30 Haziran 2020

My First Time Swallowing Cum


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My First Time Swallowing CumI’m 62 and had never been with a black man, other than masturbating him. In my sexual relationship with my hubby (Jim) he’s dominant and that works well for both of us. We have a fabulous life together and I’ll do pretty much anything he likes sexually except swallow cum. Although we would never bring another party into our marriage we have had some limited fun with strangers like truckers, with me baring my tittles on the road. At 62 men still consider me pretty and I have always worked out and taken care of my skin. In 2008 I had a breast lift and eye lift as well.Jim also makes me bare my titties to maintenance men in hotels when we would summon one eskişehir escort to our room on some pretext. Only the young guys. I come out of the bathroom wearing only panties and they love it. Sometimes Jim instructs me to pull down my panties and show them my pretty little shaved pussy Jim tells them that it’s OK to look and even feel my titties. I tell them to pinch my nipples (which makes me cum without even touching my pussy). I then sit in a chair with them standing in front and jerk them off and shoot their cum on my titties. They want to fuck me or have me suck their cocks so badly and sometimes beg to do so but that’s not an option. We had one young black eskişehir escort bayan man in a hotel and it was awesome. He felt my titties and got hard as a rock – he was huge. Jim even let him feel my wet pussy and rub his big cock on my nipples. I sat down and he stood in front of me as I jacked him off. He shot a tremendous load on my tits and I cam violently. After the guy leaves Jim spanks me and then fucks really hard with his big cock. As I said it never went beyond masturbating the guys. Until now. Tim was a very handsome young black man, perhaps 30 years old that worked for our cable company as a contractor. He was very friendly and asked me if I enjoyed escort eskişehir being a lawyer and we talked about education and such. I couldn’t help but notice the bulge in his pants. His cock had to be 9 inches soft and it made my pussy tingle. I don’t know what came over me but we were standing face to face and I got on my knees. He asked me what I was doing and without shame I said that I was on my knees to receive his cock in my mouth. He dropped his pants and I saw the biggest cock I have ever seen and I immediately took it into my mouth. Tim was very gentle and did not try to force his cock inside and I could not take much of it. I stopped and asked Tim to keep telling me that I was being a good little whore which he did. It wasn’t long until he exploded in my mouth and I swallowed every bit of that huge load. When Jim came home I told him about it and took his load in my mouth as well. I see now what I’ve been missing all these years!

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