30 Haziran 2020



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MY HUBBY’S BOSS USED ME TO SATISFIED HIS SPECIAL FMY HUBBY’S BOSS USED ME TO SATISFIED HIS SPECIAL FRIEND FOR A BUSINESS DEAL; My husband calls me and told that his boss – Rohan needs know whether he could share me with his special business partner. I knew there was not going back because he really wanted to use me to impress his boss and the friend. He brought me a black see through top, short black skirt, high heels and black G string. When we arrived to the hotel apartment in the evening, his boss Rohan arranged with couple of bottles of wine and four empty glasses. He talked to the gust over the phone. We drank some wine till his special friend’s arrival. When he arrived my husband’s boss introduced him to me. He was Gregory, a huge man, actually bigger than five times than me. I heard husband’s boss told him “YOU CAN USE HER AS OWN!” …. There was absolutely no talk between me and Gregory. Gregory was there to fuck me and nothing else.After my husband put on music and poured more drinks, Gregory told me to remove my top and skirt, but to keep my G strings on. When I slipped off my black silk top I saw Gregory’s eyes brighten up and fixed on my breast!”OH GREAT…!!! TAKE THE REST OF IT OFF” I NEED TO TASTE HER FIRST AND THEN U ALL CAN… This huge man demanded.When my husband removed my skirt I saw a real glint of desire in Gregory’s eyes, it was so burning into his look, his hungry eyes were devouring my tanned round thighs and my snatch covered with underwear. Gregory didn’t take his clothes off yet, but just opened his trousers. It was already erect and ready.”SIT UP,” he pulled me, and unbuckling his pants. His cock was hard and thick and precum glistened at the head. He pushed me forward by forcing and put the warm head of his cock into my mouth, flicking my tongue over the head to taste the precum. I felt his huge cock is burning in my mouth. My blonde hair fell forward, but my husband pulled it back and held it tidily so that they could both see my lips and mouth moving up and down on his cock! “OOKK…KKK…OKKKK..KKH..MMHH”I sucked harder and moved my mouth down, my tongue lavishing the silky skin on the head of his monster cock. I usually have some troubles giving him head because he’s so big; I used one hand to rub his balls while I took more and more of his cock into my mouth.“MMMHHHH…” I felt he push my thong aside and thrust two fingers inside me, pushing them as deep back as they would go. I gasped. He started to curl his fingers up inside me, thrusting his hand into my pussy. “UUHHHH… FUCK ME” I laid back down, my chest heaving, legs shaking as he fucked me with his fingers, my juices covering his hand. “YOU LIKE THAT DON’T YOU? HUH? YOU LIKE THAT, YEAH YOU DO DON’T YOU,” he asked me, pushing his hand harder into me, looking at my face.”UHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH YESSSSSS” I moaned, my eyes rolling back, fighting for air. He rubbed my g-spot harder, and I heard him changing positions but my mind was so captivated with the waves of pleasure surging through me that I was completely zonguldak escort taken aback when I felt his tongue flick over my clit, back and forth, rubbing it.Then he pulled me roughly onto his lap with both hands on my hips, he pushed me down onto his cock, my wet dripping pussy covering his hard and throbbing cock.”UUUHHH…OHHHH FUCKKK” I moaned, throwing my head back as I started to ride him. “MMHH…AAHHH..OHHH….OHHH” It felt like he was practically in my stomach, and each time I rode forward on him the head of his cock rubbed my swollen g-spot. His hands grabbed at my body while I rode him, my tits bouncing in front of him. He rubbed my nipples hard, rolling them between his fingers. I called out to him that I was coming and I did, my pussy tightening down around his cock as he thrust up to meet my thrusts as I orgasm all over him. I didn’t stop riding him, my legs wrapped around his back, his hands on my hips helping me move forward on his cock. “YOU LIKE THAT, YEAH, DON’T YOU, DON’T YOU LIKE IT, YOU LOVE IT WHEN I FUCK YOU LIKE THIS, DON’T YOU,” he asked me, pounding me harder then before, making me gasp out in surprise. I didn’t know where he got this strength from. My husband and his boss were having drinks by watching me brutally fucking like ‘Pomeranian bitch by a Bullmastiff stud dog’. ‘OHHHH…AHHH…PPPLES STOP… YAHHH…UHHHA” I was practically crying from the pleasure and hard, rough fucking that was going through my pussy, and when I came I just screamed, my legs giving out from under me.