28 Haziran 2021

My Wife’s Sacrifice – Pt. 02


My Wife’s Sacrifice – Pt. 02deleteddeletedI quietly went to Ameerchand and told him that my young, lovely, loving, 24 year old wife had agreed to let him, a lowly third rate, 50 year old man ravage her body through out the night, in our own marital bed! He was happy. I could see the lust in his eyes. He told me to tell Anupama, not to have her bath and to remain, as she was, in the same saree and underclothes through out, until the night. He claimed that he wanted her ‘ Naturally ‘! I told my wife. She agreed. I was extremely worried. My wife Anupama, was so small in height. And here was Ameerchand. Though he was 50 years old, he was built like a bull! He was tall – almost 6′ 4 “, dark, with a mustache, Broad shoulders and strong hairy and muscular forearms. I shuddered to think, how he would be endowed sexually. I was almost sure that he would be huge! My own penis was rather average in size. Just 5 inches, when erect. That itself, my wife accommodated in her vagina with a bit of difficulty, as she had a rather very narrow and small vaginal opening. I was frightened that this b**st Ameerchand would tear her vagina apart, with his brute strength. Later, as he had asked her not to take a bath, my disheveled wife served us lunch. We ate silently. I noted that Ameerchand could not remove his eyes off my wife’s breasts and midriff. His eyes were glazed with sheer lust. Finally, he finished his lunch and got up to wash his hands. I was shocked to see a tent formed on the front of his dhoti! He was having a massive erection, which even his dhoti could not hide! My heart started pumping faster, wondering what his organ would do to my wife!Ameerchand came back, sat in the room and started smoking a cigarette. My wife went to wash vessels. I started getting all vessels from the room to the kitchen washing area, knowing that she will not get any rest at night. My wife once again tucked up a portion of her saree, to her petticoat on the left side, stood at the basin on the side of the kitchen platform and started washing the vessels. She had also tucked in the end of her pallu to the petticoat on her hips. Her fair and smooth midriff was now clearly visible and once again her left breast in her bra, could be seen through her blouse, which was peeping out from under her pallu. Her lovely, fair and smooth, left leg was visible up to a feet, due to the tucking of her saree. Her Mangalsutra was hanging from her neck over her breasts. She looked so lovely, so innocent and so tender! Within a few minutes, I turned to see, Ameerchand, standing at the door of the kitchen watching my lovely wife working. Her back was facing him and he was staring at her big, round buttocks thru’ her saree and petticoat. Anupama was not aware of his presence. She silently kept washing the vessels. He once again seemed to have an erection, as I could see the tent back on the front of his dhoti. I was arranging some other things in the kitchen and pretended that I was not observing the old Ameerchand staring at my young wife! After observing my wife for a few minutes, Ameerchand slowly walked up to her and stood close to her back, his erection thru’ his dhoti, almost touching Anupama’s buttocks! She turned and saw him so close to her. But, without saying anything, she continued washing the vessels. Ameerchand now extended his arms slowly and touched her midriff! Anupama, almost jerked up at his touch. She closed her eyes for a moment, opened them again and without a sound, continued washing the vessels. Ameerchand, now started caressing my wife’s smooth and fair midriff with his palms. He encircled her midriffs with his arms on either side of her body and pressed himself into her! Obviously, she could feel his massive erection, on her buttocks, through her saree. She fell back slightly upon him. Ameerchand’s massive hairy arms had encircled her small body completely from both sides now! I tried my level best not to stare at this 50 year old lecher, feeling up my 24 year old lovely wife. Slowly Ameerchand took his palms up and cupped both of her large, round, firm and full breasts! He just kept his palms cupped over them, without fondling them – obviously, he was relishing their feel! Slowly he brought his arms behind and started caressing my wife’s big, exciting buttocks! She did not stop him. He then started rubbing his erection into canlı bahis her buttocks, thru’ her saree! Then, holding and caressing her midriff with his left hand, he bent and put his right hand under her saree. Ameerchand now started to feel my lovely young wife’s, silky smooth legs. The saree and petticoat kept on getting got pulled up as his hand moved further and further, up her legs. His hand now reached her lovely, large thighs. Ameerchand kept his erection pressed into my wife’s buttocks while he was feeling her thighs. I could see my wife’s Saree and petticoat all bunched up on Ameerchand’s arms, as his hand kept travelling yet further upwards, on my wife’s thighs. His hand now reached her white cotton panty. My wife now closed her eyes. He hooked his finger into the side of her panty and started touching her hairy vagina. My wife has a very thick growth of pubic hair all over her vagina. Being a small built woman, she has a very small, but beautiful and protruding black vagina, with a rather large half an inch clitoris! Her vaginal opening is almost tiny! I could see that he started playing with her pubic hair. My wife kept her eyes closed. Ameerchand now slid one finger into her vagina and started rubbing it over her clitoris. My wife started squirming. He then inserted his second finger into her vagina and started moving both his fingers in and out of her vagina. My wife began to squirm all the more. I could see that her vagina was getting wet and it was emitting a pungent smell – as