6 Temmuz 2021

Naughty Stepdaughter P5

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Naughty Stepdaughter P5″I’ll be home late tonight” said Karen my loving wife as she headed out the door for work.”Okay, i’ll see you later!” I replied, before getting myself ready for work as well.Then my stepdaughter Stacey, a hot blonde teen, came strolling into the living room.”Did I hear mom’s going to be late home?” she asked”Yes, apparently” I replied”Great!” she grinned with a naughty twinkle in her eye “I’ll see you later!” she then added before skipping off upstairs.So I headed out for work as well, and nine hours later I finally returned a little tired and in need of sit down and drink.As I made myself a cold glass of beer, I heard some music coming from the garden, and as it was a nice sunny day I headed out there to see what was going on.As I stepped outside, I found my naughty stepdaughter in a little blue bikini lying on a blanket on the grass sunbathing, or so I thought because as I took a seat on a garden seat a few feet away from her, she began rubbing her little soft mound through her bikini bottoms.”Hi” she grinned looking to the side of me, and it was then I noticed she had brought her laptop and camera down, and was now rubbing her pussy right in full view of it.”I thought I would do my show from outside today!” she then added smiling into the camera.I sat there half wanting to stop her knowing her mother could return home shortly and catch her being a dirty slut, and half actually wanting to watch my hot blonde tanned teen stepdaughter do what she seems to do best, get naked and maybe fuck me.Well it didn’t take long for me to decide as Stacey moved her hands to her bikini top and after a few seconds of rubbing her nipples through the thin blue material, she pulled it up over her head revealing her little round tanned boobs and her hard brown nipples.Then she began rubbing her nipples and tugging on them a little, and very quickly I began to feel my old cock stirring in my trousers, after a few minutes of teasing her own boobs, Stacey then ran a hand down her flat tanned stomach and slipped it into her bikini bottoms.She let out a little moan as her fingers rested on her own sweet soft mound, and then gently she began rubbing her pussy under the material, teasing the internet watchers out there that might get to see more very soon.By now my cock was bursting to be released from my trousers as it stretched the cotton material, and after a few minutes of my naughty stepdaughter rubbing her pussy and moaning softly just a few feet away from me, I finally gave into temptation and pulled my zip down and released my hard stiff maltepe escort cock.Stacey glanced at me for a second and smiled as she saw me grip my hard cock and begin to stroke it in front of her, then she pulled her little hand from her bikini bottoms and raised it to her mouth, before she liked the pussy moisture from it, then she plunged it back into her bikini bottoms and carried on teasing her pussy.I watched excitedly like so many out there probably did as well, and then finally after a few minutes more, Stacey pulled her bottoms to one side revealing her smooth bald tanned mound and pink inner lips, and quickly she began rubbing that eagerly for her viewers to see.It was a lovely sunny afternoon as I watched my stepdaughter masturbating on a blanket in our back garden, and after a few more minutes of her working her little moist pussy with her fingers, she then beckoned me over.I knew shouldn’t, I knew my wife could return from work any minute and catch us, but my hot teen stepdaughter was naked outside, and my cock was hard and ready to go.So I got up out of my seat, and walked towards her with my hard cock bobbing away in front of me, and stepping up to her so the outside world could now see me as well, I offered my cock to my stepdaughter.Quickly Stacey opened her little moist mouth and I slid it in, and then she began sucking on my cock as her little soft hand wrapped around the shaft and began feeding more of it in.I groaned softly as my stepdaughter sucked eagerly on my old hard cock while jerking my shaft, and then reached a hand down and began fondling her soft round boobs while she used her other hand to continue to rub her pussy.For several minutes we stayed just like that, Stacey sucking on my cock and me fondling her lovely little boobs outside in the afternoon sunshine, then once my cock was coated in my stepdaughters drool, she pulled her head off my cock and began undoing my trousers.In seconds she had them pulled down and off, and I quickly pulled off my shirt, and now I was as naked as she was except for my socks, and then she pulled me down to the blanket, and as I lay beside her, she pulled off her bikini bottoms and rolled onto her side and opened her slim legs.I now had a clear and up close view of her little wet ready pussy and her pink asshole as well, but Stacey quickly reached behind her and took hold of my hard cock and placed it up against her little wet mound, and looking at the camera said “Put in daddy, I want to feel you deep in my little pussy!”So began thrusting forwards, and my hard cockhead escort maltepe brushed between her little moist pink lips, and as I