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My Male Driver And His Friends Part 1


My Male Driver And His Friends Part 1deleted He groans stealthily as I jacked him off at a red light. My driver was dropping me off from my school. If it wasn’t proper daylight and cars weren’t surrounding us completely, I would have just sat on his cock with my school skirt all the way home. The roads were busy with traffic throughout and I was busy with fisting his cock. Eventually, we reached my neighbourhood and as we entered my garage I jacked his faster until his cock tightened and he shot some liquid into my fist. I smiled and licked it off my hand as he closed his pants.It had been a month since my first incident with him (A story for another time) and we had quite a few sexual encounters every once in a while. I was 18 at the time. It went from being groped nearly daily before and after school in my garage to a nice blowjob every once in a while in dark parking spots. My driver had gained quite a bit of confidence since the day and it was a major turn on. We hadn’t had sex since for various reasons. Mainly my parents being around and not getting enough time for it. But we didn’t mind as we always got to have short moments of naughty fun. “Your parents leaving town again” he said as he watched me lick his load off my fingers. “Oh?” I responded as I stopped licking and stared at him.“Yes, your father told me that they will leave for around 10 days” he continued. My pussy tingled. I knew what it meant. “Ohh, okay when are they leaving?” I asked. “The day after tomorrow, friday.” I didn’t say anything, I just thought to myself about only one thing. “Do ma’am, I had an idea. You see I travel every once in a while to Rishikesh with my friends by car. Would you like to join us?” He said. I was surprised at the offer. I was just expecting another invitation to his home but this new thought made me have one of the horniest urges I had in a long time. My vagina was burning. “How many friends?” “Three” he said. My imagination ran wild. At the time I didn’t think of anything but being fucked by multiple guys. I had never done it before but it was one of my wildest fantasies.“It’s about a six and a half hour journey at a good speed, so since your parents won’t be here, we could go on Friday evening after your school, and then return on Sunday night.” He explained. “We will have enough time to go see the Haridwar, go river rafting and we have also booked a nice hotel.” He added. For a moment I stopped thinking about sex and thought that this was probably going to be a nice trip by itself. The driver’s attitude made it seem like he was just talking about the trip. Maybe he just wanted to go on a trip. It made sense. He wasn’t the kind of person who would allow anyone else to have the dream of his life which was me.“Yes, that sounds like fun.” I approved. “Okay, ill let them know. If you change your mind no problem. Also, we will pay any expenses. I’ll tell you the details later when your parents leave. Now, are you absolutely sure you are comfortable with going with 4 men?” He asked patiently. “Yes, no problem I trust you.” “Great madam.” He said. I wished him farewell and went back home. The day went by and I made preparations along the way. Soon it was Friday afternoon and my parents started leaving. They gave me the usual lecture of being safe, and doing work and being responsible. They kissed me goodbye and handed the luggage to the driver. He smiled at me and I smiled back. As they left for the airport, I made my final preparations. I packed a lot of nice clothes and swimming gear. Shaved my body, packed my basics and did another thing which I’ll reveal later. I put on a nice dark blue t-shirt and pair of jeans and my best perfume. Time passed and the bell rang.“Good evening ma’am, are you ready?” Said my driver. I nodded yes and took my bag and we went down the stairs to his bike. The plan was to go to his place, group with his friends and then head out in a borrowed car. A long drive took place and on the way it got dark. Later we reached his shabby neighbourhood again and I waited outside a house. But it wasn’t his. He went up and I waited thinking about things. A few minutes passed and I heard chatter of three different men and my driver coming down the stairs. They eventually came down and I got my first view of three guys, laughing like my naughty classmates. All three looked young. One guy was tall, dark, bulky and looked around 30. One guy looked around 20, he was short, fair, very skinny but had a decent face. Another guy who looked around 30 and like a miniature version of the 30 year old guy. For privacy sake I’m gonna call them Ram, Dev and ArmanMy driver introduced me to them and all of them gave me appraising looks. “Hello ma’am, so what are you occupied with currently?” Ram asked. “I’m in school” I answered. “Which class?” He asked, “12th” I answered. “Nice. So are you ready?” He asked. I responded yes and they started