30 Haziran 2020

My First Anal Experince


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My First Anal ExperinceSo a couple days ago i was over my ex Terrell’s house. We have great sex and all. So of course i was craving it! I was ready to get all types of fucked!! I wanted it slow, fast, nasty, sloppy and freaky. I would love to have a more romantic approach, but for the simple fact that we arent together any more he wont share that with my anymore…. (BOOOOO) So half of the time when him and i are about to fuck i act needy like im shy or something. but i just like to see him work for bodrum escort it. I feel like if the pussy is that good and he makes me beg for it and go without it he needs to work for! So i was teasing him. I was dying for some head. All kinds of head. i wanted head, i wanted to give him head and i wanted the head of his super long sexy looking dick to be in me like NOW, NOT NOW BUT RIGHT FUCKING NOW! But i had to calm down. i was already wet. So he started to eat me out and i was enjoying escort bodrum every aspect of it. He was doing it right. So i told him to lay down, he thought i was about to saddle that dick. as much as i wanted to i made him WAIT. I sat right on his face for 15 more minutes. I was humping his face, sliding my pussy back and forth until i was ready for that dick. I had sled my wet pussy all the way down his face, neck, chest, stomach and hips all the way down to his dick. I started to ride it bodrum escort bayan so fast. i was ready for this sex session, i was ready to murder his dick. that was my goal that night. i was super loud. everyone was at his house and i didnt give two fucks if his grandma walked outside in the cold not hear me fuckin her grandson. He flipped me over and started to ram my pussy. The out of no where i felt his dick entering my ass!! he was going to slow for me! I was scared. I started to push my ass back on that dick. i been waiting for this moment and once he got it in i didnt want it to go no where else. i was fucking that dick with my ASS AND FOR THAT I WAS PROUD. I made him cum like he never came before. I think i earned a gold medal for that 🙂

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