30 Haziran 2020

My Stepdaughter and I p5


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My Stepdaughter and I p5The next morning when I woke up, I got out of bed and headed to the bathroom and just as I finished peeing and fixing to turn the shower on, Joanne came in and sat down on the toilet to pee, “I went ahead stripped the bed and got the coffee started Sammy love.””You must have got up as I was leaving the bedroom, to have all of that done all ready.””Yes I did and didn’t think, I was going to be able to hold off my peeing till you got done, as bad as it got before I got the water in the coffee pot.”As I stepped into the shower after I got the water temp set, “I think we’ll eat breakfast along the way this morning, since the bed needs to be made up with clean sheets and that way, we don’t have to leave dirty dishs behind either.””That sounds good to me.”When Joanne finished peeing and flushed the toilet, she stepped into the shower with me and washed off my back, as I started rinsing the shampoo out of my hair.When we finished washing each other and got the soap rinsed off of us Joanne stuck my hard cock into her mouth and started sucking it and I could feel her tongue rubbing around the head of my cock as she sucked on it. While Joanne sucked on my hard cock, I reached down with one hand and started squeezing and lightly pinching her nipple and pulling on it some, then went back to squeezing the tit.After a few minutes of Joanne sucking and licking my rock hard cock and me playing with her tit and nipple, then doing the same to her other tit and nipple, I pulled her up on her feet then had her turn around and bend over, then I rubbed the head of my hard cock up and dwon between her pussy lips a few times, then I placed the head at her pussy hole and slowly pushed my hard cock into her pussy.When my rock hard cock was finally all the way inside of Joanne’s pussy to the hilt, she let out a low moan sound as she let air out of her mouth, “Oh fuck me Sammy, that feels so good. Now fuck me please, I need it bad.”I slowly pulled my hard cock out till just the head was left just inside of her pussy lips, then slowly pushed back into her pussy to the hilt, before doing it again.”Please Sammy, fuck me faster and harder.”I slowly started picking up speed as I slowly fucked her pussy with my rock hard cock.When I got to fucking Joanne’s pussy as fast and hard as I could, it just took a few strokes when I felt that she was about ready to cum and I could feel my balls start to let my cum out.”I’m about to cum Sammy! I need to cum Sammy, fuck make me cum.”Just as she said the word ‘cum’ the last time, I let my cum go in as deep as I could get my rock hard cock into Joanne’s pussy.I pumped my hard cock in and out, till Joanne’s pussy squeezed my rock hard cock real hard, which then I stopped fucking her and shuved my cock in as far as I could get it. I held Joanne up on her feet as she rode out her orgasm, before I pulled her up and turned her head around toward me, so that I could kiss her on the mouth with some tongue.When we broke the kissing off, “We better get rinsed off before the water get’s any cooler and get around so we can get on the road.”When we got rinsed off and the water shut off we dryed each other off then went to the bedroom and got dressed for the day, then as I went in to have my morning coffee, Joanne got clean sheets on the bed and then joined me for her morning coffee as well.*****Two weeks after getting Brenda home from her sister and brother-in-law’s home, Brenda went to work four blocks away from the house at a cunvenace store during the day, while I was at work and she usually was home, before I got home from work, so Joanne and I didn’t get a lot of time alone together, to be able to have any sex without Brenda knowing about it.One month after Brenda started working at the convinace store, she ended up working the night shift when the guy that worked nights, quit to go work at a higher paying job.Brenda would get up at ten and get ready for work and then leave the house at midnight to start her shift, around one o’clock in the morning and wouldn’t get home, before I left for work the next morning.Two months after Brenda started working the night shift, on Saturday night at midnight the phone rang for her and she was asked if she could go in and work, due to the ice storm that had moved in Saturday afternoon and the woman that was to work, so Brenda could have her week ends off with me, was iced in and couldn’t drive in to work her shift.Since it was so icy out and the roads and streets so bad, Brenda walked the four blocks to work but didn’t get away from the house, till one o’clock that morning just before all the bars were to close.A few minutes later I was woke up again but