“AARRR…HHHH..OHHHH” I felt he explode into me too, grunting loudly and cumming all over my pussy and pulling out and cumming on my ass too.“MMMMHHH” I felt dizzy and lay down on the bed after beaten from this huge man almost five times than me with ten inch monster cock…Gregory stood up from me. My hubby felt sorry for me since I was brutally fucked by this huge man. So he kissed me and when my mouth opened, he gave me a gulp of wine in his hand. It tasted cool and a bit sweetish. Then his boss Rohan pulled away and pushed me on to my knees in front of him, his cock in my face. I opened my lips to suck him, and he held me by the hair. My husband stood up and I guessed he is going to stop him, since I’m so exhausted. But I was wrong, they both shared my mouth! At first his boss penetrates my lips and then him. “OOKKKH…OKKK…MMMH” Both guys thrust their cocks deeply into my throat, with each thrust going deeper and deeper. Saliva oozed out on my lips, falling down on my bare breast. I was sucking one cock while stroking another one with my hand! Then Rohan wanted to make pussy suffer from his cock! He ordered me to lie face down on the bed with my ass in the air. I noticed his huge friend Gregory’s smile and his eyes stopped on my shaven pussy again. After I knelt on the bed Rohan plunged 2 fingers into me. My pussy still filled with hot cum of Gregory.“OOOHHM…HHH” It was tingled to his touch; he was moving his fingers in and out and exclaimed: “SHE LOVES COCK IN ALL HER HOLES” Next he escort zonguldak put each hand on each buttock and then pulled my cheeks apart to make my pussy lips open. I felt my husband’s boss- Rohan cock, working against my pussy lips and then push into me. He sank all the way. Then he began to fuck me with hard, deep steady strokes, while my husband held my buttock open for him! “MMMHHH… AHHH… AHHH…”My pussy was being filled but my mouth moaned! The huge man Gregory moved from front. “OH MY GOD, ARE YOU HARD AGAIN?” asked my husband.”OF COURSE I AM, LOOK AT YOUR WIFE!” he fired back without care. He raised my head by hair to push his cock in my mouth. I suck him greedily while Rohan’s hands grasped my buttocks hard while he rode me behind and Gregory’s hands held my face while his cock sank deeper and deeper into my mouth with every thrust and my husband was sucking and biting my tits from below me. “YOU WANT MORE?” Rohan asked me, rubbing my clit harder and smacking my ass.”HMMMHHH… UHH… FUCK, YES” I moaned, pushing my ass back against his cock.I had pussy and mouth being fucked at the same time, while my husband doing with my tits likes milking. That was too much to endure! I writhed between three of them.“UUHHH…OHHH…” I felt Rohan shot his cum into me. While Rohans cum and my juices were running down my thighs, Gregory thrust down his huge cock to my throat. When Rohan got away from my cunt my husband replaced his cock and continued the fucking. ‘MHH…UHH…MHHH…” He was holding my hips as he pounded into me, fucking me until I couldn’t see at all, could only beg him for more, scream for him not to stop, feeling his cock stretching my pussy every time it thrust in and out of me.I came over and over again, sometimes in small and intense orgasms, sometimes in long and held out ones.