30 Haziran 2020

Nighttime with the Neighbours Son


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Nighttime with the Neighbours Son“My lover fucked me in the middle of the night” greeted me this morning as my wife slid back in to bed next to me.“Hmm? What are you talking about?” I grumbled as I rolled over and she snuggled up behind me her arm dr****g over me and reaching for my cock.“You heard me, Jim fucked me last night. He lifted me up and held me in his arms while he fucked me against the patio wall.” Her lips were against my ear and her hand stroked my cock. “It was so still in here I couldn’t sleep so I went out in the cool air and had a smoke. I didn’t think anyone was around, but I was wrong, he was watching me the whole time”.“Yeah yeah, you’ve been perving on that k** for months you really should act your age” and I placed my hand on hers to slow its rhythm. Her voice in my ear was having an effect.“That’s true I do love his arms and shoulders. I get wet when he comes in to the kitchen for a drink after mowing our yard. Watching his strong forearms as he lifts the glass to his mouth and the condensation drops run down his neck onto his chest. I barely control myself from licking it from his body.” Her breath became more ragged in my ear.“I was standing on the back patio and looking at the stars when a cold breeze made me shiver. It was very erotic standing there, my nipples hard and my body cooling in the night air. I pressed my hands against my tits and played with my nipples, one hand slipping inside my nightie and pinching on it.” She licked the back of my neck, just behind my ear. “Can you feel them against you, now? Feel how hard they are? They were even bigger outside when Jim sucked them” she cooed to me.“I had my eyes closed and was enjoying the feeling of my hands caressing my skin in the cool air. I was swaying a little when I heard a noise at the fence and saw Jim was watching me. Staring really, his mouth was open and his eyes were devouring me. I tried to cover myself up but he jumped the fence and walked over to me.”“You have the best wet dreams honey, tempting the young guy next door while I’m asleep in your bed” I reached around and pulled her head around towards mine so I could kiss her lips. “Don’t stop what you’re doing though baby, keep going with that hand on my cock” and I helped her adjust her rhythm as my tongue flicked at hers. She slipped back on to the pillow behind me, her mouth once more near my ear as she bites my lobe and starts on with her tale once more.“I didn’t know what to say or do, he was so fast jumping over the fence and then he was right in front of me, towering over me. He only had on a pair of shorts and a cowboy hat. His stubble was black on his cheeks and I could smell bourbon or scotch on him as he leaned close and put one hand against the wall canlı kaçak iddaa next to my head. I lowered my eyes as he came closer to me and he told me that he’d been watching me as soon as I came out of the house. The light from the house was showing right through my nightie and he told me that he had been able to see me as if I was naked. He said he liked it more that way though as it was sexier to see me outlined first before he would take me. Right here and right now he said. I looked up at him, startled at his words but I knew straight away I was going to have him fuck me, feel his hard body thrusting in to mine, driving everything away while we just fuck.” Her hips now thrust against mine in time with her hand wanking my throbbing cock as I listened to her story.“I put my hand on his chest to push him away but he held it against him and I felt how hard and firm his muscles were. His mouth was next to my ear and I felt his stubble brushing my cheek as he told me he only mowed our yard so he could get some time alone with me. He told me that he loved to watch me around the house, catching glimpses of my breasts when I lean forward to pour him his drink. He told me that he knew that I dressed liked that just for him and that I wanted him to touch me. That I wanted to touch him. He pressed my hand against his chest again and started to slide it down his rock hard body. Oh God he was so firm and toned under my hand. I tried not to respond but my fingers lingered as I felt his abs and he slid my hand down further. He took my face in his hand and tilted it up towards his. His eye held mine as he slid my hand under the waist band of his shorts, his calloused hand held my face and his finger pressed against my lips. His other hand now released mine and left me to find my prize. He watched me as he told me to take his cock in my hand and he smiled as I touched him for the first time.” She pumped on my cock and rubbed my pre-cum around my sensitive head as she licked and nibbled my ear as she murmured her story to me.“He felt huge under my hand, thick and very hard and his pubes were like wire, springy under my hand. Then he kissed me. Long and deep, his faced crushed against mine he held my head firmly as we kissed, his beard scratching at me. His boozy breath was so intoxicating and I pulled myself hard against him, my mouth against his my tongue seeking his. I bit him hard on the lip and he tore his mouth from mine and growled at me. I felt my cunt clench at that primal sound, this huge hairy b**st standing over me, growling with desire for me while I pumped his massive cock readying it for him.”My hips started to thrust along with hers now as she continued thrusting against me while masturbating canlı kaçak bahis me. Her knees were behind mine and I could feel her pubes as she pressed up against me. “What did he do then?” I couldn’t help myself, I had to know what happened next in her dream. I was definitely going to get off this morning I thought, either a hand job or roll her over in a minute and jump on top but I was getting off I’d decided.