18 Haziran 2021

No Touching


No TouchingI caught her eye across the room. Kerrie was in mid discussion with someone. Talking music and drums I imagine. I look at her, enjoying her figure, as she moves from foot to foot and participates in the discussion. Do they know what she isn’t wearing I wonder? Moving further around the room I place myself in her line of sight so that I catch her eye. Smiling I deliberately let my eyes rove over her body. She smiles and moves slightly so that I am more front on, still talking she turns slightly and shows me her silhouette. Lovely figure, nice breasts and butt she knows it too you have to adore a mature confident woman.Daring a little, I also turn slightly side on revealing an impolite lump in the front of my pants. She watches eyes widening as she realises. Then she smiles wickedly and turning toward me again, bends to scratch at her knee through her dress, showing me her rounded breasts dangling like fruit ripe for the plucking. Cant see the nipples, too dark, but I imagine them full and erect ready for stroking, sucking and gentle tugging. She turns back to the conversation and I continue to move illegal bahis about the room. Chatting and talking taking in the atmosphere. It is a fine evening stars are out in force and the moon hangs lightly covered in a small array of clouds.Kerrie has moved. Now talking with a woman she knows from town. She moves swaying almost slow dancing as she talks. I watch. Moving closer until I am behind her but facing away. I pretend to observe the garden and the trees through the French doors but totally aware of her heat and the occasional sweep of her dress as she moves. I move back as she does and we touch. She glances at me, gives a quick gasp as she realises then turns back as I shake my head. Her butt pushs out to touch mine and I push gently against the pressure. We surreptitiously lean against each other enjoying the warmth and silent sharing. I chuckle and turn to lean against the door frame. She is behind me and to my right. Still chatting but I can feel her full attention on me. We are close. My arm & hand is against the doorframe. She pushs back against me again and I slide my hand over her side and down illegal bahis siteleri towards her arse. Gently cupping and caressing as I move my hand over her, I feel her tense under me. I shift and move away moving further across the room. No one has observed us. It seems miraculous given the heat I can feel from her gaze and the discomfort of my very hard cock.She is looking for me now. Her eyes searching the room until she settles on me. I have met someone I know and we are idly chatting as we sip our drinks. Kerrie has returned to her conversation leaning against the open window sill. She catches my eye, smiling with enough sex to make me get harder still. As her gaze moves I slip away from my conversation and duck out though the kitchen onto the verandah. There are a few people but they are absorbed in their own conversations and I wander casually observing the people and interactions. Kerrie is in the window still alone for now. I can see her starting to glance around quietly seeking. I grin to myself and move to lean against the window sill from the outside.No one about so I gently put my hand canlı bahis siteleri in the small of her back. She starts and glances behind. Smiling broadly and says “I wondered where you got to”. She is alone just sitting. I caress her back slipping my hand up and down feeling her body through the fabric. It buttons at the back. I undo the middle button and slide my hand inside Kerrie gasps lightly. He skin feel smooth and light and I lean as if off balance to smell her hair and neck wanting to put my lips and mouth on her. She leans into my hand and sighs. “I want you” she whispers “I want you too” I reply. She smiles and says “I am soooo wet, so horny I could come with just a small touch”. “Is that so” I say taking my hand away and doing up her button again. “Well I am hard as a rock just imagining what might happen later”. She turns to face out the window. Her hair brushing my face as she turns. I cant resist. No one can see us. I place my hand on her belly and slide it down to her mound feeling her contours with my fingers. Pressing against her mound and running my fingers over her pussy. She moans quietly as I rub against her she is frozen, helpless, turned to water, rubbing herself against my hand. Laughing softly I move away and say “see you shortly”. She groans and then turns as someone behind her taps her on the shoulder.To be continued …

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