13 Ekim 2021

My sister, the cleaner and me


My sister, the cleaner and meFollowing on from my previous entry my sister and I continued to play together but she just wouldn’t let me fuck her. I would lick her and suck her clit at every opportunity and end up with 3 sometimes four figures driving into her sopping wet cunt but she just wouldn’t let me bury my cock in her.Don’t get me wrong her cock sucking was excellent and she would swallow my cum every time but there was just a little something missing!She then came up with an idea – if I wanted to bury my rock hard cock into a soaking cunt we had to find someone to join our little parties and she knew just the person.Because Mum and Dad both worked full time Mum had employed a cleaner who came round twice a week. My sister explained that the cleaner, Jenny, had found her masturbating a couple of times. Little did Jenny know that my sister knew she was there watching for a little while before making her exit and went about her daily chores. Jenny was 32 and had a superb figure slim waist and tits to die for. Many a time she would come round with a short skirt and thin top on and her nipples would stick out a good half an inch or so. She knew exactly what she was doing when she came into my room while I was still in bed cleaning my room, bending down giving me an eyeful of cleavage or arse I just couldn’t wait for her to leave so I could wank.My sisters idea was for Jenny to catch her and then catch her eye but keep playing with herself until she came. If she stuck around and watched she knew we would be in. She would indulge her in some foreplay and then I would wander konak escort in and we could then blackmail her into letting me join in.The following Tuesday it was a bright warm day and quite by chance Jenny turned up in one of her short skirts and thin tops. I was in the kitchen when she arrived and straight away I noticed her nipples just poking through the sheer material of her top. I am sure she noticed me staring but I just couldn’t help it. After a while I had to make my excuses and go to my room, the tent in my PJ bottoms was getting embarrassing.As I went upstairs I let my sister know Jenny was here so get ready so she stripped off and laid on her bed legs spread and she start to finger herself and pull on her nipples, I couldn’t help it but I just had to have a taste of her pussy before I disappeared.I was in my room for what appeared to be ages when I heard Jenny come upstairs. First she cleaned the bathroom and toilet then she came to my sisters room. I heard the door open (I slipped up a little here because I should have left my door open a crack so that I could see what was happening) and the good news was that it didn’t close meaning she was watching my sister bring herself off.After a short while I opened my door a crack and Jenny wasn’t at my sisters door but I could hear some moaning and what sounded like a very wet fanny being fingered vigorously. As I got to my sisters room, oh joy, Jenny was drilling her fingers into my sister who was cumming bucket loads. Jenny had her skirt pulled up and was doing the same to herself but there were konak escort bayan no knickers to be seen.My cock was throbbing at the sight of the girls going for it and just had to join in so I cleared my throat and asked if this was a private party or could anybody join in. Jenny jumped a little in surprise but as she looked at me she smiled and said please do, ’I understand you are good at licking fanny’. It turns out that Jenny and my sister had been playing for a while – she had been told about my ability to make my sister cum hard and wanted a piece of the action. When I insisted that my sister let me fuck her, this is when they came up with the plan. It transpires that Jenny has an i****tuous relationship with her c***dren and got so turned on when she found out we played together, she is going to keep a close eye on her c***dren and make sure they get maximum pleasure from each other. My sister knew full well what she was doing when she suggested I fuck Jenny.I slipped off my clothes and joined them, Jenny had turned round and was licking my sister and had her arse sticking in the air with a slit and swollen labia in clear view so I just lent in and drove my long tongue deep into her cunt. She was absolutely soaking so my sister had clearly done a good job in warming her up. I moved my tongue forward to find her clit and at the same time pushed two fingers into her and I heard a muffled groan which became clearer as I started to suck her clit and driver my fingers in and out more quickly. I turned my fingers and bent them forward and found her escort konak G spot. By now she had stopped working my sisters clit and was just savouring the attention I was giving her fanny and clit but I pulled away and told her to get on her back which she did and as soon as she was my sister straddle her head and lowered herself onto Jenny face who then darted her tongue out and started lapping my sisters juices.I started to pinch and twist their rock hard nipples between my thumb and forefinger, my sisters left tit in my right hand and Jenny’s right tit in my left hand. I also pushed my tongue into my sisters mouth so she could taste Jenny on me. My sister was getting close to cumming so I stopped squeezing their nipples, shuffled down the bed, lifted Jenny’s legs and whilst looking my sister straight in the eye drove my cock deep into Jenny. They both started cumming, my sister squirting all over Jenny’s face and Jenny’s cunt muscles tightening round my cock so it felt like I was fucking a silk lined very tight glove. My sister lent forward and started to snog me again and when she broke away told me to finish off as she wanted to clean Jenny’s cunt after I had shot my load. This was too much for me and within seconds I was pumping Jenny full of cum. Once I had finished I slipped my cock out and my sisters tongue replaced it and she sucked my cum out of Jenny’s cunt and then proceeded to kiss Jenny and share my cum with her.Once we recovered Jenny had to finish cleaning the house but my sister and I stayed in bed and she cleaned me up while I gave her a lazy tongue fuck which ended up in a very messy 69.Jenny finished her jobs and popped in to say good bye and although we invited her to re-join us but she couldn’t as she had things to do but assured us she would be back nice and early on Thursday and may even have a surprise for us!

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