25 Haziran 2021

On our way home after some drinks


On our way home after some drinksThat late night my sexy wife and I had been enjoying some drinks outside.On our way home, Ana told me she was very horny and she asked me to pull over. She was feeling also a bit fuzzy, after so many margaritas.I parked close to a dark park; where nobody could be seen.Anita put her hand on my lap as we kissed and without hesitation she undid my zipper and took my cock in her hand, starting to slowly jerk it. After a few strokes I was really hard and I pulled down my trousers.Ana leaned over and kissed the tip of my cock; then slowly pulling back my foreskin, she circled her tongue around it before sucking me into her mouth.My sensual bitch moved her mouth up and down my cock as her hand gently tugged at my balls; I felt in heaven as she greedily sucked me.It was at this point that I started to hear a muffled sound. I looked around and saw nothing; so I brought my gaze back onto my sexy wife sucking my cock and closed my eyes as her warm mouth took me deeper and deeper… Then I heard the sound again.Opening my eyes, this time I could see a man slowly approaching the car, then another and another; all them walking out of the darkness and slowly surrounding us…My sexy wife was completely unaware, she just carried on sucking my cock into her mouth as the crowd gathered and my cock was straining with excitement knowing we were being watched.Anita was kneeling on the passenger seat as she was sucking me, so I slid my hand under her skirt and slowly pulled it up over her waist exposing her thong and ass to those men.I finally tugged her tiny thong roughly down to her knees.Then I slid my fingers down her ass cheeks and placed them on her pussy lips, before parting them. I held them open with my fingers and I noticed Ana was really wet.I slid a couple of fingers into her and they went on so easy.Then I rubbed my thumb with her juices and inserted it slowly in her ass.I stared at those men around and could see they had their cocks out.The biggest dicks seemed to be just eight inches long…Then I started coming into my sweet wife’s mouth.I arched my back and shot my entire cum in her throat.Anita even choked on the huge amount.She swallowed the entire lot, licked me clean and kissed me on the lips.Then Ana whispered in my ear she needed a good fucking and she wanted my dick stiff again. She begged me to finger fuck her hard until I could be ready to shove my cock in her hungry cunt…At that point a noise from outside finally caught her attention and she turned around to see all those men jerking their dicks as they watched her…I told her they had been there for a while canlı bahis and then Ana calmed down.Then I got out of the car and asked Ana to get out too.I held her hand and led her around the car. There was a picnic table down there and I made Ana sit down at the edge.I pulled her off the table to stand and unzipped her skirt letting it fall to the ground. Then I slowly pulled down her tiny black thong. Now Anita stood before those strangers completely naked.She seemed really at ease, which I found quite not surprising at all; but then I recalled she had taken too many shots of tequila and she was a bit fuzzy…I made her sit back on the table with her legs spread wide apart and the men gathered closer around her, jerking their dicks as they stared directly to my wife’s glistening pussy lips…Then Ana’s hands went to cover her mound and she started inserting her fingers deeply inside of her hungry cunt.Suddenly things moved out of my control and I wasn’t so comfortable.Anita withdrew her soaking fingers from her hot pussy and offered them to the strangers…One of them approached her and licked Ana’s fingers…Before I could even take breath, he was on his knees in front of my wife and had started to lick along her pussy. She held her pussy lips open as he slid his tongue inside her; he flicked at her clit and Ana let out a louder moan.She lay down on the table making she more comfortable and other two guys offered their cocks to her mouth; Anita grabbed a cock in each hand and pulled them together over her mouth, starting to take in turn to suck one into her mouth.I was not really prepared to let another man fuck her.Just then, Ana started to move on the table as she had a huge orgasm, her body convulsing as the guy`s tongue on her clit had done the trick…Before the last throes of the orgasm had died down, the guy who had been licking her clit stood up and buried his cock straight into her pussy…The bastard just thrust the whole shaft straight into her right up to his balls…Before I could even think what to do, he was fucking her really hard.I could see her glistening pussy juice spraying out of her pussy with every thrust. He was one of the guys with the largest cocks; but Ana was taking the whole thing and he was fucking her like a complete slut, banging her as hard as he could.She was moaning away despite still servicing the two cocks in her mouth and at one point she took both of them into her mouth at the same time…The first guy fucking her tensed and shot his cum deep into her pussy…I felt sick and excited at the same time.The same bastard moved up to Ana`s face and dropped his cock in her mouth, bahis siteleri she slurped at it, tasting her pussy juice and his cum on his