29 Haziran 2021

My father, my husband


My father, my husbanddeleteddeletedMy mom passed away 3 years back when I was 16. Since then my dad had been everything to me. He took utmost care for me and I could say I never missed my mom much. He didn’t get married again for my sake cause he wasn’t sure about how my step mother may behave with me. Things were going smooth or it was what I thought until that night came. My dad got married at a young age of 24 and my mom was 19. I was born in a year as a token to appreciate their unconditional love. Life was going smooth and steady until one day when my mother fell ill and died. My dad was left alone and I thought he was happy until the day came when I realized he is still young and in need of some intimacy which he missed for quite sometime now without my mother with us. My dad parked his bike near me as I hopped onto it. I clung tightly to him which I am used to quite often. “How was the day, Latha?” he enquired me. “Fine as usual, dad,” I replied back while my fingers were busy unwrapping the chocolate he bought for me. We reached our home and I moved inside with him following me behind. I moved to my bedroom and slipped off into nighty. I walked into the kitchen to make coffee for both of us while my dad relaxed watching TV. I handed him the coffee and sat near him. “What’s the plan for this evening, daddy?” I enquired him with my hands around his neck hugging him close.“Not yet planned, Latha.”“Come on daddy, lets go out somewhere,” I pulled him up. I wore a pink colored salwar and he got dressed up in a stripped shirt. We drove off in his bike and I was quite excited about the movie all along. He was not sure but agreed for my sake and we went off for a movie. The movie was a good one which I watched with my hands wrapped around my dad. He was quite uncomfortable than usual. It went on uneventful and we came back home earlier. I felt my dad was not his usual cheerful self and he was completely worried about something. After getting dressed in my usual satin nighty, I joined him in his bedroom. I cuddled closer to him when he suddenly moved off me.“Dad…what happened?” I asked him completely canlı bahis shocked. “Nothing dear. You just get some sleep,” he said with his eyes filled with tears. I moved close to him, holding his face in my palm. He sobbed and hugged me tight. I felt a flush of excitement in my body of being touched so intimate by a man. My dad had hugged me so often but today it all seemed so new. I hugged him back feeling my breasts touching his chest. I could feel his hard on touching my thighs as he held me tight. He got off me and smiled saying, “Nothing dear. You just look so much like your mom and I sometimes feel I am with her.” I couldn’t get his words clearly but I understood he is depressed cause he has seen his daughter as his wife. I know I am not a k** and my dad misses the company of a woman in his life. I slipped off the bed and walked towards my bedroom door locking myself inside. My mind was filled with confusion as I walked all over my room wondering about the things that happened. I looked at myself in the mirror thinking deeply. A few minutes passed when I realized I was staring at my own body in the mirror. The reflection showed a young girl of 19 years with feminine curves and bums. My hips were wide yet slim with a medium sized pair of firm, fair breasts gifted to me from my mother. My skin was completely soft to touch and quite sensitive.“I am a fully grown woman…why can’t I be my dad’s wife for the night?” I thought to myself demolishing all the thoughts of committing i****t which is a sin in this world. My determination to make my dad happy took over my questioning brain. I moved to the cupboard and took out my mom’s saree. It was bright red in color with flower patterns. I slipped my soft breasts into her bra which cupped it tightly. “Oh….I am almost the same as mom even in sizes,” I wondered in my mind as I wrapped the saree around me after wearing the blouse and petticoat. I looked at my reflection once again to give a touch up. Then I made my way up to my parent’s bedroom. I knocked slightly over the door. My body trembled in excitement and fear. I felt a shiver in my spines when bahis siteleri I felt I will no longer be a virgin the next morning. My untouched breasts would be felt by my very own dad soon. My erect nipples would be in his lips and flicked over by his tongue. My soft thighs would be spread wide apart so that he would be able to get in between and penetrate my virgin hole. My body almost got flushed with my wetness as all these thoughts swept through me. I felt I am mentally ready to be my father’s wife tonight. To take up that place in his bed which my mother took quite a few years back. To offer myself willingly to be devoured by the man who brought me in to this world.The door opened slowly and my dad was standing right in front of me. He gazed at me and stood astonished. “I know you miss mom so much dad. You have done so much for me and I wish to return the favor with whatever I got.” I spoke mustering up my courage. I finished my sentence and walked inside the room locking it behind us. My dad still stood still unable to decide what he should be doing at this moment. I blushed a bit when I realized I am alone with a male for the first time in my life in his bedroom. I stood still, waiting for him to take things from there. “Lakshmi…I don’t know whether this is right or wrong.” He blurted out as he came near me. He hugged me tight and lifted me up walking towards the bed. I wrapped my arms tightly around his neck due to my excitement and shyness. “Lakshmi…Lakshmi….” he kept whispering my mom’s name every minute as he started making love to me. I remained silent but I was breathing heavily. The room was completely dark except for the moonlight that was flooding in. I could see his shadow as he stripped off completely. I gave out a gasp when I saw a glimpse of his hard organ in the dark.He then joined me in bed and slowly started undressing me. The scent of my mom from her saree aroused him to a great extent. He took his time and undressed me slow and steady. The next few minutes passed like an eternity when I finally felt the cold breeze against my erect nipples. My dad started devouring me, bahis şirketleri tasting me to his hearts content. His lips were all over my face kissing me everywhere. I offered my lips to him and he took them into his control. He kissed me feverishly his tongue rolling into my mouth and his hands undoing my blouse. Soon, I was moaning loudly grabbing his head as he sucked my nipples roughly. His hands were all over my breasts caressing them while his mouth and teeth were engaged in pleasuring my nipples. “Oh…ohh…daddy,” I moaned out loud. My first orgasm for the night flooded away leaving me breathless. He caressed my tummy, feeling my soft skin. His fingers trailed down parting my thighs slowly, inside my panty and sank itself into my wetness. I bucked my hips up violently to protest his fingers from invading into my prohibited part of my body. I started breathing heavily. His fingers moved themselves in and out of me, making me gasp each time they touched my clitoris.“Oh…I feel so…” I kept whimpering. My dad took control of me and spread my legs wide. I felt weak under him as he placed the tip of his hard member and pushed it inside my tight hole. He kept his hands firmly on my fleshy thighs keeping them wide apart for this entry. “Ahhh….daddy….please it hurts me so much,” I cried in pain when his cock ripped itself past my virginity. But he was in no mood to listen to my pleas. My hands gripped his shoulders tightly with my finger nails digged into his skin. I kept sobbing as he slowly moved in and out of me. He went on a steady pace and I closed my eyes. I could feel myself in the place of my mother. She lost her virginity in this same bed a long time back. She would have been a shy and scared virgin girl same as me now. She couldn’t have protested much when her husband my dad stripped her naked and made love to her. Soon I felt waves of the second orgasm and cummed all over his hard on. He grunted as he dropped his seed inside my now torn hole. Dad relaxed slowly and I felt his now soft organ slip out of me. The bed was wet with the stains made by his cum and my blood. I laid there trying to catch my breath which was out of me for sometime now. He bent down and kissed my forehead. The kiss made me forgot the pain I endured when I went through this and smiled at him. I knew my life would never be the same again.

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