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PANTYHOSE ENCOUNTER AT THE OFFICE – PART 1PANTYHOSE ENCOUNTER AT THE OFFICE – PART 1A few years ago I was hired as a personal assistant for an executive at an engineering firm. He frequently traveled which left me with a lot of “free” time in the office. When he was in the office he kept me busy so it all balanced out. Anyway, his department was staffed almost entirely by men and younger men at that. Ironically, there were only two guys who I had the slightest bit of interest in. One was a very friendly guy who was a year or two older than I. The other a guy was a bit aloof, at least with me but quite handsome so naturally I found him appealing.The aloof guy, Craig, was at least six feet two, blonde, had broad shoulders, blue eyes and was my age. We would say “Hello or How are you?” when passing but never engaged in any real conversation. I wasn’t responsible for providing any administrative support to the guys as I worked exclusively for my boss but when he was on travel I’d volunteer to do things such as make photocopies, type and obtain supplies for them. They never took advantage of me as they knew I was doing them a favor. Also, my boss overheard me telling one of the engineers that I would have his typing for him after lunch and my boss asked why I was typing for him. I said “I’m just doing him a favor.” My boss replied to me “You don’t have to do that. Let those guys do their own work.” I told my boss that I didn’t mind but he just shrugged and said “They know you work for me exclusively. I don’t want them thinking they are going to be able to get you to begin supporting them.” I sat in the chair in front of his desk and changed the subject to his upcoming business trip.I always wore (and still do) pantyhose to work under my slacks and when my boss was out of town I would often slip my socks off if I were wearing loafers. My laced dress shoes often tore a hole in the heel of my hose so I kept my socks on when I wore that style of shoe, which was rare because I love the feel/combination of hose and loafers. I had my own cubicle just outside my boss’s office and my desk was positioned that someone would have to fully walk into my cubicle to get a look at my feet to see the hose. When that happened I would just make sure I kept my feet under my desk. No one ever noticed though I once overhead an older woman in another department make a comment about my ass. I had passed by her cubicle and said “Hello” and then passed back only seconds later and overheard her say “He has such a great looking ass.” I just smiled to myself and thought “If you knew what I was and wasn’t wearing you’d know why.”After having been with the company for close to four months, my boss called me sounding frantic late one Friday afternoon. The hotel we reserved had no rooms available for him and his travel party. They had been confirmed but guests had not checked out. I had to work with our travel agency to find a new hotel that would accommodate everyone and be close to the firm they were going to be holding meetings with. It took a couple of hours to find something we could agree on that was fiscally responsible and that would also meet everyone’s expectations. My days ended at five p.m. but by the time the emergency was settled and I had confirmation that the team was checked in to their rooms it was nearly six.The floor on our wing of the building was empty and nearly all of the lights were turned off. I had the lights on in my boss’s office as well as in the section for which my boss was responsible. Just as I began to pack up I heard someone rushing toward my cubicle. Craig looked over the partition as he called out my name. I looked up at him and asked “What’s up?” He appeared desperate then asked “I know you don’t work for the engineers but I am desperate. The client has requested major revisions to my part of the proposal. I need to make the revisions but I am a terrible typist and I’ll be here all night and most of tomorrow too if I do it myself. There are a lot of “red lines. Could you possibly help me?” Craig looked as if he were about to fall to his knees and beg. I was a little surprised by his demeanor. I am always willing to do what it takes to get the job done so I immediately replied back to him “Sure, I’ll help you. What do you need me to do?” Craig must have been holding his breath because I could hear him inhale deeply. He came around behind me and placed a portion of the proposal in front of me and showed me what he was working on. I spun around to my computer and searched for his document in the group drive. Once we found it he took a seat in my “visitor” chair and rolled up close to me. I could smell his cologne and I liked it. It was unfamiliar to me, subtle and had a very nice masculine scent to it. I pulled up the document and proceeded to look for the areas that required changes. Craig thought it may be quicker and easier for me if he read the changes to me as I typed them as his and the client’s revisions were a bit illegible.I went to work typing and after about 10 minutes turned to my right to ask Craig a question. That’s when I noticed just how close he was sitting to me AND how hot he truly was. Craig’s legs were spread wide and I was sitting between his knees. I glanced down and could see that he was muscular. Something I’d never noticed before. He had huge thigh muscles which were straining against his dark grey suit pants. He urfa escort had rolled the sleeves of his white dress shirt up to just below his elbows and loosened his tie and unbuttoned the top button. That look ALWAYS gets me hot. My gaze fell to his legs for only a few seconds so I don’t think he was any the wiser. As I raised my eyes I took in just how broad his shoulders were. He had a well defined V to his torso. As he held his pages I also took note of how large his hands were as well as the silky blonde hair on his forearms. As Craig answered my question I stared into his eyes. “Shit!” I thought