cock.It was too much for the other two guys who had been sucked by her and then they both shot their sticky cum all over her face…Another guy moved over to her pussy and slid his cock into her, he shoved it in hard and I could see cum spray out of her pussy and down the insides of her legs.This second guy did not last long; just a couple of minutes of thrusting into her and he bucked, shooting is load in Ana’s pussy.The two remaining guys yet to cum sat her up on the table.Then the larger cocked guy laid down on the table and she straddled him, pulling his cock over to her pussy lips and then sitting down on it.The other guy moved up behind them at the end of the table and pushed his cock up against Anita`s tight ass… He tried but the rosebud was tight. So, he spat on her asshole and then slid his cock slowly into it, inch by inch…He finally managed to get half dick inside her anus. Then he held it quiet and pushed deep for a while…Then started to fuck her very tight ass…Ana was not even able to moan as another cock was being stuck deep in her throat with every push of both dicks in her cunt and ass…The guy behind her fucked Ana`s anus very hard for a good ten minutes before he filled her ass with his cum, as he pulled his cock out of her a stream of cum flooded out of her and down her pussy onto the guy’s cock who was fucking her pussy.Ana was really going for it. His eight thick inches were sliding deep into her pussy as she bounced up and down on it My sensual slut wife started to moan again as a second orgasm ripped through her body and the guy shot his cum in her pussy as she gyrated down on him.When she was done, Ana lifted herself off of his cock and I could see a stream of cum flooding out of her pussy. Then she lay down on the table exhausted from her fucking, but with enough strength left to take that cock in her mouth and lick it clean.Just then I heard dogs barking and torch light shining from between the trees. It seemed to be a signal for all those men guys to escape from there.Soon the place was deserted apart from my wife still laid on the tableI shouted at her to get up and come back to the car; but poor Ana just seemed too exhausted to move from where she lay.The dogs barking were getting louder and the torchlight getting brighter through the trees, then I knew it could be a park warden coming out to investigate the noises…I stood there hidden behind a tree, hoping that he wouldn’t notice me or my wife lying onto the table. But the three bahis şirketleri dogs went straight over to her and within a few seconds his torch was shining on her naked body.The man whispered when he saw Ana there.All of a sudden, he grabbed my naked wife by the waist and lifted her body from her lying position, making her kneel on all fours. He positioned her in a doggy position with her ass in the air.He knelt down next to Anita and pulled her ass cheeks wide open….then he called one of his dogs over; he slapped her pussy a couple of times and the dog stuck its nose next to her pussy; then he started to lick at it…I could clearly hear the dog’s tongue slurping away at her pussy and that fine dog seemed to be enjoying the taste as he slurped away. I could see the dog had a large cock that must have been about seven inches long and it was being showed outside the skin.Then that bastard warden pulled the dog’s cock up close to my wife’s pussy and then pushed it into her. The nice dog jumped up onto Ana and started to fuck her. He pumped its cock into her pussy at great pace.It seemed to fuck her forever, banging away at her pussy; but soon it got sporadic and stopped……its body just resting on top of her.The warden was shining his torch on her pussy….I could see the dog’s cock stuck in her pussy, a huge knot holding it in her…it seemed like ages before he finally started to pull out its cock from her poor cunt…When he pulled out, a stream of cum flooded out of her cunt.Another dog started lapping at her pussy and the deposited cum.Anita started moaning; she had actually enjoyed being fucked by a dog and having another one licking her pussy…The warden stood over her and got his cock out, jerking off as he watched my wife being a total whore with his dogs. It only took him a couple of minutes before he shot his load all over Anita’s ass cheeks…All of a sudden the first dog tried to mount Ana again; but as he was trying to get his cock in her pussy, my wife let out a squeal and then I knew the dog had stuck his hard dick in her ass…Ana shoved herself against his dick and that nice dog fucked her asshole for ages…He pushed deeper into her tight ass until he suddenly stopped.I could notice his red knot stuck in her ass and he filled my wife with cum.The dog held his cock in her for minutes again; then he slowly pulled his cock out of her stretched asshole. As he pulled out I could see her ass gaping wide as the dog’s seed flowed out and ran down her pussy lips.Then that bastard warden pulled out his cock; jerked himself and soon he sprayed his sticky semen all over Ana’s buttocks. Then he slapped her ass cheeks; stood up and disappeared into the trees with his dogs.I walked out from behind the tree and picked Ana up in my arms.She opened her nice eyes and smiled weakly, asking when the party was going to start…

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