“OOOOHHHHSS…. He withdrew his cock from my pussy and shoots out a lengthy, thick ribbon of cum on my buttocks.” Gregory pulled out his cock from my mouth and he scooted down me on the edge of bed. I closed eyes, smiled and let him jerk off on my face until I choked and I savored his sweet salty cum! “OOOOOHHH…He pulled out of my mouth, dripping his cum onto my lips. It dripped down my chin onto my tits and when I giggled again it spat out even more onto my chin. This was the second shoot of the Gregory and others had one each. All were temporarily spent; they poured themselves a drink while I was lying down on the bed feeling hot cum running from my mouth, face, tits, buttock and cunt. When I turned round to take a drink from my husband, his is boss turned to Gregory and said:“SO, WAS SHE GREAT?” Gregory smiled and replied: “WELL, HER MOUTH AND CUNT WERE GOOD, BUT I HOPE SHE’LL TAKE IT IN HER ASS AS WELL.” I noted that their cocks were stiffening again. Rohan put himself down on the bed and ordered me to ride his cock. “MMMHHHH” After I lowered myself on to his erection he pulled me down so that my ass was available to Gregory. I felt my husband part my ass cheeks and when Rohan thrust into me, zonguldak escort bayan I felt a finger probing my ass. I gasped when he stuck two fingers inside of me with KY jelly! As soon as Rohan continued fucking me deep, I felt Gregory trying to enter the head of his cock into my anus! “UUUHHH…DON’T… AHHH” I opened my mouth in burning sense and cried out with pain when Gregory thrust his cock deep into my bowels! My husband’s cock filled deep in my mouth. After I relaxed, Gregory grabbed both my breasts roughly to hold me in his control and pulled me backwards impaling my ass onto his massive organ! “AHHH…UUHH… PLEASE DONT” I felt dizzy. Then he thrust hard into me again causing me to cry out involuntarily. He soon released my boobs, pushed me down and grabbed my buttocks to get better access to my anus.“UUHH…MMHH…MMMHH…UUUUHH…” After I got used to these cocks in my holes, I began to enjoy the strange but exciting feeling of two cocks moving inside me with a thin meat wall between them while one at mouth! Although guys were fucking me without any care and with total disregard for me, my cries of pain soon turned into moans of pleasure. The room was filled with sounds of our bodies slapping together, his heavy breath and grunts, my loud moans and whimpers, as he rode me faster and faster. My juices flowing out with mixing of men’s cum.“OOOOHHHHH…OORRRH” I felt better when Gregory climaxed and a warm flood of cum released into my ass. When he pulled out, my ass was replaced by Rohan’s cock. “MMMMHH… OHHH…UUHHH” we were soon fucking furiously until he too came! After all; at last, my ass was fucked by my husband. I fell forward with semen oozing out of both my pussy, ass as well as my mouth, tits and thighs. I was chilled to hear Gregory remark: “SHE REALLY DOES HAVE A FANTASTIC ASS! I REALLY DO WANT TO FUCK IT AGAIN”“THIS SLUT IS YOURS WHENEVER YOU WANT” told my husband. He grabbed me and pulled my mouth to suck off his boss and his friend Gregory! I took that limp cocks in my mouth and started sucking it off like tomorrow never comes! It felt great to taste both them and my cum on their shafts! When Gregory was ready again, my husband’s boss Rohan pulled my ass up to let Gregory enters me again. “UUUUUUUHHHHHHH…MMMHHH” Once again Gregory entered me roughly but this time I was well lubricated by his previous ejaculate. I just wanted to show my hubby what a good ass whore I was to entertain for his boss!Obviously his capacity for getting erect and lasting for long proved itself! He fucked my ass for what seemed to be eternity, he slapped my ass really hard, told so many dirty words to me calling me a bad slut dirty whore, pulling my hair back and fucking me like mad! I lost any sense. “OORRHH… OOHHH… FUCKING BITCH… He moaned like an a****l and came all over my ass! This time he came so much that I thought he wouldn’t ever stop! When I turned forward on the bed, he got up beside me, wiped his cock clean on my hair and said:“SHE IS A TERRIFIC FUCK, MAN! I WANT TO FUCK THAT ASS AND MOUTH VERY SOON.” Gregory said:After using me for their pleasure, Gregory left the room by kissing me. I heard he is thanking to my husband and promising my husband’s boss Rohan to approving of some demands for his company. I LIKE TO KNOW YOURS IDEAS… AND COMMENTS…!!!

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