30 Haziran 2020

My New Family. the First week.


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My New Family. the First week.So when I was in my late teens I ended up living at Donna and Tom Max’s house, they were a foster family that took me in, and they had a really great motivational way of making sure I followed the house rules, and went to college to get a education.On the first morning of college, Donna strolled into my room, she was a tall hot brunette Milf with a big pair of round tits, and a slim well kept body.And that morning she wore a lacy black bra that barely held in her magnificent boobs, and a pair of matching knickers that barely covered her mound, and a light silk dressing gown that wafted behind her as she stepped into my room.She then went and opened my curtains, before moving to my bed and saying cheerily “Morning Leo, time to get up for college!””Five more minutes!” I moaned not happy I had been woken up so early.”You know the rules young man, if you want to remain here you get up and go to college!” she replied sternly, then she pulled back my duvet to reveal my half naked body.Donna then knelt down beside my bed, and began rubbing my crotch through my boxer shorts, and then said “Now, do I really have to remind you, what your reward is, if you play by the rules!”She then continued to rub my crotch, and quickly my teen cock began to grow, until finally the tip of my penis began to poke out the top of my shorts.My foster mother then slipped her hand inside my shorts, gripped my hard teen shaft tightly and began to jerk my length, and I instantly began to groan.”Oh god, that’s nice!” I groaned.”You like that?” asked Donna”Yes! Yes!” I replied eagerly.”You want more? More like what me and your foster sister gave you, on your first day here?” she then asked.”Yes! oh god yes!” I groaned excitedly as she continued to stroke my cock.”Good” she then said, before she let go of my cock, stood up, and turned to walk away.”If you want more, then get up and go to college!” she then said heading for the door “You know the rules young man!”I groaned in frustration as my foster mother left me with the hardest dick I have ever had, then reluctantly got up and got ready for college.Over the next few days, Donna woke me everyday like that, only to then remind me of the rules, and even got Angie, my hot brunette foster sister to wake me one morning, only to do the same to me, but it did work, and by the end of the week I had completed a whole week of college, and most of assignments as well.”Congratulations honey!” cried Donna as I stepped through the door on Friday afternoon.”I knew you could do it, one week completed!” she then said, before giving me a big hug, and I felt her big round MILF tits press into my chest.”Right. Now your reward!” she then said, before she took me by the hand, and led me into the living room.She then got me to sit on the sofa, before she knelt in front of me, and began undoing my jeans, before she pulled them down and off, and after tossing them to one side, she too hold of my semi hard cock, trabzon escort and began to stroke it.”Now” she said with a grin “I think you’ve earned this!”Then she leant forward, stuck out her tongue and began licking at my cockhead, and I groaned happily.It had been a long hard week, especially having been woken up every morning the way I had, but now it was certainly worth it, as my foster mother began jerking my cock and licking the tip, before she clamped her lips around the end and began sucking on it.”Oh yeah!” I groaned finally getting the relief I had yearned for all week.For the next few minutes my foster mother sucked on my cock, taking more and more of my length down her throat, until she was almost swallowing my whole length.Then she lifted her mouth off my now hard ready cock, before she stood up, and pulled off her tight t-shirt letting her big round boobs flop out, and then undid her jeans and pushed them down, and stepping out of them, my foster mother now stood completely naked in front of me, and I happily stared at her hot MILF body.Donna then moved towards me, straddled my lap, and then pushed her big round tanned boobs into my face.”Suck on my tits Leo! Suck on my big titties and please your mother!” she then purred, and eagerly I clamped my lips around one of her big hard nipples and began sucking on them.”Oh yes, Leo! suck on my boobs! I love my boobs being sucked on!” she then moaned softly as I eagerly switched back and forth between her fun bags.After a few minutes, I had obviously sucked my foster mothers tits well, because she was moaning softly and rubbing her nicely trimmed pussy, then she pulled her tits free from my mouth, took hold of my hard cock and slowly sunk herself down onto it.”Oh fuck yeah!” she moaned as my hard teen cock slipped up inside of her.Donna then began to ride me, and I held her round firm ass, as she rose and fell on top of me.Her wet mature pussy slid up and down my shaft, her big round boobs bounced around in front of my face, and I sat loving every second as my foster mother rewarded me for going to college for a whole week.For a good few minutes she continued ride my hard teen cock, bouncing firmer and faster as she went, and moaning over and over as she did.Then I heard the front door open and close, and in walked my hot foster sister Angie.”Hello! Hello!” she grinned on seeing us on the sofa “I guess someone completed their first week of college?””Yeah!” I replied grinning back at her.”Well, I guess I should congratulate you then!” Angie then said smiling, before she dropped her bag, and then marched over to us.She then dropped to her knees between my legs, leant in, and began licking at my balls, while my foster mother continued to ride my cock.”Oh god! That’s nice!” I groaned as I felt my foster sister lick and suck on my balls.For another few minutes we continued liked that, until my foster mother wanted to change, and eagerly she spun around on my lap, and began escort trabzon riding me again, and now facing her foster daughter, her pussy was