10 Kasım 2021

My Mother gets her Fanny Shaved


My Mother gets her Fanny ShavedMy Mother gets her Fanny ShavedI was on my own last night in my bed, my mother went home as my father came back off his trip early. She has just arrived and is collecting the washing for the machine, she wants her basques, knickers and thing washed. My mother asked if I could shave her fanny for her today, but we are waiting until the nurse has been, around ten, we hope.After a bath, breakfast and the nurse, we are back in the bedroom, my mother is in jeans and tee shirt.“Where do you want me”“When Sue (my girlfriend) wants shaved we use the swing, is that all right”My mother smiles and gets the swing out, the hook is still up and she erects the swing. She slips her jeans and her black lacy knickers off and get’s on to the stool and sits back on the swing with her legs apart.“Will this do”“I need the straps on you legs like before” I lift each leg up in to the straps and tell her to lie down. My mother fanny on full view, sticking out between her legs. I kiss her inner thighs moving up to her lips before I start. My mother wants her bushy triangle left just above her lips and the rest shaved so my father doesn’t see that she has smooth lips. I sit back down on my stool and I guide my mother’s hand over one of her fanny lip so she can pull it taught and I clip most of the hair away. The clippers buzzing like a vibrater across her skin as her bushy fanny hair falls to the floor. She keeps her bikini line trimmed so it’s not too overgrown, we swap sides and it looks better already.My mother seems happy and I start with my electric razor with balm, sarıyer escort which keeps it cool, this time I am pulling her skin taut with the side of my hand on her lips. It doesn’t take long before she is smooth, what a difference, I catch the odd stray hair with another razor and it is done, her fanny lips sticking out all fat and puffy against the soft skin. I run my tongue over her, kissing her fanny as I go. The balm not as nice to taste as the strawberry lube.I stand up and half turn the swing around with my mother still strapped in.“What you doing”“You’ll see”I get behind her and help her up and adjust the strap around her back so she can sit up against it. I had her in front of the dressing table mirror with her legs wide apart and everything on show.“What do you think”She slides her hand over her fanny.“I think it’s great, a little tingly, I’ve never see myself like this before”“It’s tingly for the first time, best to shave it every week and it’s always smooth”I can see my mother trying to part her legs more while looking in the mirror.“Do you like it up there”“Yes it’s great”I went and got the lube and rabbit for her .“Go on see yourself come in the mirror”My mother puts a big dollop on her finger and slides it between her lips. Working the full length of her slit her fingers slip inside. I watch as she slides the rabbit along her lips slowly finding her hole and she pushes it in, she adjusts her hand so she can see her fanny in the mirror.My mother is slowly fucking herself with the esenyurt escort rabbit in and out before turning it on. I come behind her and kiss her neck, sliding my hands over her tee shirt and feeling her tits. Taking hold of her 38 DD in my hand, I can hear my mother moaning as I start kissing her face. With one hand, she has the tee shirt lifted up over her black lacy bra and now has her hand under her bra levering it over her tit, which falls in to my hand, now the other tit is free and in my other hand.My mother has the rabbit on rotate in her fanny moving it from side to side for a better look, her breathing quickening and she has the ears vibrating her clit. I’m still massaging her tits with her hard nipples being rolled between my finger and thumb, I am back down kissing her neck again when I feel her body tense on the swingMy mothers is heavy panting and her legs bucks and twists in the swing as she is about to come. She is gasping for air as her body shudders then her rabbit comes out of her still rotating.“Fuck this rabbit and swing is great. Let me feel that cock of yours inside me”I get on the stool between her legs and kiss her smooth soft fanny lips which are still partly open, tasting strawberry lube and my mam’s sweet honey mixed together, I move between her lips which look massive now her hair is gone, darting my tongue in to her.My mother is still sitting up and is watching her son move on to her clit, she can see her legs wide apart and my head between them in the mirror as I pull and suck on her clit. She gasps avrupa yakası escort and says.“Fuck me now”I pull my trouser and boxers down, my cock eager to get out, it has no trouble finding my mothers hole, straight up to my balls as it slipped in. I grab hold of the swing and we are both looking at each other and start sliding her along my cock, sloppy, slurping noises coming from her fanny as I thrust in to her.“Go on fuck me”Now my mother is panting fast, I can feel her trying to lift and push herself off the swing and further on to me as I pull her along my cock. I can’t hold back much more and shot my cum in to my mother as she thrashed about on my cock, coming again. I hold her tight on to my cock seeing and feeling our warm juice squeezing out of her smooth fanny and down my cock as her breathing slows down.I slowly pull out of her, letting her watch herself in the mirror as our love juice leak out of her still parted smooth lips. My mother slides a hand down over her lips watching as she feels how wet she is.“It’s really nice and smooth, I wished that I had knowing someone like you when I was your age, sex is so much fun”I get a tissue for my mother and she wipes her fanny of our cum, even watching my mother do this I feel a stiffness in my cock and I have to kiss her hard and feel her tits.When we are finished kissing I get my mother out of the swing and we lie back on the bed, her bra and tee shirt still above her tits. We lay together touching and feeling each other’s bodies, I’m missing Sue my girlfriend but my mother is making up for it. My mother has a shower and packs her bag, then we have a very late lunch, she has to work at the office next week instead of from home so our fun time is going to be limited.“I’m leaving my basques and stockings here if that’s alright, we should have time to use them again”“I hope so”“I’ll better get going, I’ll pop back in to see you tonight”Watch out for: My Mother New Basque

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