1 Kasım 2021

My first black woman.


My first black woman.I was volunteering at an art studio when one day, when I was cleaning the floors a beautiful sexy black woman walked through the door. I never been with a black woman before and when I saw her I immediately wanted her. She was wearing a sky blue dress that barely covered her beautiful round black ass and heels and shoulder length dreadlocks. I watched her from the corner of my eye while she made her rounds to say hi to all her friends at the center. After making her rounds she sat at her desk with an easel and a table full of art supplies. As she sat she crossed her legs and began to think of what she wanted to paint. I looked over at her sexy long silky legs as she shook one of them as in deep thought. The site of her was turning me on so much I had to go outside for a cigarette. While smoking I looked inside watching her and had noticed that she was looking at me also. She stood up and began to walk outside where I was standing, needless to say I became nervous when I noticed she was walking right toward me. She approached me and asked for a cigarette, which was a good thing because it broke the ice to where I could speak to her. When I gave her the cigarette I was so nervous I dropped, and when she bent over to pick it up I noticed her dressed rose up enough to see her long curvy legs and sexy thighs that went up to naked voluptuous ass and a small peaking of her pussy was looking at me. I lit her cigarette for her and we began to talk a bit about various istanbul escort things and somehow we came to the topic of sex. She began to tell of some adventurous sex stories that she had done with other men. One story that she told me really stuck in my mind. She began to tell me the story and this is her story;”One day I was lying on the beach listening to the waves crash on the shore in the middle of the night. I fell asleep and I was awaken by a tall sexy black male police officer telling me I had to leave or he would have to arrest me. I stood and tried to talk the officer from taking to jail and when he seemed like he was going to take me anyway I gently placed my hand on his huge cock and he smiled at me, at that moment I knew I had him beat. So I slowly pulled his cock out and it began to swell in my hand. Slowly getting on my knees caressing his balls gently, I slipped his hard black cock into my mouth licking the head and began slowly sucking on it. Needless to say in about five minutes he came in my mouth and I had cum running down my lips and dripping off my chin. I pleasantly wiped my mouth and the officer offered me a ride home, if you know what I mean.”When she told me that story my cock began to get rock hard, looking between my legs she began to lick her lips seductively. I could not hold back in telling her how badly I wanted her and explained how I never fucked a black woman before and in turn avcılar escort she admitted to never sleeping with a white man before, this would be a first for both of us. She came closer to me and sat so close to me I could feel the heat radiating off her thick sexy thighs. She bent over and gently kissed me on my lips as she caressed my dick. I then slowly rubbed her thighs all the way up her dress and began rubbing her pussy as she moaned my other hand found it’s way to her voluptuous big breast. Her beautiful black nipples instantly became hard. We could not resist each other any longer and decided to go in the back alley to be alone.When we arrived in the back of the building we began to kiss passionately as she began to unzip my pants and grab my dripping hard cock. As she masturbated me I slipped my finger into he fat wet pussy and her huge clip rose and became hard. She fell to her knees and began to suck my hard cock in a way that a woman has never before done to me. Not able to resist I pulled her up and bent her over against the wall aggressively and pulled her dress up and panties down. I could see her fat black pussy dripping wet as I slipped my hard white cock in her beautiful black pussy, she began to moan and told me to fuck her hard. I grabbed her hips and began to ram her hard as she screamed “harder harder fuck me with that big hard white cock.” She screamed so loud that the owner of the art center came out the back door to see şirinevler escort what was going on.A tall beautiful Latin women with dark hair and dark eyes came walking out of the door and caught us fucking and my black beauty told me not to stop. The Latin woman approached us and black beauty told her to take her shirt off so that she can see her big round breasts. The Latin woman did as she was told and black beauty began to suck on her big pink nipples seductively. Soon after that black beauty slipped her finger into the Latina’s pussy and she began to moan as her finger slipped in and out of her wet pussy. There was a short wall on the other side of the alley and we made our way over there and I sat her on top of the wall so that my black beauty could lick and suck her wet pussy as I fucked her from the back. Now I had two women moaning and screaming for more.After I came all over that awesome round soft black ass I rubbed my come all over her ass. The Latina wanted some dick too, so she jumped off the wall and black beauty climbed up on the wall. The Latina gently began to suck my cum out of the fat black pussy and my dick began to rise once again. I slipped it into the Latina as she began to moan. I began fucking her really hard as she screamed in pure ecstasy. The Latina shouted “Ay Popi me coge duro” so I began to pound her pussy and the black girl came so hard it squirted in the Latina’s face. Just as I began to come again the black girl jumped off the wall onto her knees and the Latina went to her knees and I came on their face and then they began to lick my come off each other’s face.After that day the three of us became really close friends, if you catch my drift. So to this day we still have our encounters whenever and wherever we can do it, even while others watch us fuck into oblivion.

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