she had not bathed that day! Ameerchand then released her and bent down. He put his face under her petticoat and started smelling her, sweaty, pungent smelling, hairy vagina ! He started licking her pubic hair. He started licking the sweat off her vagina. He then thrust his tongue into her hole and started tickling her clitoris with his tongue! While standing, my wife had spread her thighs to give herself balance and also to give Ameerchand some more room to sit properly under her petticoat, with his tongue into her vagina! Ameerchand now turned her. He started licking all over her sweaty buttocks and the crack between her two buttocks! He slowly inserted his tongue into her rectum! At that point of time, our baby started weeping in the bedroom. Without looking at my wife, encircled by the huge Ameerchand, I said that I will pick up the baby.My wife, Anupama, with Ameerchand’s head thrust between her legs, said, ‘ Jeevanji, it is feeding time for our baby now. He needs my milk. You please go and pick him up from the cradle. I shall wash my hands and come to feed him ‘Then she said to Ameerchand, who was still cupping her breasts, ‘ Saabji, please . . . . please . . . . let me go for 15 – 20 minutes. My baby is weeping and I have to feed him my milk! Once, I finish, you can do what you wish again! ‘Ameerchand said, ‘ Jeevan, you go and pick up the k**. I shall bring Anupama for feeding him, as soon as she washes her hands! ‘ I went into the room and picked up my baby. Within two minutes, Anupama came into the room with Ameerchand. He was still cupping her breasts from behind. He allowed her to sit on the bed. I gave her the baby. She turned away to feed him. But Ameerchand asked her to face us. He said that he will prepare her to feed the baby. He said that he wished to see her feeding her breast milk to our baby! He himself, went to her, and sat next to her. Then slowly, he pulled away her pallu, un-hooked her blouse, and slid her white bra upwards, so as to expose both her breasts. Her large, lovely, firm, round breasts plopped out! Her big black nipples were erect to release her milk. Her areolae were almost standing! Her nipples looked so enticing! Ameerchand took one nipple to the baby’s mouth and inserted it into it. He started playing with the other nipple, swirling it in his rough, crude large fingers. Then he focussed on my wife’s breast. He started playing with them, touching them, squeezing them, pinching them and biting them. Then he put his mouth on my wife’s other large nipple and started sucking. As my wife used to breast feed our baby, her breasts were full of milk. When Ameerchand found milk shooting from my wife’s breast into his mouth, he started sucking, he hungrily fixed his mouth on her nipple and started sucking all her milk into his mouth! My wife tried to tell him, that our baby needed bahis siteleri that milk for the evening. But he was in no mood to listen. He kept sucking hungrily on her nipple, while our baby drank from her other nipple. My wife Anupama looked at me helplessly. I was watching Ameerchand, suck her nipple, with some sense of fascination, which I was confused about. After he had sucked off all the milk in that breast, he triumphantly looked up at me and giggled satisfactorily! He went back to the other room, after telling me to get him a bottle of liquor for the evening and also reminding my wife, not to wash and went to sleep!I asked my tired wife also to try to sleep next to the baby. I told her that as she may not get much sleep later that night, due to AmeerchandJi, she should rest now. I told her that I shall look after the baby, while she slept. I took the baby, and went out of the house, leaving my wife and AmeerchandJi asleep in different rooms. My mind was reeling, as I remembered how AmeerchandJi had fingered my wife, licked her vagina and sucked on my wife’s nipples! But curiously, instead of feeling anger, I felt excitement and had an erection! I was surprised and shocked! I went to a park close by and sat for the next one to two hours thinking. I knew that this was the only way out. AmeerchandJi would not leave me, if we did not agree to his demands. It was 6.30 in the evening now.I walked with the baby in my arms to a wine shop, purchased a bottle of liquor for AmeerchandJi and went back to the house. I peeked into AmeerchandJi’s room. He was still asleep. I peeked into Anupama’s room. She was not there. I heard noises in the kitchen. I put the baby into the cradle and went to the kitchen. My lovely wife, Anupama was busy preparing the evening dinner. I went and took her into my arms! She was smelling of sweat! She had not had a bath, since the night before! She once again started sobbing. I asked her, if we should call off the night plan. Once again I offered to go to prison to safeguard her chastity. She controlled herself and said that it was OK. She will go through with it!Finally, AmeerchandJi got up at around 7.00 p.m. He went for a stroll for about half an hour and returned. He then had a bath. I found that strange. He had his bath, but, he forbade my wife from having her bath – and she had not bathed since almost 48 hours! After his bath, AmeerchandJi wore only his dhoti and came into the room bare bodied. It was a thin cotton dhoti! He was wearing a langoti! I could make out his pendulous huge penis thru’ the dhoti! Thankfully it was not erect! His body was huge! It was covered with small short hair all over. He then poured himself a large glass of whisky. He then asked for the news paper and kept drinking the whisky, while reading. Within the next half an hour, he had almost five large pegs. He finished his paper. He asked me where my wife was. I pointed to the kitchen. He walked over. I could see thru’ the open door. He walked over to my wife and once again encircled her waist with his huge arms, from