12 Temmuz 2021

My First Time (True Story)

Adriana Chechik

My First Time (True Story)I was twenty-one and had just discovered the freeing properties of alcohol. Bar-hopping with my best friend and hitting on women to maintain my own perfect illusion was growing old. I’d been to the strip clubs and paid for my lap dances from beautiful females only to find my lack of obvious ‘excitement’ giving me away left and right. We’d end up talking and laughing, seeing one another at diners early in the dark hours of the morning after. My straight friends would marvel as these dancers came over to our table and brushed my hair in front of their boyfriends without reprisal hitting me. I worried so much that I’d become obvious in my true desires, saying things like “Wow! I’m so impressed by their muscles and grace as they pole dance!”. The endless “That’s what you look at?” responses scared me. We all grew up together in this conservative military town during the years predating social media and mass acceptance. I longed to ride the rainbow into my own truth. This was when AOL chat was still on fire and you could create your own user rooms. I would sit back with a glass of tequila and digitally cruise local men as the fermented agave nectar soothed my pulsating anxieties. Hiding behind that glowing screen added even more fuel to my confidence, but I’d yet to step out and go for the gold. The soft warmth of a female was nice but in the end I was left longing for that first taste of a man. I wanted to feel the pleasures of the flesh I was providing. I wanted to be the one to lean over and unzip a pair of jeans to discover an erect cock in need of my hands, my lips, my body.I never got his name but this guy was speaking to me in ways that did not immediately raise red flags. He even sent a picture of his face. He was smiling! It was the moment I’d been waiting for. I was sober and still looking. I knew that would be the night I finally made the leap from fantasy to reality. He’d asked if I had any requests upon sharing his address with me. I asked him to leave his door unlocked and be nude when I arrived. I suppose stripping him down to full exposure provided me with some sort of control. I would be clothed and that somehow gave me a bit of power. I showered and made sure everything was ready just in case. I didn’t know how far this would go.He lived in a very nice little community of town homes not too far from where I was staying. I stopped and bought some water and gum on the way, plus canlı bahis condoms. I wanted to be perfect for him and for myself. I wanted my true first time to be special. I arrived and took some deep breaths before locking my car and wandering up to his sliding glass back door. I could already see him sitting on his couch from the flickering glow of his television. He was even hotter in person than in his picture. He was in his thirties and clearly spent a lot of time working out and grooming. I slid the door open and walked in, more daring than I’d ever been. The power of lust pulled me forward. I closed the door and he got up. He started over toward me. His cock was soft yet rather large still. It was bigger than mine and I was fairly well-endowed.“You okay?” He chuckled as he closed his blinds.“I am.” I said with a bit of a shaky voice.“You’re really cute.” He took me by the hand and we walked over to that same couch in the back of his living room. I noticed the television was displaying an adult movie of two men making out and stroking each other. My cock began to grow. “You’re probably not ready for that.” He shrugged.“Kissing?” I blushed a bit.“I mean a lot of guys just don’t want to.” He sat on the couch and patted the cushion next to his naked ass. There was a blanket between his flesh and the upholstery. I appreciated that. It was a small thing to note, but it made him seem even more human and sane.“I’ve always wanted to kiss a guy.” I looked down at his floor, still so painfully shy. I felt his hand stroke my smooth cheek and gently pull my gaze up to meet his own. His eyes were so vivid. That green, it was sparkling in them both. I had always been extremely partial to the eyes of anyone I considered being with. He moved closer and licked his lips to wet them. I felt myself being seduced and my soul was dancing. My first real kiss!It was so soft and sensual. He curled his fingers around the back of my neck and my mouth began to open. I felt and tasted his tongue. He pulled me in closer and was inside my mouth. It was everything I’d ever wanted. In truth it felt no different than kissing a woman, but everything else made the difference. His smells and his breathing, the way he was aggressive yet considerate. He was amazing.“How was that?” He reached down and started groping my thigh through my pants. I’d dressed like I was going to a job interview for some reason. It wasn’t normal for me. I guess I wanted bahis siteleri to look my best but I started to feel rather awkward. There he was completely naked with a growing erection and I had shined shoes and a dress shirt on. Dressing fem was still years down the road. I was in the early days of my self discovery.