more exposed, and eagerly Angie began licking my shaft and her pussy.”Yes! Yes! Yes! Lick mommies pussy! Lick it! Lick it!” groaned Donna, as Angie did just that.Donna was now eagerly bouncing hard up and down on my lap, taking my entire length right up inside of her, before lifting so almost all my cock was nearly out of her, before dropping and taking my entire length back up inside of her again, and all the way through it, Angie was still licking us.Then Donna lifted up a little too high, and my hard cock popped out, but before she could grab it and put it back in, Angie took hold of it, and quickly wrapped her little wet lips around it, and began sucking on it.I groaned loudly as I felt my foster sister sucking on my hard wet cock, tasting our foster mothers juices as she did, and jerking my lower shaft at the same time.For another minute or so, Angie stared at us, while sucking on my hard length, until finally offering it back to Donna, and eagerly the hot MILF lifted her arse back up, and slowly slid back down onto it.Her warm wet pussy was just as good as Angie’s mouth, although a little looser, and eagerly she began to ride me again, letting that wet little cunt of hers rise and fall on my cock.I gripped my foster mothers slim hips and began to thrust up a little as she rode me, and Donna clearly loved this, as she began to groan louder and sounded more excited.”Yes! Yes! Yes! Fuck my pussy Leo! Fuck my pussy! Fuck your mothers pussy, young man!” she groaned urging me on, and I did.She then leant forward, placing her hands on my knees, and began to really move her ass, lifting and dropping it, faster and firmer, and with me thrusting up as well, our hot naked bodies slapped together loudly.”Oh fuck! I’m going to cum!” groaned Donna after a few minutes.”Oh fuck! you’re going to make your mummy cum!” she groaned again.So I continued to do what I was doing, and she continued to ride my hard cock fast, and Angie was kneeling in front of her, sucking on her big hanging tits, and all of us were moaning and groaning, and after just another minute or so my foster mother got more and more excited.”Oh shit! oh shit! oh shit! I’m going to cum!” she moaned loudly “I’m going to cum! I’m going to cum!”So I kept thrusting up into her, and she kept bouncing on top of me, and then as our bodies slapped together over and over again, she suddenly tensed up, and her head tilted upwards and she cried out.”I’m cumming! I’m cumming! I’M CUMMING!” and then still sitting on top of me, her body began to twitch wildly as she came.”I’M CUMMIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIING!” she cried again, as my hot foster mother orgasmed on my cock.For several hot amazing seconds Donna came again and again, and i felt her wet hot pussy trying to milk my teen cock, until finally she took a deep breath and calmed down.”Oh fuck yes!” trabzon escort bayan she then sighed, before she laid back on top of me, and then pulled my head down for a kiss.As we kissed passionately, my foster sister pulled my still hard cock from Donna’s wet cunt, and began to suck on it, and fondle my balls, and quickly I began to groan again.”You like that?” asked Donna looking up at me “You like your foster sister sucking on your cock?””Yes!” I replied happily.”Would you like to cum in her mouth?” Donna then asked.”Yes!” I replied eagerly.”Okay then!” grinned Donna, then as Angie continued to suck on my cock, my foster mother lowered her body down mine a little, until her wet trimmed pussy was resting against the bottom of my shaft, and then began to rub against it.”Oh yes!” I groaned as I felt my Donna rubbing her pussy against my shaft, while Angie was sucking me off.”You like that?” asked Donna.”Yes! Yes I do!” I groaned and happily she continued.For the next few minutes Angie continued to suck on my cock, and Donna continued to ride along my shaft, and having both women in my life sucking and rubbing me was only ever going to finish one way, and inevitably I soon felt my excitement begin to build.”Oh god!” I groaned after another minute.”I’m nearly there! I’m nearly there!” I groaned feeling my balls begin to tighten.Angie eagerly continued to suck me, and Donna increased her pussy rubbing, and with both women now clearly determined to make me cum, it was all I could do to hold on.”Come on Honey! Come on Honey!” urged Donna on top of me rubbing her wet pussy frantically up and down the top of my shaft “Cum for your sister! Cum for your sister!””Oh shit! I can feel it! I can feel it cumming!” I groaned back, as my balls quickly tightened completely.”Do it! Do it! Do it!” cried Donna excitedly.And then I felt my balls churn, and with a mighty cry, I began to cum.”OH FUCK! FUCK! FUUUUUUUUUUUCK!” I cried out as unloaded straight down my foster sisters mouth.My hard cock began blasting wad after wad of sticky goo right down her throat, and after just a few squirts, Angie pulled my cock from her mouth and began choking on my juices as it ran down the back of her throat, before she then lifted it to her mouth again and let my cum splatter all over her lips.I unloaded what felt like a huge load, and pumped out gallons of white goo until finally, my balls were empty, and I relaxed.”Oh wow!” gasped my foster mother “You were really full!” she then said almost giggling.Then she climbed off me, moved to Angie and kneeling beside her, they started to kiss, and exchange my hot sticky cum between their mouths.It was then Tom, my foster father, walked in and said curiously “Hello? Did someone do something special today?”Donna glanced over at him, with her mouth smeared with my cum and Angie’s saliva and replied “Yes, Leo completed his first week of college!” “He did!” exclaimed my foster father “Way to go k**!” he then said giving me the thumbs up.”Now, who’s going to suck my cock? because I’ve just booked our summer holiday!” and eagerly both Donna and Angie moved towards him, and in seconds had his trousers down and were sucking on his member.Yes being a Max, was good!

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