1 Kasım 2021

My MMF and Random Fantasy


My MMF and Random FantasyMy cock is hard, I’ve just been watching a gay movie site, clips of guys sucking and fucking, got me so hard..I’m playing with my cock, just gave it a trim, the hair was getting long, down to about 1/8th inch, it makes me horny, I like to walk down the hall and see my cock flopping in the mirror…I’m eating my precum, tastes so good..I want to keep wanking and cum, but am holding off for a few days…I’m reading a bbw adventure, makes me want to try that, I’d have no problem if she wasn’t too big…I want to suck a pussy bad right now, love filling it with my tongue then suck on the clit, back & forth, bursa escort then get up and slide my cock in and give her a taste of her pussy, telling her it’s another woman and how she’s love eating a nice juicy pussy while I fuck her from behind, the precum tastes so good, now I’m imagining a hot cock right next to me, can I resist?…no, I want to suck it so bad, I move closer, I can’t take it anymore, my mouth swallows it, I can take it all and my lips are at his body, his cock deep in my throat, oh this is so good, can we move around so he can take mine? 69, would he do it? oh this is so awesome, my wife is watching and bursa escort bayan rubbing her clit, we suck for a long time but have to stop before cuming, my wife wants to try a double penetration, who goes on top? mmmmmnnn a big drip of precum, and it tastes so good, now she orders me on the bottom and climbs on, puts my cock in her pussy, he moves behind her and start fingering her ass…add some lube, she’s very tight, keep fingering and stretching her asshole, she’s moaning and I’m pounding, she’s sucking on my tongue, and I’m sucking hers..he slowly starts pushing his cock in her ass, she’s moaning and oops, too hard, escort bursa go slower, slowly a little deeper, and then finally her ass relaxes and his cock is all the way in, take it out more lube, and start again, soon we are both going hard she’s yelling now, how it’s so fucking good, she wants it to keep going, this has my precum flowing writing this..mmnn its good, so we keep pounding and it’s so amazing feeling his cock sliding in with mine, so close and rubbing together in her, and it doesn’t last long she starts cumming and cumming, she’s never came like this before, it’s non stop cumming, and we can’t take it her moans and screams send us both cumming at the same time, our cocks spurt cum like they never have before, we can feel how slippery her holes get from the cum, we all collapse, totally spent, wow, I can’t wait to do this again

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