walking down the street. It was very dark and just a few dark yellow lights lit the place. They walked in front of me and I followed carrying my bag and listening to music. They were just like the boys in my class, constantly cracking jokes, swearing left and right and laughing like maniacs. It was fun to be around. It was also a bit intimidating. But I trusted my driver and also he could never get away with it if they were to do something bad. We reached a big yard and Ram opened the gate and we reached a Toyota Innova. There was another man inside and they greeted each other heartily. As they did my driver looked at me and gave a gesture asking if everything was okay. I gave a reassuring gesture and watched them. They said let’s hurry and we put our luggage in the back of the car.The small car light shone on our seats as the men got in. My driver sat on the front seat. Dev was driving. Arman got in the back and Ram sat next to me. I felt excited as this was my first time without my friends going so far so late at night. We were eventually on our way. They men were constantly cracking jokes and being sarcastic and I listened quietly enjoying it. My driver looked at me once in a while to make sure I was ok and I kept reassuring him. They started listening to some Punjabi hit songs and I enjoyed the trip through Delhi. Eventually, we left the urban part and started exiting the large highway along with many big, dirty trucks carrying loads of things. Eventually, the road went through a vast empty grassland region.After about an hour we reached a dhaba and had food. The boys were still going on with great energy. I was already somewhat sleepy at that point but these guys were like expresso. They gave me looks occasionally to make sure I was not uncomfortable which was nice of them. We finished and after a while we proceeded again. A couple of hours passed and we were in somewhat of a jungle and the road became rather bumpy. There were still many cars on the single lane road. I was listening to music and looking out the window and then I looked inside. My driver fell asleep and Arman did too. Dev was focused on the road and Ram was watching a movie. I stopped listening and tried to see what Ram was watching. He was watching and English horror movie called the conjuring 2. I liked Hollywood movies so I started watching a bit. Ram noticed and asked whether I wanted to share his earphone. I took it, thanked him and got sat right next to him and watched. He rested his hand behind my neck on the seat. I remember thinking it was a bold move.A few minutes passed and I focused on the movie. He suddenly dropped his hand and it was resting lightly on my hip now. I didn’t pay much attention to it and keep watching. More time passed and things were quiet except the constant bumping of the car. I noticed all of a sudden that his grip on my waist was stronger. Like a boyfriend holding me. I would normally be annoyed at the intrusion but again ignored it. As the road bumped on, some time passed watching the movie and diverted my attention to his hand again. This time it was much closer to my navel now. I tried focusing on the movie but I noticed that he was slowly inching his fingers upwards. I felt something. I pretended to not notice and kept my attention on his hand. At first I doubted myself but later I realised he was definitely going upwards slowly. There was a jumpscare in the movie suddenly and he went “ooh” and moved his hand much higher right under my chest. It was barely subtle.I felt annoyed at his perversion but couldn’t help but feel turned on. I wanted to see where this was going. The road kept bumping when one finger reached the lower edge of my right boob. It stayed there for a while. I was getting warm. As he saw that I didn’t complain he canlı bahis gained confidence and went even higher. His touch was like that of a feather. Eventually, two and then three fingers were clearly on top of my boob. I glanced at Dev but he was completely focused on the road. Eventually, his whole palm covered the entirety of my boob. But I was barely on it. I started getting wet now. Finally, he put some pressure until he was lightly cupping it. I clenched and shifted a little. But it scared him and he lightly withdrew. I wanted more though.I stayed in the position still looking at his phone. His hand was hovering on my boob when he took his thumb and second finger and lightly pinched it in a way very, very slowly. He did this many times and got faster and harder slowly. But he was still very careful. The teasing was killing me. It got to the point where he was properly pinching near my nipple now. I sighed in a very sexual way. Suddenly, he spread his hand and properly cupped my boob. I didn’t say anything again. He noticed and gently squeezed fully. I became properly horny now. He stopped, waited a few seconds, and squeezed even harder this time. His rough hand started exploring my tender, squishy meat over my shirt. My heart was on the edge