30 Haziran 2020

My Mums boyfriend (part one)


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My Mums boyfriend (part one)I looked at myself in the mirror as I brushed my hair. Justin Bieber looked down from the wall at me. I’d changed out of my nightie, and now wore a satin top, and a white satin thong. Satisfied I walked from my bedroom, into the kitchen. I sat down, and sipped the orange juice my Mum had poured for me. “What did her boyfriend see in her,” I thought. “She was well old, thirty five, disgusting!” I looked at her. Her skirt was too short, and that top, “oh my god!” Her boyfriend, he was so lush. I felt my stomach go all funny, just thinking about him did that to me. “Lucy, did you hear me?” I looked up, what did she want now!“Sorry Mum, what did you say,” I asked.“I said Steve will be round soon, you should put some clothes on.”“Why, its my house, its not as if I’m naked or anything is it,” I told her.Lucy was being her normal self. Steve would be here any minute, and Lucy was walking around in a little thong, and cami top. She really did need some discipline. “Look, Steve will be here any time, couldn’t you put a robe on or something?” I asked her.“Why worried he’ll fancy me?” Lucy replied.I was fuming, I’d have to do something with her, I knew it was her age, s*******n. Before I could find an adequate reply, the bell rang. I opened the door, Steve stood there, his muscled arms straining his shirt. He was gorgeous, much too young for my Mum. I left the door open, and walked down the hall in front of him, swaying my hips. I knew he was looking at my bum. My stomach was feeling strange again, and I was tingling between my legs. God he was lovely. My Mum was all smiles, she literally threw himself at him. Yuk. They kissed, disgusting. “Get a room,” I told them, and went to mine.“I’m sorry Steve,” I said. “Its ok sweetheart, but answering the door dressed like that, well there wasn’t much I couldn’t see. I could have been anyone.” Steve replied.“I know. Look could you have a word with her. Maybe she would benefit from some discipline.”“You could be right.” Steve said.“I am, its time madam learned her place. Would you?” I asked.“When do you want me to start?” Steve asked.It was five minutes later that I closed the door behind me, I hesitated for an instant. Had I done the right thing? Sure that I had, I got into my car, and drove off. I heard the front door close, and walked into the front room. I was just wearing the thong. Mum would throw a fit, but I didn’t care. In fact the internet casino more she told me I couldn’t, the more I did. I knew I was being stupid, but I just couldn’t help myself. It wasn’t Mum in the front room, but Steve. I was alone in the house with him. He looked at me, his eyes travelled the length of my body. I pushed my tits out. Let him see what a young body looked like. He was walking towards me, I licked my lips, in what I hoped was a sexy way. He smiled at me, this was really happening, my chest was tight, and my breath was short. I could hear my heart beating. I tilted my head upwards, in anticipation of him kissing me. But he didn’t. He gripped my throat, squeezing it, I felt his other hand between my legs. I felt nice, it felt right. “So little Lucy, you like this?” I nodded, not trusting myself to speak. “Then you’ll do whatever I say, you understand?” Steve said. “Of course, I’ll do whatever you tell me,” I told him. He pulled my panties down at the front, his hand was inside them, then his finger inside me. I gasped, and closed my eyes. I’d been fingered before, and looked forward to it now. Suddenly he span me around, and grasped my tits from behind. He squeezed my nipples, they were already erect, he teased them, rolled them between his thumb and fingers. It hurt. As suddenly as he had started, he stopped. He was still standing behind me, he pulled my arms behind, and I felt something on my wrists. I couldn’t move them. I was suddenly scared, he had handcuffed my arms behind me. The handcuffs were tight. Before I could react a ball was forced into my mouth, a ball on a strap, which he tied around my head, fastened it tight, a collar tightened around my neck. I tried to spit the thing out of my mouth, but couldn’t. I dribbled, swallowing was difficult. Then his hands were busy again, between my legs, my pussy was wet, he finger inside me, he rubbed my clit, it felt so good, then oh my god I was coming, I groaned with pleasure. He slide another finger inside me, it hurt for a moment, I was almost there, but then he stopped. His fingers gone. He walked me over to the sofa, he bent me over it. I felt my knickers being pulled down, then my feet were pushed apart. Again his fingers were inside me, but from behind. He really knew what he was doing. I opened my legs further, closed my eyes, and savoured the pleasure that was coursing through my body. I didn’t know it could be this güvenilir casino good, no wonder Mum cried out when he fucked her. I opened my eyes suddenly, his finger was in my arse. It hurt, and I didn’t like it. “Steve, I don’t like that,” I wanted to say. But I couldn’t say anything. I was totally at his mercy, gagged, my arms fastened behind me.