to the sound of some one knocking on the canlı bahis şirketleri front door of the house.Pulling on my pants and puttoning them as I made my way to the door and zipping them up then opening the door to be face to face with a police officer, “Hello are you mr Sammy Marton?””Yes I am, how may I help you?””Is Brenda Marton your wife?””Yes she is. What is this about?””She has been involded in an accident and rushed to the emergancy room at the hospital.””How bad is she?” as Joanne stepped up behind me then, “Babe, would you get me a pair of socks and shirt and my boots please.””Okay. Is mom okay?””I don’t know yet.”As Joanne went to my bedroom, the officer asked, “Can you conferm as to why your wife was out at this time of night sir?””She got called into work for the woman that works the night shift, so that my wife can have the week ends off with me. But with the ice like it is, the woman couldn’t make the drive into work, so my wife was called in to work her shift.””Okay. You may want to come to the station on Monday to get a repoert of the accident. Now do you need a ride or do you have a way to get to the hospital yourself?””I can get there myself, thank you thou.””Okay. Sorry we had to disturb you at this hour.” then the officer turned around and left.As I closed the door and turned around, “I’m going with you Sammy.” as Joanne stepped out of her bedroom with clothes in hand.Joanne and I got dressed and got in my truck and went to the hospital to find out that Brenda died, when she arrived by abulance to the hospital.*****Two days after the funeral, the last of our family members left our house to go back to their homes, Joanne and I went into the house and sat down, with Joanne sitting in my lap wanting to be held by me in my arms, which she then cryed some more with her face in my neck.After some time, Joanne did quit crying but just sat like she was for a little bit, before she asked, “Now what do we do Sammy?””All I know to do. And that is to keep on living which is what your mom would want us to do. Besides, it is the only thing we can do.””I need a drink and I guess something to eat. How about you Sammy love?””Yes, I think a sandwich is all I can eat right now with a glass of tea.””I’ll go fix us one each then.” as Joanne sat up and then stood up.As Joanne went to fix a couple of sandwichs and a couple of teas, I stood up and went to the table and sat down and watched Joanne fix our dinner.After we ate our dinner and drank our tea, I went out and checked on a couple of things that I hadn’t checked on after the ice storm, due to being busy letting everyone know about Brenda being hit by a drunk driver trying to make one last beer run before beer sales were cut off at two in the morning when all bars, are to be closed and making sure the funeral prep was done right and proper.That evening for supper, we decided that we just want to go out and eat at a fast food, which we did, then we returned home and took showers and then just sat down in my recliner, with Joanne sitting in my lap with both of us not wanting to even get dressed and we just held each other, while we watched tv before we went to bed.That night when Joanne and I got into bed, we just held each other and made small talk before we fell asleep for the night.*****It took Joanne and I about two in a half weeks to finally feel like doing more than just hold each other each night, after we got in bed each night. We still just held each other while we watched tv each night for at lest another two weeks.”What would you like to maybe do tonight Babe, since there is nothing on worth watching tonight, on tv?” while cutting a bite of pork chop to eat.”Is there a good movie at the theater playing tonight?” Joanne said before taking a bite of her supper.”Not unless you want to watch some scary movie, from the looks of it when I was looking at what is playing tonight.””There is nothing romantic on tonight?””No, there’s not. Not even a romantic comidy.””That sucks.””Yes it does but not as good as you do.””Okay, you.” as Joanne about spit out her bite of food. “Are you trying to make me choke on my food?””No, I’m not trying to do no such thing. I was just stating fact is all.””How about we go to the adult book store and see what they have, to help get us back on trak or go to the mall and do some shopping maybe.””Okay. Shopping first then adult book store.””Can I wait till we get back for me to clean dishs up?””You can wait till tomorrow morning if you want to, this one time.” seeing Joanne’s eyes light up with a bit of spark for the first time since Brenda has passed.We finished eating supper while making small talk as we ate, then when we finished we went in and perabet giriş changed clothes and cleaned up some then headed out to the central mall.I let Joanne