of bursting. This went on and he slowly pressed harder and harder over time. But both us only stared at the screen as if nothing was happening. At one point he squeezed extra hard and stopped. Then he slowly went down to my waist.He then slowly went inside my top and met my naked belly button.His warmth touching my body made me shiver. He traced upwards until he met my bra-clad breasts, and squeezed hard. A couple of intense squeezes later, he immediately tried entering the bra cup from underneath by pressing his fingers against my skin and squeezing his fingers through the tight space. He succeeded and his fingers met a nubile girl’s private domain. I lost control. He pushed it further and further inside until two of his fingers felt my pointing nipple. He pressed into it, and the tightness of the bra only increased the sensation. I sighed heavily and rested my head on his shoulder affirming his perverted advance. I looked at Dev and he was still completely oblivious. Ram pulled up my bra slightly and started fondling both my boobs. This went on and I was filled with naughty pleasure when suddenly turned around. Ram immediately pulled his hand out of my shirt. “Your turn to drive” Dev said. Ram nodded yes and they both got out of the car. I was very surprised. He definitely saw us. But he seemed to ignore it. My face flushed with embarrassment. I shifted a little to left the side and adjusted my bra. Dev opened the door and got in from the right. Ram adjusted the rearview mirror and started driving.My heart was constantly beating in my throat so I tried to listen to some music to calm down. But Ram’s touching had done it. I was horny and waiting for another opportunity to be touched by him. We were about half an hour more on our way and the road became very rough and dark. Huge trucks carrying loads were on both sides of the road. I stared out the window when i felt a hand go inside my shirt and press my bra. I turned and looked in shock at Dev looking in front casually and shifting closer, extending his arm. I was way too shocked to say anything and he kept going more and more inside. He pressed both my breasts with such aggression I stared in awe. He gave a small glance at me and I stared in an innocent expression of reluctant liking and continued. Suddenly he stopped, squeezed my left boob, and trailed on my skin to the back of my bra.My breathing got laboured as my pussy bulged and he managed to open the hook of my bra. It dropped inside my shirt and my boobies felt free and heavy without their support. He shifted closer again, pressing against my body. I was pushed against the window behind the nondriver front seat. He moved his hand in front again and enjoyed a hand full of a teen girls flesh. I swear I could cum just from this it was so naughty. Dave looked at me and kissed me on the cheek but I could only look at his hand fondling me. “Bhai, let me have a turn too,” said a voice behind us. Both of us jumped. I turned around in distress and saw Arman smiling at Dev. I hadn’t even realized that he woke up. What he said was quite loud too. Then he seemed to smile in the front. I turned around in in my shocked manner and noticed Ram smiling in the rearview mirror. I then realized that they were all hoping or maybe even planning for this. I felt angered and looked at my driver who was sound asleep. I thought for a moment and felt their dirty stares on me. I then looked around at each of them and stared at Dev in my confused, shocked and also turned on expression. “Ma’am, would you mind if Arman joins us?” He said in a joking manner quietly.I was out of words and didn’t say anything. I looked at Ram smiling in front and Dev right beside me still pressing me against the window, and then at Arman with an extremely dirty smile. Sweet honey melted down my legs and I couldn’t help but smile slightly at his disgusting joke. “I’m sure she doesn’t mind, I think the miss here is enjoying herself” he said almost laughing and ushered Arman. He then pulled me more towards the centre and Arman started climbing his way to the front. I felt pretty scared as these men were completely dominating me in a closed car. But then I remembered that my driver wouldn’t let them cause me any harm. Arman struggled through the small space, his ugly face and protruding belly was not a sight to behold. Dev had his hand rested on my right leg as we waited and finally Arman sat down properly heaving a heavy sigh. He then looked down on my cleavage and shifted on to me and placed his hand around my neck onto my shoulder. Dev put his arm around my waist. Both men had a tight grasp on my body now. Arman pulled my bra out from underneath my shirt and put it on the side. I was scared but at the same time I was flooding.I looked in front of Ram and he seemed to be struggling to focus on the road and look at the show at the same time. Then both Dev and Arman lifted my shirt with their free hands and started groping my nude tits. I breathed heavily and looked at their hands fondling me. Dev bent his face down on my neck and started sniffing me and I squirmed in the seat. Arman started lightly kissing my ear and both men just took all of me in as they rubbed my boobs. I breathed heavily on the seat and closed my eyes in lust. Then Arman went down and flicked his tongue on my boob sending shocks down to my pussy. Dev held my chin as pushed his lips against mine and we danced each other’s tongues. Without realizing I had placed my hands on both their legs. I didn’t realize how much time had passed. My pussy craved attention. “I also want my full turn, Dev you drive” Ram said.