30 Eylül 2021

My Wife and Young Blacks part three


My Wife and Young Blacks part threeAs Sherry now stood there with nothing on but the pink high heels her body was being mauled by 5 black boys. As their mouths and hands savagely explored her naked tan body their steel hard cocks were scr****g her flesh and leaving trails of precum on her. Her head was tilted back, mouth was slightly opened with audible moans escaping. She was lost in her lust. This was the sexiest sight I had ever witnessed. My wife had evolved into a true slut. I could see her legs were getting weak from the excitement. I ordered her to sit on the bed. She sat with her legs spread and her face was pretty much level with all of their black cocks. Her eyes were glazed over with lust but she focused on the 5 shiny black cocks. ” Sherry you need to clean all that precum off those cock heads” I ordered. She immediately inhaled the closest cock. Her milky white hands grabbed the youngsters black ass cheeks and pulled all the way into her mouth. She worked back and forth on his cock. He was delirious and the others were going crazy and trying to shove their cock into the situation. I ordered her to stop before she made him cumm. ” get those other cocks cleaned up ” ” we’ve got lots to teach these boys” I demanded. Sherry was obedient and took care of each of her young black studs.I told Sherry to lie back on the bed with her ass on the edge. I told two of the boys to canlı bahis each grab an ankle and hold her legs up and spread apart. Then I told LaVon the youngest to kneel down between her legs. ” y’all are gonna learn about how to work a pussy boys”. Her pussy was wet and a little juice was trickling down to her rosebud asshole. I told LaVon to touch her pussy and Sherry shuddered and squealed with pleasure. ” you see how much she liked that” “do it again” and again she squealed and jerked. I showed him how to spread her lips to expose her clit. He worked her clit with his finger and she shook and thrashed around. Her ass was coming off the bed and the boys were all shouting and laughing. ” look at her go””she be coming””make her cum” that was just a few of the comments flying around the bed. I told him to stop but Sherry’s gyrations didn’t. I told him to taste it. He immediately buried his face into her pussy and lapped at her juice like a thirsty dog. I said get her clit in your mouth and suck it and lick it. With that she started cumming and the boys couldn’t even hold her legs. She almost squeezed his head off with her thighs. He kept sucking and licking until she finally settled down. At that I had the boys change positions so that each could explore Sherry’s shaven snatch with their fingers and mouths. On the third boy I instructed him to turn his attention to Sherry’s bahis siteleri asshole. As he started to lick and probe her asshole she started cumming again. With his tongue in her ass I moved his thumb to her clit and he started friggin her love button. Sherry started to explode and actually started squirting this time. He continued his dual actions on her until she fell limp. His face was drenched in her juices and her body was covered in sweat. These violent orgasms had taken a toll on Sherry. She was begging for a timeout in the action. I said “no way”. I felt I had complete control. We still have two boys left to take their turns at oral instruction. I thought this would be a good time to take her to the next step in slut training. I said ” boys you need to understand what you have here. When you have a woman or girl who is willing to put herself in a situation like this with multiple men or boys she is a SLUT, a WHORE, she is nothing more than a piece of meat to be used as you see fit. She is just a CUNT that needs to be fucked and used over and over until your tired of her”. Sherry was looking at me as if she didn’t hear me right. I said ” you heard me slut, there are t any breaks unless we want one. Now spread your chucking legs”. Another boy took his place at her well lubed cunt and two grabbed her ankles and roughly stretched her out. I told the other two to get up by güvenilir bahis her head. We’re gonna try something else while he’s taking care of that pussy. I told Sherry to take ahold of one of the black cocks. She obeyed and starting jacking on his steel rod. I told the other to sit on her face. Sherry without instruction started licking and sucking his balls. I was so proud of her. My little BBC slut was learning her place. Her hips were starting move and grind again at the consistent attention her cunt and asshole was getting. The boys had learned a lot and was starting to be assertive. They began to talk directly to her. “You like that don’t you bitch. You a good slut. Suck dem nigga nuts. C’mon bitch move that ass.” With each verbal assault from the boys Sherry whimpered and moaned with pleasure. She was loving her new role as a slut. I wanted to complete her training. I said ” lick his asshole you fucking nigga lovin slut”. With that she spat his nuts out her mouth and moved her attention to his ass. With her free hand she grabbed the base of his cock and pulled his ass firmly onto her licking and sucking mouth. As her tongue invaded and penetrated his hole he let out a scream ” bitch done got her tongue up in my asshole”. I looked down at my wife. She had a little nigger eating her ass and cunt. Two nigga boys holding her legs. Both of her hands were full of black cock. Her tongue was buried deep in a black boys ass. They all had raging hardons. Sherry was well on her way to another orgasm. I thought to myself, she’s never looked sexier in her life. There is definetly more to cummmm…….

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