11 Eylül 2021

My sexy sister in law


My sexy sister in lawI was out in the evening having a few drinks with mates in Canterbury There was plenty of girls out wearing not much, I love walking through packed pubs and clubs as you can rub yourself up against some sexy girls, some hate it , others like it :)I’d had a good skinfull this night and made our way to the club, it was heaving . So we made our way to the bar , got a drink and headed to the dance floor for a dance and a grope. Not much luck other than a squeeze of a blondes tits and ass. I was thinking about getting a cab home when I couldn’t believe it when I saw my sister in law , she was with her 2 friends. I went over. “Hello Donna” , “hi girls “”Hi” they replied, Donna looked very drunk , she looked stunning in her black heels and tight white dress , it hugged her size 8 frame very nicely. She ok I asked? No, she needs to go home her friends saidI’m getting a cab? I can go with her I replied? Take me now Donna murmuredRight come on then I said before putting my arm round her waist and walking her outWhen we were outside there wasn’t any cabs but I knew where to go so I carried on round the cornerDonna was staggering now and I think the air had hit herCan you carry me? She slurredI picked her up in my armsNo on you’re bursa escort shoulders she laughedOkSo propped against the wall of a large front garden . With her back to me,she spread her legs, what a sexy sight I thoughtI put my neck under her and lifted her again, her warm legs around my face and pussy against the back of my neck , I was getting very turned on!I put my hands just above her knees to steady her, her smooth tanned legs shining in the light, I rubbed them, she smelt amazing!I started to walk but Donna was laughing so much ,she squeezed her thighs together tighter then pulled her dress over my head, I couldn’t see!I staggered forward then fellI twisted over with Donna landing on top of me, Her dress was high up her waist now and i could see she was wearing a cute pair of white pantiesHer legs wide, I reached to help her but found my hand running up her leg then touching her very warm pussyMmmmmm she saidI carried on She turned towards me now , still sitting on the grass with her legs openI could feel how warm her pussy was nowShe leaned back, her dark hair blowing in the windDo it she said as she pulled her dress over her head revealing her sexy tight body and small perky titsI pulled her panties to one side and started bursa escort bayan lickingIt tasted amazingHer smooth pussy was wet and ready, I slipped 2 fingers inShe started moaning as I motioned in and out of herMy fingers were soaked, Donna really wanted thisI’ve wanted to do this too for a long timeI pulled her little panties offGet on you’re knees I orderedShe did as I said and arched her back with her arse in the airI had my cock out now, throbbing and readyI whispered in her ear, do you want it Donna?Yes , oh yes please she beggedI spat on my fingers and rubbed on my helmetI then got her panties into a ball and stuffed them into her mouth, she was shocked as I could see her eyes bulgeNo ones fucked you like this before I said before forcing my cock up her arse, she yelped hard into her panties in her mouth and tried to wriggle free but I had hold of her tight body, my fingers digging into her sides holding her still Open up slut I saidShe was panicking as slowly but surely I eased 7″ up her arse, she was screaming into the panties nowI was balls deep in Donna now with my balls against her pussy, I pulled out 2″ then back in She now had the side of her face on the grass giving me a better angle to push deep up her, escort bursa I held her arms now as I began pumping her tight arseMy thick cock stretching her hole with every stroke, I grabbed her hair and pulled her hair backYou enjoying this DonnaShe didn’t reply I was really stretching her now I reached round and squeezed on her little titties , pulling hard on her nipplesShe yelped againI spanked her arse with each pushI pulled out and pulled her head up with her hairCrouching with my cock in my hand I reached in and pulled her panties outCum in my mouth she gaspedKinky slut had enjoyed it all alongI yanked her head back hard and stuffed my cock into her open mouth Donna licked and slurped on it greedily as I forced her up and downI pulled my cock awayOpen you’re mouth wider bitch I barked She had her eyes shut but obeyed meI then spat at her, some going in her mouth and on her tongue, the rest on her face. I rubbed it in hardYou like this Donna? She nodded as she reached forward and wanked me , eager to put it back in her mouthI leaned back , both hands now on her head bouncing her up and downLook at me I saidHer mouth wide open and brown eyes looking up at me I began to spray my cum in her mouthEach rope going in her mouth She moved closer and started sucking againWhat a slut Donna is!!!I watched her looking up trying to drain the last of the cum out of meI got up and slapped her bare arse hardCome on Donna, back to mine, I’ve got some friends who’d like to meet you

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