“Nai yaar I just started.” Dev responded. I opened my eyes and watched their conversation. Arman continued touching me without a care in the world. They argued quietly. “You can come later, I want to touch her now.” Ram said. “We have lots of time, just wait. Dev said impatiently. He kept squeezing once in a while as he talked. “I want to touch her, come here and drive sale” he said in a joking manner but seriously at the same time. I giggled at how they tried their level best at not waking up my driver. “Accha accha a few minutes more” Dev said as he went back to touching me. He kissed my neck again and took my hand and placed it on his crotch. I felt his thick boner aching to come out. My pussy itched as I opened his pants button and pulled down his zipper slowly while both of them were busy with my tits. His underwear was stretched completely by his meat and I pulled it down and saw a pretty short but wide, meaty cock hidden in his thick nush. I held it and started feeling his balls and shaft. His cock was flinching in my hand and I felt some precum at the tip behind his foreskin. His cock was nice and pink compared to all the dark cocks I had before.I pulled back his foreskin and shifted a little towards Arman. I tried to bend down but couldn’t. I took their hands away and got on my knees on the seat facing Dev. My ass pointed high in the air at Arman. I felt my boobs dangling in the air held slightly by my t-shirt. I got close to Devs dick and started breathing on it. Meanwhile, Arman had a new playground now and started feeling and squeezing the curve of my ass. I licked my lips and bent down to put the cock in my mouth. “Ooph” Dev went. The vibrations of the car and Arman squeezing my butt made me tingle all over. I started bobbing up and down slowly, circling it with my tongue. Dev bahis siteleri started breathing heavily and went down to grab my rack again.Arman trailed my inner thighs and then pressed the bulge of my cunt under the hard material of the jeans sending vibrations from my pussy to my mouth on Devs cock. Vibrations that came from my moaning. Arman kept pressing my bulge, going over my clit sometimes and it made me want to be fucked then and there by him.I was just enjoying sucking the cock when Dev suddenly held my head and lifted it slightly. He was looking in front and I turned my head to look too. My driver was staring at us in awe. I wiped my mouth and we all just stared. My driver seemed embarrassed beyond compare at the situation. “Ma’am I’m sorry these guys are………..” “Bhai what are you whining about, she is enjoying herself so much.” Arman replied. Dev and Ram giggled lightly. “Just let her do what she wants, we aren’t forcing her, isn’t that right ma’am?” He added. I looked back at Arman and smiled wickedly at his nasty joke and then looked at my driver normally while the three naughty boys giggled. My driver was perplexed but he had no say in the matter, and so without a word I went back to blowing Dev. He held my head and groaned while Arman stayed busy with my tight butt. “You’re very beautiful ma’am.” Arman complemented. I was not attracted to him much before, I kinda even thought he was a bit annoyingly c***dish. But hearing that made me promise myself that I would give him a special session with me later.I kept bobbing up and down and Dev held my head tightly. Then he shot his thick jizz in my mouth. It was nice and sweet. I felt his dick go limp in my mouth and let it slowly fall out of my mouth. “Ooph that was the best thing I have felt in my life” Dev panted. I got up and looked in front. My driver was watching the whole thing, he seemed embarrassed and even jealous and Ram was too, he gave a very dirty smile that made me blush. “Alright man you have your turn now” Dev added. “Fuck off asshole we don’t have the time. We have reached Haridwar” Ram said. I looked to my left and Arman gave me a wicked look and handed me my bra. Then he pointed outside and I saw a large bank of water which was the Ganga. The holy city of Haridwar reflected beautifully even in the pitch dark of the night with wondrous lights. We turned left on a small trail and reached what seemed like a small town. There were men, women, c***dren and the occasional policemen roaming the streets. I put on my bra inconspicuously and enjoyed the sights. After a few winding roads we reached a public parking