30 Haziran 2020

Our First Bull


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Our First BullMy wife and I had been married for six years. My wife loves sex stories and she’s okay talking about fantasies that neither of us intend to carry out….within reason. She had always been very insistent that she did not want to have sex with others. While some of the stories touched on other guys watching or other couples watching, I had only introduced stories that involved the women touching or kissing as the guys fucked the women. One time I described a scene where she was under the other woman while her man was fucking her from behind. Then she could hear the guy start to moan and moments later his cum was dripping into her mouth. She then lowered her pussy on my wife’s face and ordered her to lick out all his cum and then share it with her. I was fingering my wife as I was telling her the fantasy. As soon as I told her his cum was dripping into her mouth, she started cumming. I think she had three or four orgasms before I started eating her pussy and fucking her. After I came inside of her, I told her “I’m going to lick the cum out of you and feed it to you. As soon as I got between her legs, she grabbed my head and started grinding her pussy onto my face. She said, “get all the cum baby…get sincan escort it all and give it to me baby!” So I knew how much she enjoyed the fantasy.Over the next couple of months, I started making the story more about men desiring her and wanting to fuck her. I told her I would be okay if she wanted to try out the fantasy, but she still refused. Then I started telling her stories about total Alpha male types using her as his own personal fuck toy. Each of those stories always elicited a lot of moaning and long lasting multiple orgasms. One night as I was telling her how this Alpha male was using her, she looked at me and said “Yes!” I responded “Yes?” She said, find someone like that who will fuck me like he owns me and I’ll do it. That night I nut so hard. She could tell how excited it made me. We didn’t say anything afterwards but I quietly started my search. I got quite a few responses to an ad I posted and messaged a hand full of guys. A couple of them were interesting, but none of them were the true Alpha male, I’m going to fuck your wife right, type of guys. I almost gave up on my search when I got a response that proved promising. Instead of me interviewing him, he was interviewing me to escort sincan find out if my wife was good enough to be his bitch. After exchanging some pictures he told me to give him her number so he could start chatting with her. A few minutes later, my wife’s phone started buzzing and I told her “honey, you have a text.” She picked up her phone and said, oh my. She didn’t look at me or tell me anything, she was just going back and forth on her phone when she took off her top and took a selfie showing her breasts. I was so turned on I started stroking myself. The next thing you know he’s FaceTiming her. Within minutes, she’s naked, spread eagle and playing with herself while he tells her what to do. He then says, “I’m coming over. You’re going to suck my cock and if you do a good job, we can discuss how I’m going to own you. She gave him our address and said, “Please hurry…I want your cock in my mouth.” For the ten minutes it took him to get to the house, she was looking at the picture of his cock he texted her and played with herself. There was a knock on the door and she leapt up to answer it. He walks into her standing naked at the front door. He grabs her head and kisses her passionately for what sincan escort bayan seem like hours. He moved his hands all over her body and then walked, in, got naked, sat on the couch near me and told her to get to suckin. She dropped to her knees and started to suck his cock the way she had never sucked mine. He stood up, grabbed her head and started fucking her mouth. He positioned himself right in front of me and started cumming into her mouth. She was eagerly sucking and swallowing his cum at the same time. He said….good girl. She looked at him and said, “did I pass the test? Do you own me now?” He said, “well let’s see…Sit back where I can get a good look at you. Spread your legs and show me your pussy.” She put herself right in front of her and happily spread her legs with her bald, wet pussy in full display. She said, “Please fuck me! I need your cock inside me.” He looks at me, then looks at my wife and says “If I fuck you, I own you. He can have sex with you, but I always get first dibs. I come over whenever I like and I do to you whatever I like. I might bring two or three friends, tie you up and take turns fucking you. Are you all in?” She looked at him and said, “please fuck me now. I’m all yours, anytime, any way. So he starts to eat her pussy and gives her at least three of four orgasms before he bends her over and fucked her like a slut. I will be coming back and editing the story and adding detail and more stories.

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