“So good.” I looked down to his growing flattery and knew I was the one arousing him. I loved that. He took my wrist and guided my hand down to his cock. It was intimidating, how large and hard it had become. “Take your time.” He kissed me again and started to suck on my neck, unbuttoning my shirt. “I think you’ll be happier if you take this off.” He helped me remove and un-tuck my shirt. I never felt comfortable in my own skin but his mouth on my chest changed that. I felt him sucking on my nipples. They tightened between his teeth. I was now as hard as I’d ever been. I started to lean over and he leaned back, knowing what I wanted to do. “Yeah. That’s it.”I kissed the tip. His precum coated my lips. Tremors of hunger shook my body from head to toe. I was extremely eager now. He moaned loudly upon my first lick. The movie playing on his television now showed the same thing happening. I watched it a bit and took inspiration. I licked slowly down his shaft to his impressive balls. He’d been saving a load for a week according to the online chat we’d had before meeting. I didn’t want this to end too soon, but I really wanted to make him cum. “You taste so fucking good.” I told him before wrapping my lips around his throbbing head and sucking on it. My saliva ran down the veins and I followed it, sucking him deep. He was pushing my head down now and thrusting a bit. I moaned back. I was making such high-pitched sounds. His neighbors would have assumed he had a girlfriend over had they heard us.“You should get on your back and prop your head on my pillow there.” He nodded and I saw it sitting on the armrest on my side of the couch. He got up and allowed me to do as he told me. “I want to fuck your mouth. Is that okay?”“Yes.” I said almost before he’d finished asking his question. He straddled my face and started dipping his cock into my wet cock hole. I was starting to think really dirty things like that. I was giving myself entirely to this moment. “You just tell me if I need to stop.” He went in deeper, keeping his rhythm slow. I could taste his increasing pleasure as more precum leaked out and I swallowed bahis şirketleri it. He reached back and rubbed my own erection through my slacks. I moaned louder and sucked harder as he kept on thrusting. His speed increased and he went deeper, nearly into my throat. He never crossed that line. I wanted him to but just as he was playing it nice for me, I didn’t want to push him either. “Oh my God, I’m already going to cum.” He tilted his head back and grunted, pulling his dripping cock out of my mouth. “Where do you want it?”“Outside the mouth.” I cringed as I realized I didn’t say “All over my face!” but he understood perfectly. He shot a load at least triple my best record to that point. I nearly filled my own briefs. I opened my mouth and stuck out my tongue to catch it. I swallowed less than half and the rest coated my face. I had to close my eyes. I heard him still groaning as he slapped his cock against my lips. He pushed some more sweet release into my mouth with the tip and I sucked at it. He laughed and pulled away, yelping.“Sorry. It’s just pleasure overload and I can’t stand it anymore.” He got up and got me a towel. He helped me clean my glued eyes first so I could see.“It’s all good.” I felt a very effeminate smile cross my full lips. I licked them, tasting more of his cum and swallowed my reward. “I hope you liked it.”“Oh I did for sure.” I finished wiping my face. He tossed the used towel into a nearby laundry hamper and sat back down next to me. “I just hope your first time was everything you wanted.” His green eyes looked at me with adoration. I felt so beautiful there, coated still in a thin film of his sticky love. I looked at the television and the two men were now having sex. It was full hardcore penetration. I looked back to him and batted my eyes. “I don’t know if you’re quite ready for that yet.” He handed me my shirt and helped me into it. I frowned a bit and buttoned it but didn’t bother tucking.“I feel like I’ve wasted a lot of time waiting.” “It’s not a waste to wait.” He told me. “If you call me tomorrow and say you want to have your sweet little cherry popped, I will gladly take it.”“I just might.” I nodded. “It’s been a real pleasure.” He kissed me once more. Tasting his cum and his lips all at once cemented my return visit. I drove home high from this night of freeing my inhibitions, thankful it was still late and the roads were clear as I finally shot my own impressive load with a few rubs at my screaming hard-on. Unfortunately he cut me off after that one encounter. I still don’t know why, but I managed to meet another man who took the rest of my virginity about a month later.But that’s another story.

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