behind. He turned her face towards himself and thrust his tongue thru’ her soft lips into her mouth. Now his arms came up and cupped her breasts. He started pushing his crotch over her buttocks, thru’ her saree. His palms started playing with and fondling her breasts, while he had pulled my wife’s tongue into his mouth and was sucking on it. His arms now came down to her buttocks and started caressing her buttocks. He would first squeeze them and then push his crotch into them, thru’ her saree! He kept this up for the next two minutes and then once again his arms came up and cupped her breasts. I could see them clearly. Curiously, looking at this old man playing with a woman young enough to be his grand-daughter, I once again got an erection! I could not understand, why, instead of feeling rage, I was getting excited.AmeerchandJi now pulled off my wife’s saree completely and then un-hooked her blouse – leaving her in her white bra and her white petticoat! His arms started roaming all over her body. He lifted her arms. Her arm pits had a thick growth of hair – as, being a village woman, she never shaved her body. More importantly, I had liked her to have hair in her arm pits and over her vagina! Now, I saw that AmeerchandJi had similar tastes. The moment he saw my wife’s arm bahis şirketleri pit hair, he gurgled with pleasure and pushed his head to them. He started smelling and deeply inhaling her armpits! I am sure that they were giving out a pungent smell, as she had not washed. But he seemed to relish the smell and get excited by it! He now dragged my wife into the bedroom. He first put my lovely, innocent wife down, sat on the bed and pulled her to sit on his lap. Now he started fondling and caressing my wife’s breasts thru’ her blouse, while kissing and sucking her tongue. One of his arms then came down and pulled up my beautiful, young wife’s petticoat right up to her lovely, smooth, silky thighs. He started rubbing, patting and squeezing her thighs, as well as fondling her tender breasts. Slowly he put my beautiful, young wife down on the bed, face up, unhooked her bra and removed it. He then loosened the knot on the strings of her petticoat and pulled it down – leaving her only in her panty. He now started removing his dhoti. I saw that he had white hair on his arms, legs, chest etc and he was rather big built, though fat and repulsive. The old AmeerchandJi now laid down beside my young wife. Looking at all this happening to my wife, I was having a huge erection! I went and sat on a chair near the bed, to see this!He began kissing and licking my wife’s face, eyes, neck etc. Then as his passion grew, he started biting her neck hard. Anupama started wincing in pain. He then started licking and kissing her armpits! He licked away all the sweat from her arm pit hair. Then he focused on her round, exciting and full breasts. He started playing with them, touching them, squeezing them, pinching them and biting them. As his passion grew, he started biting my wife’s breasts very hard – leaving red marks all over her tender, young flesh! Then he put his mouth on her nipples and started sucking her milk. Our baby’s milk! My Anupama’s breasts were once again full of milk. As he found milk when he started sucking, he hungrily fixed his mouth and started sucking all her milk into his mouth! After he had sucked off all the milk in both my wife’s breasts, he then took her hands and put them on his langoti, over his organ. My wife was shocked! It looked huge!Almost like some small harpoon! He then started his attention on her navel and thighs – sucking, pinching, licking and biting them. He left black bite marks all over her tender, delicate and exciting thighs! He now removed my wife’s panty. Slowly his mouth moved to my young, innocent Anupama’s hairy, black and pungent vagina. She had a thick growth of pubic hair. He started licking thru’ my wife’s pubic hair and affixed his mouth over her vagina. Anupama closed her eyes. Totally revolted. Then he started darting his tongue in and out, round and round my wife’s vagina, with lightning thrusts of his tongue once in a while on her bud there. Though my wife felt revolted, his tongue on her vaginal bud sent shivers up her. He then turned her face down on the bed. He then started licking her back, her buttocks, the back of her thighs and her calves. He then laid down beside my wife and pulled her to lie by her side. He laid behind her with both arms around her – one caressing her breast and the other caressing her on her vagina, while he was biting and kissing the back of my wife’s neck. He then asked her, ‘ Anupama, how many men have fucked you in your anus upto now? ‘My helpless Anupama was shocked to hear such words! She said ‘ Oh No! No one. ‘He kept caressing her breasts and vagina and then said, ‘ So you are a virgin? ‘Anupama said ‘ How can I be a virgin? You know that I am a married woman. You also know that I am a mother! ‘He said, ‘ No! No! I meant virgin in your anus ‘She said, ‘ Yes, Sethji! ‘He now said, ‘ Anupama, ask your husband to get up and get a bottle of oil, which is there on the dressing table, ask him to bring the oil to us here on the bed! ‘My helpless wife, asked me to do so. I went to the bed with the bottle of the oil. AmeerchandJi gestured me to sit on the bed.He then asked me, to pour the oil over my lovely wife’s gorgeous and exciting buttocks. She was confused. I could see bite marks all over her buttocks too! I did as asked. Then he asked me to slowly use my finger and carefully pour the oil into my wife’s anus! It then struck me on what he was about to do!My innocent Anupama asked him anyway, ‘ AmeerchandJi, what are you going to do? ‘His reply sickened me, ‘ Darling, You said you were a virgin in your anus is it not? I am going to take your virginity! ‘

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