area. After we crossed the ticket counter we parked at a quiet corner. Ram looked at me with a pleasant expression and asked “Ready ma’am?” I nodded yes and all the men started getting out almost as if nothing happened with me and this was just a casual visit outside.My driver remained for a few seconds and looked at me with the same gesture asking whether everything was okay. I gave him the exact same smile and he got out and joined the others. I got out and took my small swimming gear bag and waited for the others to get their gear. They were all very casual joking around and enjoying as if this was just another occasion. This turned me on a lot about them. Usually, men became blank when it came to any form of sexual encounters with me. They all took their gear and looked at me for permission with friendly smiles and we headed on our way. It took us about fifteen minutes to get to the central part of the city. There were so many people, restaurants, souvenir shops and all so beautifully cultural. I enjoyed the sights and we came to a stop at the entrance to the dipping zones. There was a washroom nearby and the men told me to wait for them to do their business. I tried to sneak a glance as it was a very open urinal stand but got no luck. “I’ll get to see them very soon probably,” I thought to myself with both fear and excitement.They all came up and said I should change and join them downstairs. Ram asked if I had a spare change of cloths. I told him I had my swimming suit, they all laughed and said that there was no need as we were just going to skinny dip and swimming wasn’t very possible in such shallow depths. “Oh ok haha never mind then” I said slightly embarrassed at not having thought that earlier. “Do you have a change of normal clothes?” Ram asked and I nodded yes. “Ok then wear that and come down then.” They pointed me towards where the ladies washroom was and asked whether I would be okay on my own. I gave a friendly smile and felt nice that they actually somewhat cared for me. I watched them rush downstairs like c***dren on Christmas and went inside the washroom.I got into a stall and took off my shirt and my bra. My boobs were sticky with the men’s spit. Then I took off my tight jeans and felt the stickiness of my legs. I pulled down my panties lightly and noticed that they were thoroughly drenched with sweat and my juice. I took a whiff and looked at myself in the mirror. I was so proud of how tight my body was. I put on my spare white t-shirt which was a size too big for me and a small pair of shorts. They were the only things I had. I felt like people would judge me but realized that they just don’t care. So I opened the stall and went on my way down the stairs near the banks. I saw the big clock tower and the view was quite extraordinary. Even in the summer, the wind was quite cold.When I reached the bottom, a stall for keeping my possessions was there and so I handed my shoes and bag with some cash. Then I went down the brownish red tiles and saw thousands of people bathing and relaxing even at 2 am! I couldn’t find my group so I decided to first take a dip and then look for them. The water was absolutely freezing! And mean absolutely freezing! I couldn’t bring myself to go further. I stood to wonder how people were swimming so casually in such ice cold water. I stood perplexed. “Enjoying yourself ma’am?” said a voice from behind. I turned around and saw Ram smiling nicely and the group as well. “Haha yes, but the water is too cold yaar,” I said. “Let us take some pictures for memories,” said Ram and so we took a bunch of group selfies. The boys then took off their shirts and jumped into the water. I stood back in fear and laughed at their c***dishness. It was so fun.“The trick is to drench yourself completely and then you won’t feel anything!’ said Arman. I looked at all of them and they nodded is agreement. I knew they were right and with some heavy reluctance, I dipped inside. It felt amazing and refreshing. My body being cleaned felt amazing and the water was so nice and cold. The tiles at the bottom were quite slippery though so I came out again shivering because of the wind. We all laughed at my predicament and Ram asked. “Much better now, right?”I nodded yes, my mouth shivering and they all gave hearty smiles. I then looked at Ram again and noticed that he was appraising my whole body. In the midst of all the fun, I had forgotten about what had happened and what was going to happen. I noticed that my t-shirt was stuck to my breasts and their shape was quite visible and so did they. I would normally be beyond embarrassed but at the time I just didn’t care. And so I stood, and the friendly smiles of these men became a more evil kind of smile as they looked at my long, slender legs and tight upper body. I looked at their shirtless figures.Ram was quite bulky and muscular, Dev had a nice tightness to him though he was skinny and my driver and Arman with their old pot bellies still had some nice arms. I