lead the way as she held me close to her like a wife or girlfriend would do and looked at some dresses, blouses, shorts, and skirts, then picked out what she wanted at one store, then after I paid for everything she wanted, we then went to another store where she looked at lingerie and modeled some of them for me, then I paid for the ones she modeled for me then we left the mall.Once in the pickup again, she slid over next to me like she has been doing since going to the hospital with me and if she went any where with me and maybe some one else, she picked the middle of the seat to be next to me then even.We talked about some of the things she picked out that I bought for her and about some of the things that she looked at, that she didn’t go ahead and get too, all the way from the mall to the adult book store.Walking into the adult book store Joanne held on to me and stayed close, like she did at the mall, and we looked at videos mostly and at some of the toys but she wasn’t real interested in the toys. Back at the videos she saw some about i****t and while looking through the i****t videos, she saw more every time she thought she was done going through them all. After about twenty minutes of looking at the i****t videos, she saw three different videos that she then wanted, “I want these three right here Sammy.””Okay. Now are you sure that is all you want?””Yes it is. I wandered if they had movies like these and now that I see they do have, I want these three.””Okay, you got them.”Once I paid for the three videos that Joanne picked out, we walked out to the pickup and got in and drove home to a quiet house once again, till we was done undressing and putting in one of the new videos and had a can of beer each, in our hand to drink while we watched the video.With the dvd in the player, I sat down in my recliner and Joanne joined me by sitting in my lap again sideways, with a tit in my face that I had to suck on and nibble on the nipple a little, then I pushed the play button.”Do you know any of the actress in this or any of the acters?” Joanne asked as the names started to come on the screen.After watching the names apear on the tv screen, “The only one I know is Kay Parker.”When the movie got started with a few of the opening seens, “Which one is Kay Parker. Do you know.””The one that looks to maybe playing the mom… That one there.”We sat watching the movie work up to the first sex seen, which didn’t seem to take long, then Joanne stuck her hand down and rubbed my hard cock, while she put her other hand down between her legs and started rubbing up and down, on her bald pussy.After a couple of strokes on my hard cock with her hand, I moved one hand down and took over with the hand she had on her pussy, by rubbing my hand down between her bald pussy and her hand.When Joanne got her hand out of my hand’s way, I stuck a couple of fingers into her wet pussy and got my fingers good and wet, then pulled them out of her pussy and moved it up and over her clit real lightly and lightly rubbed her clit, a few strokes across it then stuck my fingers back into her wet pussy and got them good and wet again.The whole time we rubbed each other Joanne kept her eyes on the tv screen watching the movie and her eyes never seemed to come off the tv all through the sex seen.By the time the next sex seen came on Joanne had moved and sat on my rock hard cock and stuck it up into her pussy that had pussy juices running out and she was bouncing up and down just as fast and hard as she could, “Mmmmmmm Sammyyyy I’mmmmmm about to cummmmmm fuck meeeeeeee. Oooooohhhhhhhh I’mmmmmmmmmmmm cummmmmmmmminnnnnnnnnnnnnnnggggggggggggggg fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk.””I’m about to cum too baby.”I felt my cum starting up my shaft to the head of my rock hard cock, “Here I cum.” then my cum shot out into Joanne’s pussy as she kept cumming, with her cum squirting all over my balls and legs and my recliner.Keeping my hands on her tits and squeezing them, I laid back pulling her back on to me when I had come down some from the clouds and when she came down some from the clouds, she turned her head around as far as she could and we started kissing with what seemed to be a all new passion for each other. Joanne broke the kissing and said, “Sammy my love, I love you so very much, please do not leave me or hate me ever.””I will never leave you or hate you sexy. I love you so very much.””Can we just go to bed now so we can make some good oh loving sex?”With out letting Joanne up from my lap, I stopped the dvd player and pushed the perabet güvenilir mi ejec. button and stood up, keeping my rock hard cock in her wet pussy and moved her over to the couch and got her turned around and laid on her back, where I then leaned over and