“I will tell you what to do, and when to do it, do you understand?” He gripped my throat as he said it. I nodded. I was scared, but at the same time excited. He held a funny looking glass thing in front of my face. “Know what this is,” he asked. I shook my head. “it’s your Mums butt plug, she likes it in her arse.” All the time his finger, was in my arse, it didn’t hurt anymore, then he put another finger in, the juices from my cunt were on it, so it didn’t hurt to much. I knew what he was going to do, but couldn’t stop him, and that thought excited me further. I felt its tip press against my anus, then a stabbing pain as the plug was pushed into my back passage, it hurt, it tore, then the pain was gone, it was inside me. It filled my bum. I adjusted to the feeling. I gripped it, tensed my anus against it. He slapped my bum, really hard. I cried, tears welled up, and ran down my cheeks. This was what I had wished for, longed for. He slapped me again, his palm striking the base of the butt plug, forcing it further into me. He slapped my bum again. I heard the front door close. Mum was home. Oh my fucking god, what would she say. An hour ago I didn’t care. That was an hour ago. Now I was terrified of her reaction. Steve was fucking me from behind, one of my legs on the back of the sofa. My arms ached, my wrists hurt as the handcuffs cut into them. Mum opened the door. I saw her face as she saw us. She smiled at me. Smiled?As I opened the door I saw Lucy, her eyes wide. Frightened as to what my reaction would be. She was gagged, with a red ball gag. “Is she behaving herself Steve,” I asked.“She is now, come and see,” Steve said.I walked over to them. He was fucking my daughter from behind, one of my favourites. Her face was flushed, as was her chest. She’d just come by the look of her. “On your knees, you can see better that way,” Steve commanded me. I liked that. I liked him to take control. I knelt down, and watched as his hard throbbing cock slide in and out of my daughters tight wet pussy. I saw she had my butt plug in her arse. He fucked her casino firmalari hard, and I felt my own cunt become wet with anticipation. My clit tingled and was hard. My nipples ached. My whole body ached. I watched as his cock fucked her hard. Her pink pussy puffed with pleasure, light fluffy blonde pubic hair fringed the edges of her outer labia. The inner labia spread out from the outer lips. My mouth was dry. I reached up, and rubbed Steve’s balls as they swung to and fro, then I had my lips around them, the heady perfume of my own daughter hot in my nostrils. I felt Steve pull his cock out of me. He pushed me down onto my knees, so I knelt beside Mum. She was just wearing her panties now, her nipples were hard and erect like my own. Her blonde hair pulled back. Steve put his cock into her mouth, it was still wet from my pussy. Mum sucked it, then ran her tongue along the cocks long, veined shaft, her mouth hungry for the throbbing cock. She gagged, but just tilted her head slightly, his cock went deeper into her mouth, it tip must be in her throat I thought. So that’s how you do it. He pulled the butt plug out of my bum, it hurt as it was pulled out, but I couldn‘t cry out, I bit down on the ball gag in my mouth. He held it in front of both my face, and Mums, Then he offered it to her, and she sucked it, straight from my arse, she seemed to really like it, but how could she. Then it was in it was in Mums arse. He held my hair, as he fucked Mum, held my face close to where his cock pumped into her. His cock slipped out, and he pulled y face closer. He unclipped my gag, I pushed the ball out of my mouth, and saw it was a bright red ball, on a black leather strap, the strap still tight around my neck. “Suck it!” He told me. I knew better now than to refuse, but I didn’t want to refuse. I licked the cock clean, taking care to suck all her juices off. I heard him say, “I think she’s ready,” and then without warning my face was pushed into Mums wet cunt. He held my head in place, so all I could see, all I could breath was her cunt. He pulled my head back a little, then told me to use my tongue on her. I did as he told me, tentatively at first. It wasn’t as bad as I’d thought it would be, soon I was probing, licking, drinking in her juices, my nose pushed hard against the base of the butt plug. The following day, my bum was still sore. My anus was sore from the fucking I had received from Steve, my bum cheeks sore from the spanking. Strangely though I felt different. I didn’t know why. I took the poster of Justin Bieber down from my wall. He was a boy, I know knew I needed a man. A real man. Steve. I’d do whatever he said, and Mum too.

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