knew that there was only one thing on their mind. Lucky for them I too only had that desire. I just stood and let them look at me as much as they wanted. “I think we’ve had our fun and should head back to the car,” Ram said. They agreed and started putting on their spare clothes in their towels. “I believe it’s my turn anyways” Ram added quietly to me. My face warmed up intensely and so did my pussy.We grabbed our items from the stall and went upstairs. They waited for me to go change from my wet clothes. I changed back into my old t-shirt and jeans. I normally felt a bit dirty wearing used panties after a bath but I knew that from what was about to happen there was no point in wearing new panties. As I put it on I felt a different kind of wetness than the river. I went outside and rejoined the group. We started heading back to where we came from. The guys went on talking about different anecdotes of their experiences with the place and how many times they came here. But I could only think of one thing on the way. My heartbeat grew stronger and faster and my baby bahis şirketleri hole kept streaming more liquid. We went farther and farther away from the large crowds and the bright lights of Haridwar slowly but steadily faded behind us. Soon we reached dark, lightless alleyways with quiet buildings, on each side and nothing but stray dogs walking around. But he then went on with their casual conversations. Yet my heart steadily became stronger and stronger. Eventually, we reached the public parking area.We passed the ticket counter again and on the way the the corner where our car was, the men became eerily quiet. My stomach was at my throat with anticipation and also fear. They opened the back of the car and started putting their luggage in and I looked in the distance towards the bright light of the Haridwar which was about two kilometers away. There was not a would beside the ticket guard who was in his chamber a hundred meters away. I was interrupted by my driver taking my bag from my hand and putting it inside. He closed the trunk and they started getting in. Dev got into the driver seat again, my driver went to the same spot, Arman got in the left side where he was before as well and I heard Ram’s voice behind me “get in ma’am” in a friendly tone but It sent a cold shiver down my spine. I got into the dark environment of the car. All of the men looked at me, their faces untouched by light. They looked like ghosts without their facial features showing. My heart was close to bursting and then it stopped as Ram got in on my right and closed the door with a bang.Everything was quiet except for the heavy breathing surrounding me. I shivered slightly as the figure on my right got close to my neck and whispered. “Let’s continue what we were doing before ma’am.” I couldn’t breathe. His hand crept up to my shirt and squeezed a hand full of my boob. I sighed and he squeezed again. Then he pulled up my shirt, and then my bra and my pair jiggled down. He started light going over my nipples and I looked at the others. They just watched quietly. He started kissing my neck and kept squeezing. I rested on his face and let him touch me like this. He then unclamped my bra and put it aside. Time passed and I couldn’t tell whether it was days or even months that went by. “I want more” he whispered again. My eyes closed, my hand fumbled around until I found his hard-on. I started unbuttoning him when he said. “You have pleasured us for long but we haven’t given you enough have we?” he said in his devilish whisper.I was surprised by his comment and tried to comprehend what he meant when he started unbuttoning my jeans. I got dizzy as he spread my legs and opened my zipper. He felt the wetness of my panties. “Look how excited she is” he said. Arman who was only watching also felt the cloth keeping them and my fruit apart. Ram then pushed me lightly towards Arman who held my head on his crotch and lifted my legs on to his legs on the seat. Then he held my jeans from the waist, lifted my legs, and slowly pulled it down to my feet. I couldn’t say anything. He then held and legs and started breathing up my thighs. He then came to my center and gave it a small kiss. Then he pulled my panties, they were stuck between my sticky lips and pulled up in a way that made me lift my legs all the way up exposing my baldness, squeezing my lips together and pulled it off down to my jeans.He then spread my legs, got in underneath my jeans, closer to my love hole, and took a deep breath. “Mmmm………………such a fresh pussy, a much younger scent than the girls in GB road,” he told the others. His breath on my vag from those words made me leak uncontrollably. And then he flicked his tongue at my clit. His tongue was like a heated iron rod when he entered my insides. I started moaning immediately. I squirmed in the seat as he continued his onslaught on my flower. He licked and kissed, his spit mixing with my own release. The others watched me wiggle, squirm and moan with