kissed her while I slowly started pumping in and out of her pussy with my hard cock.After kissing for a little bit with our tongues in each others mouth, I broke the kiss and pushed myself up right and kept pumping in and out of Joanne’s pussy at a steady slow speed, putting her legs up, one on each side of my head, then I started kissing and licking her ankle and then her foot and worked my way to her toes, then I sucked and licked and kissed all round each and in between each of her five toes, then licked and kissed up to her heel on the soul side of her foor to her ankle again.When I got to where I started at on the one ankle, I switched to her other ankle and started kissing and licking my way to her foot and then to the toes and like I did to her other five toes, I did the same thing to these five toes and then kissed and licked up to her heel on the soul side of her foot to her ankle again then I leaned over again, after letting her legs drop down to each side of me.I sucked a nipple into my mouth and started sucking and nibbling on her nipple and pulled it out away from her tit a little bit while flicking the tip of my tongue over it real fast, before letting it pop out of my mouth then moved over to her other nipple and did the same thing to it, as I did to the first nipple.The whole time I was doing all these things to Joanne’s feet, toes, and nipples, she was moaning and crying some and saying, the whole time over and over, “Oh fuck yea, fuck me Sammy, yea lick and suck my toes, I’m cumming Sammy, fuck meeee, lick my foot, yesyesyes, I’m cumminggggg, lick my foot, suck my toes, lick my foot, oh yes I’mmmm, oh cumminggggg, suck my tits, suck my nipples Sammyyyyyy, cummmminnnnnggggggg, fuck I’m cummingggggg, I can’t stop cummminnnnggggggg.”I could feel Joanne’s cum squeezing out from around my rock hard cock as I fucked in and out of her pussy, with my slow steady speed.After sucking and nibbling on her nipples a few times, I started building up speed slowly for a little bit then I slowed down with my outward stroke, then slammed in as fast and hard as I could, then did the same thing over again a few more times before I just went to fucking her hard and fast as I could.”Oooohhhh fuckkkkkkkkkk I can’t stop cummmmmmminnnnnnnnnggggggggggg Sammmmmmmyyyyyyyyy.”Then with a few more fast and hard as I could strokes of fucking Joanne, she went to squirting her pussy cum out all over my belly, balls, and legs, as well as the couch and coffee table.While Joanne squirted her cum out around my rock hard cock, I started cumming too, filling her pussy up with my cum as deep in her pussy as I could get, while pushing into her and she pulling up into me, with her legs wrapped around my back.With her arms wrapped around my shoulders and my hands pulling her shoulders to help keep her on my rock hard cock while we cum together, I kept my elbows on the couch to keep my waight off of Joanne till we calmed down some, which then she let her legs drop down again then we kissed each other again.When we broke the kiss, Joanne said, “Oh love, you are so sexy Sammy and I love you, so much.””I love you too sexy.”Joanne still lives with me and we sleep in the same bedroom, but with a new bedroom suit that we can call ours, and when company comes around, like my mom, brothers, or my sister, and my oldest stepdaughter, and stepson, Joanne sleeps in her bedroom and I usually sleep on the couch, till it is just Joanne and I again in the house.We have talked to Joanne’s sister and brother, as well as my mom, my brothers, and sister, to see how they all feel about Joanne and I sleeping together, which we got mixed reviews with Joanne’s sister and brother wanting to make the biggest noise about it if Joanne and I, do sleep together and my mom, sister, and one brother, do not see a big problem with it really, cause they really like Joanne so much themselves, for staying with me this long after her mom’s death, but my other brother, is siding with Joanne’s sister and brother.Joanne loves her sister and brother but does not like for them to come and stay with us for more than a couple of days, since they don’t want us to sleep together and she does get a bit short with them some if they are here more than three days and she is that way a little bit, with my one brother if and when he comes, which he doesn’t come around as much as the two stepk**s do.My mom, sister, and one brother, don’t see a problem with Joanne and I because we are not blood related, so they have no problem when they are around with Joanne and I sleeping in my our bed at night and they keep it quiet if my one brother, is with them when they come over, so that he doesn’t call the two stepk**s up and tell them about us.

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