to myself. “How could I have not noticed how blue his eyes are?” Yes, the first time I’d seen him I thought he was good-looking, cute and even sexy but I was only now seeing the full package and Craig was a HUNK. He must have realized I was lost in his eyes for a moment because he blushed suddenly but quickly recovered. No sooner than he recovered I blushed. He answered my question and I returned to typing.I became aware that Craig’s right knee was resting against my right knee and he made no effort to move it. He leaned forward several times to point out changes he wanted and when he did so our faces were only inches from each other. In addition, when he would do this his torso would sort of “hulk” over me. He was definitely turning me on as I began to feel a little fire ignite in my groin which reminded me that I was wearing pantyhose. I was wearing Hanes Silk Reflections STW in jet black with loafers and was reasonably sure he had not noticed. I turned to ask Craig another question and after I did I quickly caught a glimpse of his feet. I guessed he wore a size 13 shoe and in addition he was wearing black opaque nylon dress socks. That made me hotter as I imagined his feet were probably hot from being in his black loafers all day. How I would love to give him a foot massage! I thought to myself.I printed the pages I had made changes to for Craig and he went back to his desk to review them. When he returned he asked how long I could stay. I told him I was willing to stay until the changes were completed. He was surprised by my answer but relieved. He regained his seat and sat closer to me than the first time. We continued to make the changes and he continued to press his right knee against my knee. I had slipped my right foot out of my shoe while he was gone and soon realized I still had not placed my heel back into the shoe when he had sat down. As I typed I became aware that he had stopped looking at the screen and was now looking at me. I could feel his eyes all over me and I also noticed his cologne was now a little stronger. As I typed I reminded myself that I don’t mix business with pleasure but also thought he was getting hot for his cologne to be kicking in.He leaned forward again to look at the screen and when he did he actually raised a few inches from his chair. As he sat I glanced at him and saw that he had a nice tent in his slacks. I told myself that they just looked like that because he had pulled them up at the thighs a little bit. In any case, I wasn’t sure if he had a boner or not. We worked for nearly two hours like this until all of the revisions were completed. As the document printed Craig sat next to me waiting on it. He said he would like to look it over one more time and asked if I could stay. I told him it was no problem. When he was at his desk I thought I should do something to see if he was really interested in messing around. I slipped my right shoe off and opened a large paper clip. I punctured the nylon on the outer right edge of my right heel then gave it a gentle tug. A thin, short run zipped over my heel and across half the sole of my foot. I didn’t really want to ruin my hose but felt it was my only way to see what Craig was all about. I slipped my shoe back on and looked down at my foot. The run wasn’t obvious but it also could not be missed if someone were looking directly at my shoes/ankles when I was seated.Craig returned and said he had just a few very minor changes. He returned to his seat and resumed pressing his knee against mine. As I typed, he rolled back for a second. His knee was no longer against mine. Out of the corner of my eye I could see he was looking down at my shoes/feet. He rolled forward and pressed his knee quite firmly against mine. I could no longer discount his behavior as zealousness to complete the proposal. He leaned forward as I made the last two changes and wrapped his left arm over the top of my chair. I could have sworn he brushed his fingers ever so slightly against my hair but I could not be certain.I saved the document then sent it to print again. As Craig waited, he leaned back and raised his arms above his head to stretch while he kept his knee pressed against mine. As the document printed I turned my head to my right and looked him over. He had now placed his hands behind his head and way lying back in the chair. As discreetly as I possibly could I checked out his crotch. This time there was no mistaking that Craig had a boner and what a nice one it appeared to be. From what I could determine, it was standing straight up in his suit pants. Craig reached for the printer and pulled the document from it. He asked that I stay for a moment as he went to his cubicle with the finished document.Only minutes later, he returned and sat back into the chair. He profusely escort urfa thanked me for my help and I told him it wasn’t that big a deal and I hoped everything went well for him at his meeting on Monday. As soon as I finished speaking Craig placed his right hand on my right knee then looking me in the eyes asked softly and sincerely “Are you wearing socks or pantyhose?” I blushed and Craig smiled as he said “Your blushing is answer enough. That is so cool. I mean it. Pantyhose are sexy. How did you get that run in them? I noticed you are wearing them from the beginning.” I answered back “I put the run in them.” “Really? Why did you do that?” he asked. I told Craig that I didn’t want to run them but I wanted to be sure of what was going on and I thought if he noticed the run then he had to have seen the pantyhose earlier. Craig leaned forward and as he spoke softly into my right ear his lips ever so lightly grazed the side of my face. “Will you let me see them? I really would love to see what you look like in them.”Before I could reply Craig had stood, taken me by the hand and led me into my boss’s office. He shut and locked the door behind him. Standing against the door he gently pleaded with me to show him my pantyhose. I slipped off my loafers and