30 Haziran 2021

My Pornstar Escort (Best Escort)

Big Tits

My Pornstar Escort (Best Escort)I normally write about my adventures from many years ago but this one is from last year.And to be honest I don’t know how to start it as I always change the names of escorts I see but as she is a quite famous porn star now. Who doesn’t mention her escorting past and has blocked her reviews on an adult escorting site.She advertised on an adult site that most people use these days, she says she is a 24yo lass from Scotland with pierced nipples and completely shaven down there.I phoned her and arranged a meeting for 30 minutes as she normally only did 1 hour appointments but wanted to get some regulars, but most people won’t pay that kind of money without seeing first for 30 mins to see if she was there type as Middlesbrough is one of the cheapest places for escorts.She told me her address which was a road just off parliament road so not that good an area.Knocked on door and this vision of beauty opened door she had red lipstick on that made her lips look massive and perfect hair like she just been to the salon and with a huge smile and a giggly hello she invited me in I thought I was going to have a heart attack she looked amazing she had hot pants on and a super tight vest with no bra so I could she her nipples poking through her top and the fact she had nipple piercings.She offered me a drink of coffee, tea or juice. I took the juice as I was nervous and my throat konak escort was dry.She lead me upstairs to the bedroom I paid the money before she could ask for it, she asked what I would like first I said I would like her naked and would she mind playing with herself to get me hard, she took off her clothes and I could not believe how perfect her body was, no birth marks, stretch marks no moles or spots smoothest skin I ever seen or touched before .she said do you want me to use a toy or just my fingers, I asked her to use her fingers. She licked her fingers and started to play she kept taking her fingers out and licking them all the while looking at me and smiling. I got hard straight away, she asked me to start stroking my cock for her as she loved watching a man wank.After I few minutes of this I could see how wet she was getting and her cheeks and neck were going red, she had started heavy breathing, I asked if I could lick her now and she laughed saying of course you don’t have to ask, so I got between her legs and started to lick straight away she grabbed back of my head and started to grind my face, I was getting her juices all over me she was soaking wet, after a minute or two she was squirting on my face and she was shaking so much making strangest noise almost words that made no sense she was proper getting herself off.Her phone starting beeping, After she konak escort bayan finally stopped shaking she said your time should be up but as I don’t have another appointment and you been so good to me you can have the full hour, (now that’s a first for me from escort getting extra time for free) asked what I wanted to do next I asked if I could rim her she said sure she got in doggy style position & buried her head in pillow and reached back and pulled her ass cheeks apart she had the pinkest asshole I had ever seen so at first I gently licked it then I was poking my tongue in there as far as I could go, all the while she was laughing I asked if she liked it and she said I like that it tickles me but I don’t get off on it. She said here’s a condom for when you’re ready. I asked if she could put it on me with her mouth so she did then asked me how would I like to fuck her.I was spoilt for choice first we did missionary with lots of French kissing then she asked me to kiss her neck as I was fucking her then I asked if I could finish in doggy which she was happy to-do. In doggy it only took me a couple of minutes to cum looking at her tiny asshole I even fingered it she really liked that.After I had come she said not to move and got some tissues and took the condom off my now only semi hard cock. She looked at it and said wow that’s a lot of cum, when was last time escort konak you came I said I masturbated the day before she was shocked & asked do I always cum so much I said no but she turned me on the much and that she was cutest and sexiest woman I ever been with.She said thx so much you will give me an ego, I just love sex. I asked if she had a boyfriend she said I do & he knows what I we have no secrets I tell him about every man I see it turns him on. She said she had started making small sex videos as she was trying to get into porn so she could make some real money.She offered me another juice drink as I must have lost a lot of fluids, she was giggling as she said it.She then gave me big hug and kiss and said hope to see you again, but will be going back to 1 hour appointments as she had enough clients now.I tried to see her few months later but she had stopped escorting & was just selling content now on the adult website.Then few months after that I found out she was making porn with some big companies.Think she moved back to Scotland now, but travels the world making porn.Good for her for making her dreams come true.But I wish I could fuck her again. Don’t think I will ever fuck anyone as hot as her again.She was a real (star)Whenever I am between girlfriends I see escorts. Can’t even guess how many I have seen over the years.Hope you like the story, was never any good at school, my spelling is terrible and forget about grammar.Take story as is.I know I go on a bit but I like to give as much detail as possible.If you want to hear some more of my adventures let me know I have tons like this. I change the names of escorts I have seen for there privacy.

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