then took first one ball then the other into her mouth, sucking gently, pulling her away so his balls popped from her mouth. I could clearly saliva covering his nut-sack. She then ran her tongue up the length of cock flicking over the head before taking almost half his cock into her willing mouth. Joe gasped audibly at this, Angie giggled a little as she watched this. She started to move her mouth up and down his shaft stopping now and then to lick the tip of his penis. I was mesmerized as my wifes’ lips worked on this guys cock. I could see them puffing slightly as they moved over the purple head of his cock, then coming up to almost kiss the very tip, then down again. Joe had both his hands under his head, propping himself up so he could get a good view of my wife pleasuring his swollen penis, groans of approval escaping his lips. Angie moved her mouth back to his balls but kept one hand on cock. She sucked on his sack while wanking him off before he announced he going to cum. Angie stopped and said not yet your not. She stood up on the bed – I thought she going to mount him – but she left the view and the screen went black! ‘What happened?’ I asked, ‘aww fuck’ she said ‘I turned the light off’. Sounds of bed squeaking and groaning on screen continued as Angie told me she rode him cowgirl, before he fucked her missionary then doggy over the edge of the bed. He then made her kneel on the floor before spraying his cum over her tits. I missed all this but watching her giving this guy a long slowly blow-job was fantastic. What would we get up to next?

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