29 Haziran 2021

My first story – 2001

Double Penetration

My first story – 2001I met Brenda about 5 years ago on-line. We were both in a chat room discussing our favorite music. After a few weeks we went private and our conversations became steamier.Brenda described herself as a buxom woman in her late 20’s. She was married and her husband was a successful businessman in Seattle. Consequently they had little time together, so she ended up online a lot.I am 6’4” about 270, Basically a defensive tackle in a suit. I’m married also and I work for a large restaurant chain as a corporate executive in southern California. Due to the skills I learned in management school at Princeton, I was rarely pressed for time. So I filled my time online as well.After close to 6 months of online chat, we decided to talk on the phone. That first call was bizarre. I had built up this idea of what her voice would sound like and how she would speak, it was completely different, and strange, and fun.After that first call, it seems like we were on the phone daily. We often would tell each other our most private and nasty fantasies. Needless to say we had many orgasms together on the phone. It was fantastic.After 6 more months we decided to meet face to face. She would be traveling south to California and I would meet her at the airport. As the day approached I was nervous with anticipation. What would she think of me, how would she look, what would I say.When I finally saw her, I was amazed. We looked into each other’s eyes and just knew this was right. It felt like we had known each other forever, and we embraced warmly like only old lovers do.I grabbed her luggage and we headed out to her hotel for a day of fun. I think the nervousness was canlı bahis what surprised me most. The closer we got to her hotel, the more nervous we both became. We had not really discussed that we would be sexual during this visit, but I think we both anticipated we would be.We got to here suite at the hotel, and the rooms were great, well appointed and luxurious. There was a whole fruit basket on the table of the living area, and a bottle of champagne chilling in an ice bucket. We made ourselves comfortable.We had always talked about taking a shower together and about how much fun that would be. So we decided to go to the master bath and do just that. It seemed almost surreal as we undressed in front of each other and she headed into the bathroom. The shower was large with dual heads and completely enclosed in glass. There was also a large Jacuzzi tub. Brenda had brought candles to light the bathroom with her in her luggage, and she placed them around the bathroom and lit them. As I entered the bathroom, there was Brenda, her smooth skin bathed in the light of the flickering candles. Her back was to me as she leaned inside the shower to adjust the temperature of the water flow. My cock began to rise in hardness as I watched her nude form enter the shower. I stepped in behind her and we kissed for the first time. It was one of those kisses you never forget, wet, and hot and totally involved. Our tongues played against each other as our lips locked in a smooth embrace.My hands slid over her back and down across her smooth ass cheeks, squeezing them with my large, strong fingers. She rubbed her hands all over my back and down across my muscular ass.My cock, bahis siteleri rigid and throbbing wedged itself squarely against her well-shaved pussy lips. She thrust her pelvis forward, urging my cock to press harder against her lips and clit. Slowly she slid down my body and took my silky cock head into her hot mouth. She grabbed the shaft of my dick and stroked it expertly as her tongue played across head of my cock. Her other hand slid up my strong thigh and softly enclosed around my nut sack, massaging my balls while she sucked my so well. I was in heaven.After a few minutes of her expert ministrations, I decided that turnabout was fair play. I pulled her up and then got down on the shower floor, the warm water cascaded over both our bodies. I lay back on the floor of the shower and she lowered her smoothly shaven pussy down onto my face. She was already soaking with juice and dripping wet. My tongue flicked her outer lips teasing her. Having none of that she pushed her box down on my mouth and began riding my face. Her wet sloppy lips rubbing up and down my face.I struggled to lick every inch of her steamy hole as she face fucked me. My hands clenched her ass cheeks pulling her down harder on my mouth. She squeezed her nipples roughly between her thumb and forefinger. Making them swell with redness.Her orgasm began to approach so I slowed the pace to prolong her enjoyment. She got up off my face and sat on the floor facing me, as I sat up as well. We slowly slid our privates together until my cock head was just barely touching her pussy. She always talked in our phone conversations how she loved to feel a cock slide up and down between her lips. bahis şirketleri So I grabbed my shaft and massaged her clit up and down with my dick. She began humping against me as I quickened the pace.Finally we decided that this was too much and we needed to get dried off and head to the bedroom.Once in the bedroom, Brenda playfully got up on the bed on all fours, wiggling her cute ass in my face. I remembered that one of her big turn-ons was to have a guy really go to town licking and tonguing her asshole. So I walked up to her grabbed her hips in my hands and planted a big sloppy wet kiss right on her tiny pink rosebud. A loud moan escaped her lips.I licked and sucked her ass for all I was worth, sliding my thick finger in and out of her pussy while I did it. I flicked my tongue all around and even slide it in a bit as her tight ring flexed around the girth of my licker.She was going wild pushing her ass back against my face and now rubbing her clit with her own hand as she began to approach her first orgasm. Not wanting to miss the feel of her pussy clenching when she came, I quickly hopped up and grabbed a rubber, slid it on my cock and buried my dick deep in her pussy in one thrust. She began coming immediately. Her cunt muscles grabbed my shaft and milked it. The feeling was amazing. Her pussy sucked at my cock bringing me so close to orgasm. I pulled out my cock and whipped off the rubber, shooting my large load all over her asshole. Glob after glob hit her ass, pussy and thighs as I shot jet upon jet of my creamy goop all over her.Then without skipping a beat I bent down and began licking my own jizz off of her. She continued jacking herself off and another wave of orgasm washed over her as she came again, screaming loudly and rubbing her ass all over my face. My limp cock dribbled cum on the floor as I finished cleaning her nether region. Spent we collapsed on the bed.

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