“You like hearing this don’t you? Turns you on knowing hot young studs want me. That I want them, that I want to feel their cocks, take them in my mouth, fuck them. Well I have now haven’t I? Jim fucked me so fucking well last night, I’m still horny though” she giggled.“He pressed me back against the wall and stepped back and took his shorts off. His big dick was out, big and curved like a banana with a big vein running up the back of it. I knew my cunt was wet for him, I could feel the heat in my body pulsating as I looked at him before me. Over 6ft and strongly muscled, his chest was covered in a trim curly hair while a nipple ring hung down slightly on the right while a tattoo of a dolphin rode the small muscles of his side. His chest hair compressed to a single line down his stomach before exploded across his groin with his cock standing out and pointing at his belly. I longed to feel him inside me, have him bang me hard, make me come on his cock.”“He stepped towards me again and his hands reached for me. He squeezed my tits under them as he kissed me again. His tongue was thick and broad and I loved the taste of him, sweaty and boozy with rough stubble bruising my lips. I felt his hands slide down my body and between my thighs and up under my nightie. His left hand slid around the back towards my arse while his right cupped slightly as it reached me and I thrust forward to meet him. He growled his a****l sound again as his fingers touched me, wet beneath his fingers making then slippery instantly as he rubbed at my clitoris. He told me that I was the sexiest woman he has ever met and that he was longing to feel me, to put his fingers inside me. I threw one leg around him as his fingers explored me fully, I felt him slide 2 fingers inside me and a third as he thrust them in and out of me and held my mouth on his, sucking the life from me. Both hands now were on my bum as his fingers pushed my cheeks apart and they twisted and played with my wet cunt. He put a finger up my arse while he put fingers inside my cunt as he crushed me against him! I licked bit and sucked his neck as I felt myself weak in his arms.”“Did you like the idea of his fingers in you? You don’t like me doing that to you” I said to her with my breath ragged as my excitement was building to a crescendo.“He was bahis siteleri canlı like an a****l, taking me and devouring me. He could have done anything to me and I would have loved it” she told me as she moved slightly to let me roll onto my back. She slid down the bed and between my thighs, her head above my cock. She looked at it as she wanked it with both hands and then lowered her head and flicked at it with her tongue.“Careful, I’ll come in a second” I tell her as I reach out for her.“God I love cock” she said to me and took me in her mouth and slowly lowered her mouth the full length until her nose touched my stomach. She took me from her mouth and slid back up my body and kissed me, her legs between mine. My cock between her thighs, I could feel how wet her cunt was.“I want you inside me now, I want you to fuck me as well.” She slid my cock inside her, she was wetter than I could remember but couldn’t care less as I thrust my hips up to meet her as she ground her cunt against me. “God yes, Fuck me that’s good” she groaned and fell forward to kiss me.“He lifted me up with his hands and kissed me pulling me close to him. He told me to slide his cock against my cunt and get it slippery. I loved feeling his big dick sliding up and down against my slit and pressed the head against me just a little more each time. His fingers held my arse wide open as well and his wet fingers played at my arsehole before I guided him inside me.” She grunted as I thrust up in to her hard lifting my hips from the bed. She pressed down with her hips, grinding her clit against my groin and sucked my tongue into her mouth.“Jim fucked me hard, he slammed his cock into me time and again. I wrapped my arms and legs around him tightly as I wanted to pull him right into me so he would fill me up completely. He was hard and fast and I tore my head from his as I got ready to come on his cock, come from him fucking me standing up outside while you were laying her in bed. Feel him fucking me, filling me up with his young cock, pounding me till I screamed out silently so I wouldn’t wake you while our neighbours young son fucked me senseless” she was all over my face as she kissed me through her words.“I’m going to come in you too honey” I call as I feel my balls tighten and I orgasm deep inside my wife as she straddles me, her lips on mine. I thrust into her again and again with a little twist to the left each time, clenching my arse to squeeze everything inside of her that I can. My hands stroked her sides and I cupped her breast as I felt her body tensing on mine as she starting to come.“Yes, Yes, oh that’s so good” she called and collapsed across my chest her hair falling across the bed.As I stood up to go and shower and get the day under way I looked at her laying on the bed, naked and with her legs wide under the sheets and a very ‘just fucked’ look to her hair. “Don’t forget I’ll be home late tonight”.“Oh, I haven’t honey. Don’t worry, I think the garden needs mowing.”

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