1 Kasım 2021

my mother in law 3


my mother in law 3A few days after we got back home from being on holiday together Stella decided to pay me a visit. My wife and her daughter Sara had already left for work early that morning so I was alone in bed when I heard a door shutting downstairs. The next thing I heard was someone coming up the stairs and stopping right outside my bedroom door. I thought that maybe Sara had forgot something and come back for it but when I called out to her I got no answer.A couple of seconds later the handle of my bedroom door started to turn and as the door opened it was then that I realised that it was not my wife but her mother Stella standing there in a coat that was down to her knees. Her black leather knee high boots stood next to her on the floor that she had already taken off. She stepped into my bedroom and stopped at the bottom of my bed before slipping out of her coat. Underneath it all she wore was black lacy bra and panties along with black hold up stockings.”Fancy meeting you hear, I was looking for James Bond but I guess you will do.” Stella said with a naughty smile and a eyebrow raised.”Why thank you Miss Galore why don’t you join me under the covers before you catch your death.” I replied in my best James Bond voice.Stella came around the bed to stand by my pillows looking down at me with her hands on her hips anadolu yakası escort and her tongue licking across her dark red lipstick lips. I don’t know why but she always put me in mind of Honor Blackman as Pussy Galore and seeing her like this in my own bedroom I could feel my duvet begin to rise as my cock became rock hard. I could smell her arousal with her standing so close and I just wanted to bury my head in her pussy and lick her out.”Is that a gun in there or are you just pleased to see?” She asked putting a finger to her lips.As I lay there nude under the under the duvet was all I could do not to cum right there and then so I lifted the duvet and grabbed her around her buttocks and pulled her into bed beside me. As soon as the duvet was pulled over her I could feel her hand snaking down my body and only stopping when she found my hard boner.”Oh I do like a nice big hard cock in the morning.” Stella said as she began to jerk her hand up and down my shaft.I leaned into her and we kissed with tongues dancing in our mouths as she jerked my cock and I fondled her boobs through her black lacy bra as her nipples hardened at my touch and tried to poke through and into my palms.”Oh I have been looking forward to this ever since we got back home again.” Stella whispered ataşehir escort in my ear.”We have to be careful Stella unless you want Sara to catch us out.” I whispered back to her as we hugged.I noticed after I had mentioned her daughter’s name that Stella renewed her jerking of my cock as she tightened her grip on it. I wrapped my arms around her and unclasped her bra and pulled it off her and buried my face in her magnificent boobs sucking on her enlarged hard nipples one at a time. Stella’s stroking of my cock got faster and her grip tighter she got me ready to enter her. A few more strokes and she knocked onto my back and flung her left leg over me and straddled me. My hands were still mauling her tits and tweaking her nipples as she used her right hand to line my cock up with her now wet pussy.A few seconds later Stella put all her weight on my hard dick and slid all the way down it until I was balls deep inside her soaking cunt. Once I was in her to the hilt she sat up on top of me and I could feel her pussy grip my cock as I throbbed inside of her. She was now mauling her own tits pulling at her nipples and rolling them between her thumbs and forefingers. I placed my now free hands onto her hips and pushed my hips up at her and lifted her off the bed before she pushed ümraniye escort down on me bringing us back in contact with the bed again.Stella began to ride my throbbing dick hard and fast like a dog in heat, she was insatiable and just could get enough of my cock inside her. She now bounced faster and faster on top of me as I thrust up into her as she thrust down on me. We were so engrossed in fucking each other’s brains out that we never even heard Sara come in the front door, up the stairs and standing there at the bedroom door watching her husband and mother fucking like wild a****ls.”Oh fuck.” Her mother called out.”Am gonna cum.” Stella moaned out as she really went to town on top of me.”I want that beautiful cock of yours to cum deep inside me.” Stella called out again.”So would I.” Came a voice from the bedroom door behind her mother.Stella couldn’t stop now if her life depended on it as her orgasm shot threw her as she contorted on top of me and my cum blasted into her cunt. As we finally came down from our orgasmic high we could Stella rolled off me and we both looked at my wife and her daughter Sara leaning against the door post with one hand down her panties fingering herself and her other hand up under her top and bra playing with her tits.We both lay there taking in the sight in front of us thinking we were about to be read the riot act and here we were watching Sara enjoying the scene before her and cumming in her panties.”Next time you both get the urge to fuck each other please have the decency to let me join you.” Came the unexpected words from her mouth which brought a huge smile to both mine and Stella’s face.

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