their friends head in between my legs. I was on the way to a cum. “Wait wait! Watch out there’s someone coming!” Dev warned. Ram immediately got out between my jeans and I got up in a sitting position. There was a family of 5 coming. A man, his wife, mother and two c***dren. I sat casually with my bottom still bare naked.They went by a bit farther and started up a car. They probably couldn’t see anything but all the boys stayed alert. The car started and they soon exited. They started making sure they were gone and Ram broke his glance and again pushed me down. I shivered with lust as he again got between my legs and got closer to my vagina. Then he put his hot mouth on it again. I again got close to orgasm when Dev warned us again. We got up again and this time here we’re many people coming together. In many groups. Young, old c***dren, teenagers, rich, poor etc. Everyone started getting into different cars. They got pretty close at times so I pulled up my pants. “They must have just ended some ceremony,” my driver said. “There is no point waiting here, they will keep coming. Shall we go someplace more quiet ma’am?” asked Ram. I nodded yes innocently and Dev started the car.“Bhai where should we go?” asked Arman. “Let’s see if we can find a secluded spot in town” Dev responded. We drove back through the dark alleyways. Ram pressed against my jeans on my crotch lightly as we looked around for quiet places. We drove around dark places and eventually found a very dark and completely secluded place a bit far uphill from a small, shady motel. “Aaah no more disturbances” Ram said. “Nice place, what do you think ma’am?” He added. We all looked at each other with dirty smiles and I lifted my legs in position again. Without a word, Ram pulled my jeans and panties down together and took them out completely. “Take off her top” Ram ordered and Arman lifted me slightly and pulled my shirt off my boobs, my sensitive neck and my face and put it aside. Then he held both my hands on top of my head and didn’t let go. I was fully naked inside the car now. The men all stared intensely and I waited in anticipation.I watched his dark silhouette bend down and breath on my cunt again. He spat on it and I sighed in pleasure. He started eating me out again. I felt a rush knowing that nothing could stop this now. I was so close. His tongue flicking my clit over and over made fire in my hole. Arman started squeezing my boobs and then I came. My hole sprayed hot girl cum at his face and I shuddered in the seat at my incredible orgasm. I groaned as my orgasm swept over my body like waves. Then I fell on Arman with a deep sigh as my orgasm ended. I kept breathing hard and watched the men look at me with intense interest. Ram wiped his face and smiled like he had never seen this before. “Are you enjoying our company ma’am?” He asked naughtily. I smiled in relief.“Did she just squirt?” Dev asked in pleasant surprise. “Yah Bhai, just look at this” Ram responded. Dev reversed the driver seat and looked at me as if asking for permission. I smiled naughtily, still panting. He then felt my thighs and my recently sprayed pussy. “So much liquid! It’s like she peed!” He said in delight. Arman also put a hand and then eventually my drive joined too. They all started rubbing around my pussy and started tickling me all over. They tickled, fondled and rubbed me and I started laughing as my neck and boobs were very sensitive. 8 hands went all over my body in the tiny cramped space and I had mini orgasms throughout. This went on for ages and eventually, I got tired and told them to stop. “I also want to lick her pussy,” said Arman. “So do I” said my driver. “Yes yes” added Dev. “And haven’t gotten a blowjob yet,” said Ram.“Ma’am, I have a sincere request,” said Ram in a joking yet serious manner. I looked at him laughing slightly. “Ma’am you see, every one of us wants something from you, you are so hot. We will never get the chance to do something like this with someone as young and open as you. So with your permission. Can we please fuck you?” I looked at him and tried to contemplate his beyond dirty question and then looked around at all of them and couldn’t help but laugh, give a very naughty smile and nod yes. I laughed lightly and constantly at just how c***dlike and naughty they were and they all watched this young 18 year old girl naked who just agreed to let them put their dirty dicks inside her and smiled. “Are you absolutely sure though ma’am?” Asked Ram. I nodded yes with a hearty, toothy smile. “I also want to do this”“Great, Dev let’s go to a shop and buy condoms and then we can maybe do it at the hotel?” He redirected. “Sure, the car is too small for all of us, also I’m on birth control so you don’t have to.” I said cheerfully. All of them looked at each other with pure delight. They looked at me like I was a blessing and we just sat there for a while knowing the fun that was awaiting us.End part 1

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