7 Kasım 2021

one night in heaven


one night in heavenWas it hot in here? My heart pounding in my chest. I was focused on one simple thing. My wife!. Her deep red curls surrounding her baby doll features. She lies before me with was all her curves, sculpted for a mans arousal. Her breasts and nipples hard. She is a sight of beauty, soft submissive and sexually in a state of lust.. her inhibitions where gone. Her nudity was one of her tools she flaunted, accentuated by her garter and black stockings. Which seemed to frame her and my wants and focus. I love her, I want her but I am not able. Her eyes fix on mine. Its funny how a look can say everything. She was getting to a point of no return. Her eyes pleaded with me to stop her. For this was the point, the point where things would change. My faithful wife who’s idea of a simple husband wife sex life would be changed forever.As if something else drove me, for I was not myself. I nodded my head and then it happened. She embraced her abandonment, her head turned up to the man poised above her. His weapon positioned at her entrance, that sacred place which I had given her permission to share. She lifted her legs slightly. The man sensing her wanton movements, and thrust deep into her wet soft sex in one forceful movement. One that normally would have angered her. But no protest came, her arching body welcoming his forceful virgin invasion.A sight to behold, Sexy, lustful and satisfying. She is not mine for this moment in time. Her pleasure is given by him, not me. And I am turned on beyond anything before. What was wrong with me? Was I insane. How could this scene before me turn me on, let alone let myself submissively witness such a sight. Was this purely her doing or was it my own perverted desire to see my wife be taken by forbidden desires beyond her safe boundaries of our marriage? Was it to see her submit to uncontrolled lust? or is this my desire to be the voyeur ot her feminine pleasure hidden deep in my subconscious. Am I the willing witness to her pleasure, beyond mine.At this point all those thoughts didn’t matter. This was my fantasy. Now it is hers, pains of jealousy only drive my desire to see her submit. She is a lustful creature now. And I am the witness to that and perhaps the creator. Her soft breasts arch up to meet his chest and I can see her hips open allowing him to take her deep within her womb. That place where his seed could create, thats is the focus of my lust, hers and his.He thrusts, and she cries for more, her hand go behind his head. Their mouths embrace there tongues entwine in a most sexual kiss. her moans are carnal, they carry from her deepening lust. She wants more I can tell and he gives to her all he has and what I lack. I can see she deeply enjoys this new feeling.My own lust speaks to me “thats it baby, take him. I know I cant give you what he has.” Her hand briefly searches to me at the side of the bed while still locked in there kiss, guilty eyes of pleasure look briefly at me then then roll away. I hold her hand and squeeze but her concentration for me wavers. And she quickly turns her concentration to the man above bursa escort her. She is loosing herself.He is making her his, his body seems to envelope her. I sense his assertiveness over my wife and withdraw from the side of the bed. I am the willing beta male that allows his supremacy over my wife. My hard on rages and I free it from my jeans. I look at myself small, average. My concentration moves from her face and down to where he is invading her. I move down to the end of the bed to look at his man hood sliding into her. giving her pleasure. To depths of her I do not know. Her hungry sex wraps around him, massaging his girth. A Small milky substance coats her and him and shows her arousal, making his length glisten as he withdraws and thrusts in and out of her moist lubrication. I wish I could explore her. But my inability only drives my desire. I must wait!.Her stocking covered legs are raised up warped around his back consuming him, as if scared he might withdraw at her time of need. But she need not worry the man above her drives harder and her small soft hands clasp his naked thrusting buttocks. My eyes waver to the floor for a moment, I see her panties on the floor at the base of the bed. Without taking my eyes of the scene I pick up the black lace underwear and raise the crutch to my nose. I smell her scent. Only hrs earlier the man now fucking her was rubbing these panties against her willing vagina in the back of a cab. Still moist with her scent of arousal the strong musk fills my senses. The oder raised my lust. I start shaking with excitement and desire.I see their lust quicken, they are close now. Oblivious to me, she cries his name and he grunts in further and if she is spurring him on, her cries of frenzy and lust fill the room and echo through my mind and my subconscious. Driving deeper. The slut wants more and he’s giving her all she wants. Deep dirty and adulterous. I cant not stop the roller coaster before me but a part of me doesn’t want it to stop. I am the cuckold. I wanted this, and pains jealousy and lust for my slut wife raise within me. Yet my body unwillingly starts to shake. standing so I can see both his invasion and her face of pleasure. Eyes closed, mouth in mid crys of pleasure, then I see it. She briefly looks at me above his shoulder in deep lust. the signs of jealousy show on my face, but in her face I see she is in a state of no return her cares are beyond me. I can tell her pleasure is heightened by my witness of her adultery. Is this what I wanted? Have I lost her? I have made this happen and now I see her relish in my jealousy. A slight smile forms on her lips she closes her eyes again in abandonment.I want her back for myself. Yet my erection says otherwise. My lust cries for her to keep fucking and enjoy it beyond me as her wickedness shows.I see her open her mouth in Ecstasy our moment of connection gone. her hands and legs clutch his back as she grips and meets his thrusts. I witness her ascending orgasm then I hear the words that strike at my heart but fuel my lust.’ I want you to cum inside me. Fuck me! Fuck Me!” I see bursa escort bayan her complete. his vessel in the grips of her orgasm. Like an opening flower welcoming pollination. I haven’t seen her in these heights before, looks of pain on her face, pains for her lust to be fore-filled. The mans thrusts quicken his own orgasm near. a loud roar……. his thrust deepen ……..his ass clenched with moments of static deepness. I now know his seed is flowing from his balls into her vulnerably womb at every thrust as her cervix dip down in his welcoming pool. The scene slowed, she seemed to now become limp under his girth. He kept thrusting into her, each thrust slowed but staying clenched for small moments deep inside her . his balls tighten each time he pumped inside her, then finally one last thrust for good measure and he slumped spent, sweaty from his efforts he lays on top of her his large frame hiding her body.I could see her face. she lays completely relaxed an expression of satisfaction on her. eye are closed her hands started to roam his frame as if basking in the afterglow of her satisfaction. a moment of beauty. And I the witness. it is done!.Slowly she becomes aware of herself her eyes open and she looks at me. Pains of regret start to show in her face. and then its happens. Fear excitement and the reality of my seeded wife in-front overwhelms me. It was nothing I have felt before my legs weakened my balls tightened, a pleasure I never felt before. It welled from my balls through my prostate and all the way up to tip of my penis. My erection still hard . I clenched it in my fist. Suddenly feeling shameful awareness of my situation I look down. I could see the fluid appear at the eye of my penis starts to drip down onto the floor below me I clench my penis harder to stop the impending flow, my ball scream in pain. my weakening legs give way, I fall back into the chair behind me . Then the flood continues as I realize I could not stop the flow. Slowly it pumps out and down over my hand and down my legs. I was coming! my pleasure was at its height. I had not even masturbated. Globs flowed down my hand pumping out slowly . My sticky mess flows from my fisted penis and soils me. I felt like a pervert. A school k** getting caught by a group of girls masturbating, but somehow, I secretly loved it. My submissive embarrassment leaking down over may balls gave me a sense of inferiorly. My wife a witness to my awkward orgasm. I loved her and I can see she longed to reassure me of her love for me. But a slight feeling of anger filled me. but there was nothing I could do in my state. their was the man in front of me still inside my wife on top of her. He had taken my wife the women I loved in front of me and she had received pleasure beyond what I had ever given her. How could I take that from her. The man stirred from his exhausted weight and rose and withdrew from her sex. Still holding my cum socked penis in hand I saw her open sex still stretched by his girth. It was an incredible sight. I could see why he had reached her where I could not.I saw a white fluid appeared escort bursa at her entrance. she instinctively tried to cup her sex and closed her legs to hide her evidence. But I could still see clearly in between her closed legs, clenched knees and cupping hand. fluid dripped out of her pussy to the cleft of her ass and down onto sheets on the bed. The sign of her act was there and it stirred my passion again.The man rose his still impressive flaccid weapon glistening with victory. He looked briefly at me while grabbing his shirt and smirked.A small laughed escaped his mouth, he was now witness to my state “I hope you got something out of it?” he asked me. But I was not in a state to answer.“that is one sexy wife you have there man, “for what its worth, thanks for letting me fuck her brains out. ……… Personally Id never let a dood touch my wife!”.I said nothing. Still in the clutches of my weakened state. I looked over at her. she seemed shameful and sheepish.He turned back to her “anytime you want it girl just let me know.” “Even if your Hub needs to watch to get off….”he said. “it sorta makes me feel Superior that the perverts watching.” he laughed again he walked over, kissed her passionately one more time. My wife did not withdraw but responded slowly with renewed passion. Then spired on again she said “ I am yours to have, i would love that ” looking into his eyes and drinking in his form one more time.My mind wandered, Did I want this to happen. Again?………..or was this was one night in heaven for both of us. looking at her. Wet, sexual and used,. I was the one that had initiated her into my perverted fantasy and now it was real. I wasn’t sure. however words in my head formed and I heard it escape my lips “i would love that also”.He dresses and left. Soon after I heard the front door close. There she was legs crossed hand cupping her sex as if to regain her stolen innocence . Her eyes fixed on mine in a state of what seemed shock I crawled to her, kissed her deeply and she lay on her back again. The musk in the room of her sex and the distinctly bleachy smell of his musk on and in her. Then As if all her emotion came back to her at once her state changed, tears began well in her eyes. “Shhhhh” i said garbing her in a loving embrace, and kissed her again.I looked into her eyes again. “Remember I wanted this……. You where so dam beautiful”. Her wide blue eyes framed by her red curls dr****g her breast before me. I felt closer to her now then I ever had. “are you sure you won’t hate me or think differently of me?”she sobbed. “no, no, baby………I think it was the most erotic beautiful thing in the world to see you taken like that” “you where so lost to your desires you where excited beyond any sex we have ever had…….i love you baby. Thank you for making my fantasy come true” I saidwe layed back taking it all in. we hugged and tenderly kissed. Then she briefly fell asleep in my arms. Moments latter she awoke. She looked up at me, our eyes locked, she garbed my hand and slowly moved it down between her legs to her slick wetness while she held my gaze. Her thighs clenched around my hand.“Explore me.” She said “explore your dirty wife” her mouth reached up, our tongues entwined.what happen next changed both of us forever…………………………………THE END for now….

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