9 Kasım 2021

Night at the Park (Part One)


Night at the Park (Part One)Gail knew what she wanted. It was dark as she headed to the common where the sound of female voices wafted across the darkness. Gale’s pulse was racing. She hadn’t been with anyone for a while and tonight, as she returned from a night out with the girls, she was feeling horny. It was a risk, maybe even dangerous but that turned her on more. She’d been told that evening of these girls who had humiliated a bloke the week before, giving him an experience some would pay for. These girls, she was told, were sadistic in their ways, hanging out on the common after dark drinking and smoking who knows what. The bloke had been stripped and shamed in ways that got Gail curious. How she wanted that experience.The two girls sat on a bench clocked her approaching. Gail could just make them out, a blonde and a brunette dressed in track suits, looking straight at her.“Got a spare fag”? Asked the blonde.This was it. “Get lost”, said Gail. “Find your own”.The brunette spoke up. “Oh, the fat bitch won’t respect us, you wanting something or what”.“Piss off”, said Gail as the two girls stood up.“Ere, she is big in she”, said the brunette. The girls blocked Gail’s path. “Wonder how she’ll look walking out of here naked”?Gail was getting breathless with anticipation but she couldn’t let the girls see that.“Yeah, I want to see what way your tits hang” the blonde grabbed one of her breasts in a grope.“Ow, stop it”, cried Gale. “Get off me, I’m not showing anything to the likes of you”.The brunette girl reached out and grabbed Gail’s blouse.“Why, its no use struggling”.Gale tried to pull away but the other girl held her blouse tight. Suddenly the buttons gave way, opening up and revealing Gail’s cleavage held in place by a white bra.“My, are they real”, asked the blonde. She and the brunette removed Gail’s blouse. “Got some weight there though haven’t you”?She lifted Gail’s skirt to show off her black knickers partly concealed by her stomach that hung over the waist band.The girls laughed at her in a state of semi undress and mocked her size. The brunette istanbul escort unhooked Gail’s bra and roughly pulled it from her chest. Her breasts were exposed, large in their size with dark large dark round aolas and budding nipples. Gail tried to cover them but her arms were pulled back to her sides.“bloody udders if you ask me”, laughed the blonde. “Wearing black and white undies like she thinks she’s a cow”!“So you hang to the sides”, observed the brunette. “Lets strip her naked, cows don’t wear clothes”.Gail was easily overpowered as they pulled her skirt down and removed that and her trainers at the same time. The blonde pulled her knickers outward and peered down.“Some hair there then”, she pulled up Gail’s arm. “Nope, you shave there then. Get her knickers off”.The brunette yanked Gail’s knickers down and threw them on the pile of other clothes. Gail was helpless in her nakedness, all exposed and humiliated as the two girls took in her form. Her breasts hung down to her round stomach, a horizontal fat fold ran across her navel that did nothing to conceal her brown pubes that formed a bushy arrow pointing down to her sex below. Her thighs were large and pale with dimples of cellulite that narrowed down to her knees and calfs.“Now, on all fours”, ordered the blonde. Gail did as she was told, feeling silly with her arse sticking up in the air. Her breasts and belly hung downwards as she took up the position. “What do cows usually do”? The blonde answered her own question. “They eat grass, piss and shit all day”. She slapped Gale’s bottom with the back of her hand. “Lick her feet”.The brunette put a foot out in front of Gale as she leaned forward and licked it. As Gale’s head was up, the brunette swung her foot under her breasts and flicked them.“No”, pleaded Gail somewhat falsely, her breasts swinging from the impact. She was fully aroused now and parted her thighs more, wanting to display her sex properly.“Not ‘ow’, it’s moo”, said the brunette. “Come on cow, moo for avcılar escort us”.“And lets see you piss too”, the blonde kicked Gale’s thighs apart to reveal her open pussy. Her vagina was pink through her pubes and it glistened wet in the night air. Her sex hole opened and gaped at the two girls, her clitoris hardened as a female erection should. “Oh look, I an see your breakfast, let it out”.As gale tried to sound like a cow, she bore down on her bladder and pushed. Slowly, a drop of pee formed on the tip of her cunny, then she went full stream. The hot, yellow liquid steamed in the night air as she publicly urinated, soaking up into the grass. Her arsehole puckered and a brown turd began to snake from her anus much to her shame. That was unexpected but she was beyond caring and allowed it to snake out from her behind.“Oops, she shit herself’! Cried the blonde. “Got anymore”?Gail hadn’t and crawled a few paces as they made her move on all fours, her breasts now swinging to and fro with the motion. Her arse felt wet and Gail was tempted to touch herself, aroused that she was. The brunette stood in front of her and kicked off her trainers. Barefoot, she placed a foot to Gail’s mouth and ordered her to suck her toes. “Why should she have all the fun”, she said as Gail started to suck on her toes in a sensual manner.The blonde giggled. “Now you’re talking”. She leaned to the brunette and they kissed furiously on the lips, the brunette feeling the other’s breasts. The blonde unbuttoned her jeans and unzipped the fly to allow them to fall to her ankles. Wearing lacy style shorts, she pulled them down to reveal a curvy arse and shaven fanny save for a tuft of ginger pubes in the fold. She pulled away from the brunette and turned her back to her. She straddled Gail’s knelt body and proceeded to urinate on her bottom, allowing the hot stream to trickle down her arse crack as the rest splashed on her back. When finished, she then got off Gail and thrust her pussy in her face. Gail needed no words to tell her as she şirinevler escort put her mouth to the blonde’s groin and ran her tongue into her clit. The blonde tasted warm and sweet as Gail’s lips embraced the blonde’s clitoris and sucked it. The blonde was surprised, she’d been with blokes who couldn’t manage what Gail had instantly. Gail was determined to win this girl over so she continued working on her, the blonde slowly kneeling towards the ground then she fell onto her arse, lay back and widened her legs to give Gail full exposed access. The blonde was gasping, her breaths short and quick. Gail’s own cunt was wet through arousal and they were both wiggling their pelvis’s. The blonde started to moan, cry almost as she began arching her back, her pubes tickling Gail’s nose as the electric sensation grew. Suddenly she could contain herself no more as she released her orgasm in a gigantic wave, her juices running into Gail’s mouth who drunk hungrily. And that wasn’t it. Just as the sensation started to die, it came back even bigger. The blonde’s heart was racing as she climaxed almost immediately for a second time, Gail’s tongue pinning her clit against her top lip and massaging it. The blonde couldn’t handle it and, still crying, she withdrew from Gail’s mouth. Gail knelt down opposite the blonde who was breathless and lost for words. Now Gail was gaining control, no longer the submissive. And it felt good. She put a finger to her clit and began to rub.The brunette watched on, she had produced her phone during their sex and began to film them. “Fuck me, you are good”, she said. “You done this before”?“Why”? Gail looked up at her still working herself. “You want to be next”?The blonde looked up at her mate. “She ought to come back with us”, let her in ‘an all that. I think she’s cool”!The brunette couldn’t deny she was wet in the gusset too and the thought of the three of them back at her place was overwhelmingly tempting.Gail stood up searching for her clothes and once sighted she went over and picked them up. She pulled her knickers on, allowing her silken belly to over hang the waistband and put her blouse over her shoulders. “Lets go then”, she said.The brunette and the blonde looked at each other then back to Gail.The brunette spoke, pointing at herself. “I’m Robyn, thats Chloe. Lets grab a drink”.Gail pulled her skirt and with her bra in hand, they made off together into the night.“Cool”!

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