16 Kasım 2021

Older men having way with me part 1


Older men having way with me part 1My husband was out of town all week for work, leaving me, a 24 year old, alone with my sexually charged imagination. It as Thursday night, a very humid sticky summer evening, I didn’t turn the air conditioner on because the smell or the summer air was so refreshing. It was to hot to wear panties, even a bra, so all I had on was a this white tank top and a cotton mini skirt. My skin was moist from the heat and humidity. I pulled my long hair up into a pony-tail and ran an ice cube over my neck to cool off a little. I decided to take a cool bath…..I pendik escort stripped off my top and skirt as I ran the water. Knowing I was alone, I left all the doors and windows open. I began to splash the cool water all over my steaming skin, then I decided to shave my legs…when I finished I decided to shave my pussy completely bare, I needed a change from the usual “landing strip”.Just as I was finishing up and grabbing for a towel, I heard a knock at the door. It was 11 pm and I wasn’t expecting anyone at that hour. I quickly wrapped kartal escort my hair in a towel, grabbed my robe and headed for the door. There was an older man, maybe in his late 50’s, smiling as I reached for the doorknob. He seemed nice and I didn’t get an uneasy feeling about his intentions. He asked for directions to a place I had never heard, so I offered him to come in so I could search the internet for directions. He asked if his friend could also come in since it was so hot and I had fans running, I agreed it was ok. Still in just maltepe escort a robe, I poured them a cold drink and began to search for the directions. They complimented me on my long legs and how much shorter my robe seemed when I sat down. They were sitting on the couch across from the chair I was sitting in. I started to get a little warm in my robe so I excused myself to change into something a llittle cooler…I pulled on a pair of little shorts and as I was pulling my shirt over my breasts I felt a set of hands lightly brush over my erect nipples. I took in a slow deep breath and didn’t continue covering my breasts with my shirt, I let it just rolled under my arms, it felt nice to finally have my nipples teased. He asked if I minded, that I was so beautiful he couldn’t help himself. I said no, that I was alone all week and needed to be touched…………more to come

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