30 Haziran 2020

My first swinging experience Part 3/4


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My first swinging experience Part 3/4While I was still enjoying the after-waves of my orgasm Jen went to Alan which was being wanked by Bee while riding Bill on the couch, she simply took his hand and guided it to her moist pussy. This got his full attention and he moved away from Bee and gently pushed Jen over the side of the couch with her ass on the armrest and her legs dangling off the side, he wasted no time and pushed his pulsing cock in her wet cunt, Jen in turn took a deep breath as he started banging her like that. This was my call my by now yet again fully erect cock seemed to say. I was getting more adventurous so I moved my hips over Jens head which was lying on the couch seat. She knew what I intended and inhaled the tip of my cock with her lips and sucked it in. This was a great sensation however it was very uncomfortable. I stayed in that position with my cock in Jens mouth she sucked and as an added stimulation I felt her head bounce a little every time Alan rammed his hard member in her hungry pussy, this added to the sensation my cock received. Suddenly I felt a further sensation although I could see nothing, Bee was playing with my balls. This fact and the uncomfortable position animated me to change position, I carefully removed my , by now fully inserted cock, from Jens mouth.Bee had turned around on Bills cock and was riding him reverse cowgirl style. She now took control, Bill was not fucking her she fucked Bill. Straddling Bill she told him to fuck her and then she ordered me to lick her, canlı bahis obviously I obliged, although somewhat hesitantly, as this was to close to another mans cock. Bill gave his best to fuck Bee, with his fat but not very long cock, Bee in turn spread her legs even wider so Bill could get more of is cock in her wide spread pussy. I in turn licked next to and over her pussy enjoying the way her tickler swole even more and had a bright red colour by now. I was distracted by the sounds Alan and Jen were making, Alan was breathing heavily and Jen even added little moans and squeals to her own heavy breathing. When I looked at them going I saw Alan sweating an Jen was covered in a shiny film of perspiration. Alan was ramming his cock in her like he wanted to push her through the couch. Concentrating on what I was doing I got more adventurous and not only licked Bee but took her clit and nibbled on it while flicking it with my tongue, she grabbed my head and held it tight against her cunt, she also started moaning and told Bill to fuck her deeper and harder, as Bill was giving all and he was in an awkward position he picked up the pace a little but just could not go deeper, so he announced. “I’m coming so Bee released the impalement by his dick knelt in front of him and wanked his soon to explode cock. It did not take long for this to happen and Bill started grunting like his life depended on it , I was horny as hell and wanted to feel sweet, moist pussy flesh around my cock so I got behind Bee and grabbed her bets10 hips and positioned her in front of me, without further ado I pushed my hard cock in her somewhat stretched cunt, wonderful, slowly I started fucking her, Bee let off Bill for a second and said “Fuck me hard!”, I obliged without hesitation and started ramming the full length of my cock in her, after every thrust, my balls slapped against her clit, this apparently was what she wanted as she gulped down Bills cock, massaging his balls at the same time, in no time Bill spasmed and started to ejaculate, Bee let the first squirt hit her face but then sucked him again not missing a further drop of cum, Bill sounded as if he was being slaughtered moaning and grunting, slowly Bee let of Bill as his cock was going soft, all the while I was still ramming her from behind, when Bill was completely flaccid Bee beckoned me to stop, by putting her hand on my thigh, which I did. She got up from her knees and lay down on the floor with a pillow under her ass, then she spread her legs pulling her knees up, admitting a great view of her glowing, slopping wet cunt. I knelt in front of her putting her legs on my shoulders and started fucking her again first slowly, and gradually increasing speed, with one hand I started playing with her lovely clit, she in turn grabbed my hips and pulled me closer, this was not working to well as I could not ram the pussy the way I wanted to, so I withdrew and changed position. Basically a missionary position I still bets10 güvenilir mi had her legs over my shoulders but my legs where stretched I could fuck her balls deep and hard. While my balls slapped her ass with every thrust, this felt great as I could get my whole cock in her pussy and the pillow under her bum apparently helped me hit the right spot because it did not take long before she started breathing heavier and moaning, this spurned me on to continue in the same fashion with long hard thrusts. It did not take long until she slipped her legs off my shoulders as this impaired her movement, but now with her spread legs she moved her hips in sync with my thrusts to get the maximum stimulation of her pussy and clit . I pinned her arms down over her head and started kissing her hardly noticing that she still had Bills spunk on her face.I was so busy enjoying Bee that I hardly noticed that Jen and Alan had moved, when I got a glimpse of them Jen was now on her knees on the couch and Alan was fucking her slowly, gently almost absent mindedly, she in turn played with Bills cock ,which was coming to life again, while she looked at Jen and me fucking, feeling naughty I winked at her still enjoying her friends pussy. This was a strange situation yet erotic at the same time. I heard and felt that Bee was cumming. Without missing a beat I continued pushing and pulling my cock in and out of her pussy, when her spasms and squeals subsided, I did not withdraw but simply slowed down keeping the long thrusts, but somewhat gentler, she still pressed her hips against mine in expectation of each thrust so this was more sensuous than earlier. Well Bill got up and returned with drinks for each of us, we all sat on the couch again enjoying the refreshments.

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