30 Haziran 2020

My Ex-daughter In Law (Part 9)


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My Ex-daughter In Law (Part 9)A few days after our last adventure together Debbie came back to pay me a visit. As usual she was her very sexy, chirpy self……… “Steve………….. Steve, you there?” “I’ll be down in a minute.” I shouted, as I was just getting changed from coming back from the shops. Upon coming down the stairs and walking into my front room I was confronted with five feet four inches of gorgeousness. As I looked Debbie up and down she was wearing a pair of red strappy high heels, an above knee black skirt, a white fleecy TIGHT LOW CUT jumper and bright red lipstick. She smiled as she rushed in to kiss me…….. “Steve, I’m not stopping as I’m meeting my friend but I just had to come and see you to mention about the other day………… Erm……. I can’t stop thinking about it…… Erm…….. It was the most amazing sex that I have ever had and I was wondering…….. Erm……” She paused and went a little blushed in the face as I interupted…….. “I know I keep thinking about it too, it was very nice, but go on……. You were wondering what?” I said. She continued “Erm…….. Would you like to….. Erm….. go out tonight as a proper couple?” I wondered if that was her real question or not as her question seemed to change from ‘About the other night’ to ‘Going out as a proper couple.’ Hhhmmm, I thought but I replied “I would love to go out with you as a proper couple but we will have to go somewhere not from around here for now until we see how things progress!” She agreed, squeezed my hand, gave me a kiss on the cheek and shouted as she was leaving…….. “I’ll pick you up at 7.00pm.” What a strange visit that was!Well, 7.00pm came and went and at 7.20pm I thought it was all over until I heard a car pull up outside. güvenilir bahis I pulled the curtain back and saw it was Debbie. I left the house and got into her car “Everything all right?” I asked, “Fine thanks, sorry I’m late there was an accident down the road and it was all blocked off until the Police allowed us through and there was no were to do a U-Turn either, so I was stuck and to make matters worse I rushed out so not to be late to meet up with you and I left my mobile on the TV, silly me!” “Oh never mind….” I replied….. “Your here now. So where we going, any ideas?” Debbie said “My friend told me of a new quiet pub opened up just on the outskirts of town. We can go there if you want, have a drink and something to eat, then back to yours if you want?” “Great stuff, lets go……..”As we pulled into the Olde Black Bull, the car park was quite full and I thought to myself ‘This must be a popular spot!’ As we entered the doors the pub itself was quite full too with couples and singles mingling having a laugh and a joke. I went to the bar, got the drinks in as Debbie found us a table. “First time here?” said the bar lady. “Erm, yes! Its seems to be a popular place. Is it like this most nights?” “Well……..” she replied “Not most nights, but it is always busy every Wednesday without fail. Couples come from all over the place to have a little fun!” “Oooh” I said as she winked & smiled at me as I paid for the drinks and went to the table were Debbie was sat, none the wiser what the bar lady was on about. Little did I know I would soon find out what she meant!An hour or so later and after a few more drinks (Non-alcoholic), the room seemed to get nosier, so we just sat there, looked around and started to listen in. We overhead bets10 güvenilir mi a couple telling another couple “We tried Charlie last week, he was fun………” as they pointed to a guy at the bar. We turned as we heard a couple of girls talking and giggling to another couple (Man & Woman) /i]”What an amazing time we had last week with him.” As they pointed across the room to a table of a young man talking to a black couple……. “Trevor was amazing and made sure he fulfilled our ever needs before he was satisfied!” It was then I began to think about what the lady behind the bar said. This does not seem like a NORMAL pub, maybe we should leave but as I looked at Debbie she seemed to be thrilled with listening to other peoples conversations about sex and as I looked around the room I noticed other people staring at us and smiling. It was at this point ‘the call of nature’ came to me……. “Debbie, I’ll be back in a minute.” As I went into the toilet and stood at the trough I began to relieve myself, with that the door opened and in walked this tall well built black guy……. “Evening….” he said as he stood at the side of me unzipped his pants and pulled out his cock. “First timers?” “Erm…… Yes!” I replied. “You have a lovely looking young wife……” “She’s not my wife, she’s my……” Before I could finish what I was saying he cut me off mid-sentence….. “Oh you lucky dog, she is one sexy looking lady.” “Thanks” I replied and before I could saying anything else he said “Well my name is Leroy and I don’t suppose she’d like some of this would she…….” As he looked down, it made me look down and I saw what can only be described as Debbie’s big, black Dildo, but this time not made of rubber, it was real. He mobilbahis asked me “Want to touch it?” I was a bit shocked but he egged me into to give it a poke. As I reached down and touched it, it felt like rock. “Would your woman like to touch it?” he asked. I then began to think about Debbie’s big, black Dildo, her wild fantasies she told me about, what we have experienced ourselves since being together and other things we had chatted about. But since touching his cock and going into a daze thinking about things………… I didn’t realise but my hand was still on his cock. As I came to my senses I said “I have an idea, do you want to make my partner a very happy girl?” “I’m only here to please!” was his reply. “OK then, come to my house at 11.00pm tomorrow night and let yourself in the backway, quietly though, strip off downstairs and creep upstairs and wait outside the bedroom door at the top of the stairs to your right until I come and get you. Remember, not a word is to be spoken until I tell you too!” I said “I’m all ears and your wish is my command…………..” “Until tomorrow then” was his reply as we both put our cocks away and left the toilets together.Approaching Debbie she smiled and said “You were a long time?” “I know, one of the troughs was broken and there was a queue for the others. Ready to go?” “Yeah, I’m a bit tired tonight.” She said. As we left I glanced across at the bar at Leroy, smiled and nodded as he gave me the ‘finger pointing gun wave’ and smiled back. Putting Debbie’s coat around her shoulders and cuddling her I began to think ‘She has no idea what is going to happen tomorrow. I hope she enjoy what I have planned!’ Debbie turned to kiss me and her left hand dropped to my groin, which was starting to get hard……. “OOoooohhhh, see something you like in there?” I replied “Only you babe’s, only you!”To be continued………….Want to know more, come back next week for My Ex-daughter In Law (Part 10) and please feel free to leave comments & likes! :-)SteveHull (UK)

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