entered her hot little hole she let out a groan of pleasure.Once I was a good few inches inside my stepdaughters wet pussy, I gripped her slim hips and then began steadily fucking her, letting her feel the few inches inside of her move back and forth, plunging in and out, filling and stretching her little tight pussy, and as I did she began groaning and cursing.”Oh daddy that feels good! oh daddy that feels so good! oh daddy your filling my pussy up with your big hard cock! oh god!” she mumbled.I pulled her a little closer, and then her little round soft ass was sitting snuggly into my crotch and my cock was now plunging deeper into her little wet pussy.”Oh yes daddy I can feel you so deep inside of me! Your filling me up! Your filling me up!” she groaned into the camera.By now I was loving fucking my stepdaughter outside in the sunshine, and really if my wife had come home and had caught us, I would probably still want to finish before trying to explain what the hell we were doing, but she wasn’t back so I just kept on ploughing my cock into my hot teen stepdaughter, and she kept on groaning and begging for more.Then after a few more minutes, Stacey wanted to change position, so while still on my cock, she moved on top of me, and now as I lay back beneath her, Stacey began riding my cock facing her laptop for all the internet to see.Her little sweaty tanned body bounced and jiggled on top of me, as her little wet pussy slid up and down on my cock, and I held her hips to keep her up right as she stared into the camera groaning and cursing some more.”Oh daddy I love riding your big hard cock! oh daddy I love the way you fill my tight little pussy!” she groaned at the camera, and I didn’t care because she was riding my cock and I got to see her little round ass bouncing up and down in front of me.For a few more minutes we carried on like that, until my hot little stepdaughter dropped back on to me, and as her naked sweaty body lay on mine, she began grinding her pussy down on to my balls.”Oh daddy!” she groaned before glancing up at me with a smile “Oh daddy, I love your cock!”Then we rolled over until she was lying facing down on the blanket and I was on top of her, and then I began thrusting again into my stepdaughters hot wet cunt.”Oh yes daddy fuck me! fuck me!” she groaned getting a little louder.I now had her pinned beneath me, and my cock was balls deep in her pussy as I pounded her into the soft blanket, maltepe escort bayan and she groaned and cried out begging for more.”Yes daddy fuck me harder! fuck me deeper!” she groaned before leaning up and kissing me deeply.I returned her kiss, and then began thrusting harder and deeper, and my hot teen stepdaughter groaned louder and louder with every thrust, and it was pretty clear she quickly getting to her orgasm, and I too was beginning to feel the familiar twitch in my ball sack.”Yes daddy! yes daddy! yes daddy!” she kept groaning over and over face down in the blanket as I pounded her little wet pussy from behind.”Oh god daddy i’m cumming! i’m cumming daddy! i’m going to cum! your going to make me cum!” she groaned loudlySo I thrust as deep and hard as I could into her little tight pussy, and as my balls slapped against her soft spread mound and I filled her little cunt with my hard rutting cock, she finally began crying out.”OH DADDY I’M CUMMING! I’M CUMMING! I’M CUMMING!” and then she began bucking wildly beneath me and I could feel her wet pussy twitching and squirting all over my hard cock.I gripped her hips tightly and groaned as my teen stepdaughter began to cum all over my cock, and then I could feel my balls tighten and I knew I was about to cum too.”OH GOD I’M CUMMING!” I cried”YES DO IT DADDY DO IT! CUM IN ME! CUM IN ME!” she cried, and with a loud groan I exploded deep in my stepdaughters wet convulsing cunt.”OH FUCK! OH FUCK!” I cried as I unloaded inside my stepdaughters pussy.For several amazing hot seconds I filled my stepdaughters cunt with my hot sticky load as she groaned and cried, and then after what felt like a huge load I had drained from my balls, I stopped cumming and lay on my stepdaughter with my cock still buried in her dripping pussy catching my breath.For a few seconds we just lay there breathing hard, then I rolled off my stepdaughter, and as I did, my cock flopped out of her cunt and my cum began to dribble out.Instantly Stacey sat up, and opened her legs for the internet to see, and then began fingering her little dripping pussy scooping out the cum and letting it dribble down to her asshole.”Oh daddy, you filled my cunt with your hot sticky cum, what would mummy say?” she said mockingly into the camera with a smile, then she scooped some up and licked it from her fingers, before finally getting up and turning off the laptop.”That was fucking incredible!” she grinned “I’ve never had anyone cum in me before, and it felt amazing!””Yeah but maybe it wasn’t a good idea!” I suggested finally coming to my senses.”It’s okay, i’m on the pill!” she grinned “Now, race you to the shower!” she then said before darting naked into the house.I think my stepdaughter is going to get me into trouble one day, but till then I’ll just have to enjoy it.

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