19 Ekim 2021

My first Craigslist story…


My first Craigslist story…I’ve always been a little bi-curious, never minded watching a bit of man on man porn, she males and cross dressers that sort of stuff. When I was younger I had dabbled with some friends fooling around while drunk, furthest I had ever gone was giving someone a BJ. Them I stumbled across Craigslist, just scrolling through the hundreds of ads made me hard. I found myself getting attracted more and more to the “I just need to blow my load and leave” style ads. The thought of being used by a stranger, in my own home, that I share with my wife, really got me hard. So hard that I set up an email address, just to deal with the site. I began replying to ads, just testing the waters at first to see what kind of replies I got, mostly they were guys just fishing for people to dirty talk. But one guy, was straight to the point, he karşıyaka escort asked me where I lived, told me to be ready in the afternoon. I got hard instantly. So much so that I had to jerk off. I sent him my mobile number and he rang to get the address, I was so nervous, but I wanted to taste cum again. What really got me nervous was that it turned out he was just around the corner from my house, on a job (no idea what he did) he told me he’d be there in 5 minutes.Panic gripped me, was this going to happen? I quickly the him a text, telling him the door was open and to just come straight in. Which he did, he found me in my living room on my knees. He was an older guy, but on the plump side, but I didn’t mind.He smiled when he saw me kneeling on the floor, wearing only a pair of my wife’s black Lacey hold up karşıyaka escort bayan stockings. He came straight over to me, unzipping as he did. I was a little sad to see he wasn’t yet hard, but I took his flaccid cock in my mouth and rolled my tongue around his bell end and was rewarded with his cock growing in my mouth. He moaned slightly as his small limp dick, grew to roughly 6″ in my mouth. I tried my very best to take the full length if his cock in my throat, I gagged a few times and used the spit I was starting to produce to lube up his dick, using one hand to jerk him off while my tongue ran along the length of his shaft, reaching his balls. I took them into my mouth one at a time, rolling them around with my tongue. This got the guy really on edge, I could feel him starting to swell.I wanted that escort karşıyaka cum in my mouth, so I knelt back a little, jerking him off at a quickened rate, his dick still soaking from the face ducking he had given me. I opened my mouth wide, to let him know that I wanted him to dump his warm seed in my mouth. Soon he was moaning and he took his dick and aimed straight for my mouth, large jets of cum shot from his cock, splashing against my lips, every time he stroked his dick another load shot straight at my face. Most of it was landing in my mouth, but a fair bit had landed on my face, and some on my chest. The taste of his cum in my mouth was sensational, it lacked the saltiness I feared, instead tasting sweet. He helped fill my mouth more by using his dick to push the cum he had shot on my face into my mouth. I swallowed every last drop.The guy then zipped up his pants and was gone, not a word was spoken between us. I sat there on the floor for a while, licking the cum from my body, I soon shot my own load all over myself and compared my own cum to his, it all tasted great. Needless to say, I’m constantly cruising the site, looking for more fun!

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