Craig responded by sighing deeply when he saw my stocking feet. “Black pantyhose are so sexy!” he said. As I began to unfasten my belt I noticed that Craig’s dick was bouncing in his pants. He had the front of his slacks pulled tight with his dick and it made me wonder just what he was hiding in them. I let my slacks fall to my ankles quickly. Craig smiled approvingly then licked his lips and cleared his throat as if it had gone dry. “OMG, you are wearing the all sheer kind and no underwear! Turn around for me please. OMG! Your ass is fine as FUCK in those pantyhose!Well I guess it’s my turn?” he said. Craig took another step forward then began to drop his pants. His legs were very muscular and I told him he had great legs. He blushed at the compliment and confided he was a runner. Craig’s shirt prevented me from getting a good view of him and he knew it. Seconds later he slipped his tie off then unbuttoned his shirt and tossed it on my bosses couch. I now had a good look at him. Craig was wearing light blue low rise cotton briefs and his dick had them stretched to their limit. The waistband in front was stretched away from his waist. My first thought was “Damn, what is in there?” Craig stepped out of his loafers then pushed his slacks off. Seconds later Craig stripped off his briefs and then approached me. Standing a little over a foot apart he reached for me and pulled me toward him. It all happened so quickly that I had little opportunity to get a good look at his dick but I could feet the tremendous heat in his groin as well as the rigidity of his dick against my lower abdomen.Let’s go to the couch he said. He lowered me to the couch and as I lye on my back, Craig ran his hands all over my legs and feet. He lifted my right foot and brought it to his face then lightly traced the run with his index finger. “Too bad you thought you had to make a run in your pantyhose to get my attention. Damn! These are sheer and silky! I hope I don’t add any new runs.” He lay on top of me and began to slowly grind his cock against mine then he kissed me. My mind began racing as never in my wildest imagination did I foresee anything like this occurring between Craig and me. Craig stopped kissing long enough to pull his t-shirt off. I slowly began to run my hands over his shoulders and back and Craig encouraged me to do more by moaning his approval.We were getting into some heavy necking which was getting me really hot. My legs were spread with Craig inside them so I raised them and wrapped them around his waist them rubbed them over his lower back and ass. “Oh Michael, that is so hot, that really turns me on!” I continued to rub my hose over him then with my hands I held my feet and slid their soles over his ass. “Oh, yes! Michael! That is so hot!” Are you clean?” he asked. I looked at him oddly for a moment then Craig clarified. “Is your ass hole clean? I’ve got to lick you through these pantyhose!” I told him I was clean and then I found myself suddenly being flipped over and on all fours on the couch. Craig came up behind me and began to lap at my sheer clad ass cheeks and the back of my legs. He let his tongue run from my cheeks all the way down to my toes then all the way back up to the waistband.After kissing my hole through the pantyhose a few times he pushed his nose deeply into my ass crack and began lapping at the nylon barrier. His hot mouth felt fantastic and I was leaking precum in my hose like a life raft with multiple holes in it. I knew Craig’s dick was all alone so I used my stocking feet to find it. Once found, I placed his dick between my feet and gently bobbed them up and down on it. Craig sighed deeply and slowly rocked his hips as I encouraged him to fuck my pantyhosed feet. He stopped lapping at my ass for a moment and said “Yes, yes, I love that. Talk to me about your pantyhose and tell me how much they turn you on to wear them for guys like me while I play with your ass Michael.” I told him how sexy I felt while wearing pantyhose, how silky and sheer they are and how much I love playing in them with a sexy stud like him.After munching on my hosed hole, Craig flipped me onto urfa escort bayan my back then leaned forward and placed his throbbing 11 inch cut cock in my face. I couldn’t believe my luck as his cock was perfect in every way. I have no idea how big he was in circumference but he matched his forearm which was one and half times the size of mine. His balls were shaved and he was trimmed close. I had the thought “I don’t know if I can pleasure him, he’s so big!” I found Craig so sexy that I did not want to disappoint him so I licked my lips and opened wide! He filled my mouth and as I worked to take more of him in my mouth I could feel that my lips were stretched wide. I rolled my tongue as best I could in an effort to get his monstrous dick slick with my spit. Craig sighed and moaned deeply as I worked on getting my mouth to accommodate his anaconda. It had to have taken me 10 minutes to get used to having him in my mouth. Once I felt I could bob on his cock I began to do so as Craig ran his hands up and down my legs and told me how sexy I was. He confessed he was bi and loved pantyhose. He laughed and added that I was the first guy he has messed around with who was wearing pantyhose.I sucked his big bone for a good 20 minutes as I fondled his balls and caressed his ass. I hated myself for beginning to think I couldn’t do it much longer without a rest. Fortunately for me Craig pulled out and said “That was awesome. Thanks. I’m about to cum. Can I cum on your pantyhose?” He pulled me from the couch and stood behind me as he placed his hard cock between my ass checks. He had it buried so deeply between my burns that I thought he torn my pantyhose with his big cock but he hadn’t. Craig began to furiously pump his cock up and down my hosed ass crack as he kept his left arm wrapped around my waist and his right hand wrapped around my hosed cock. He stroked my cock with my nylons wrapped around it and in rhythm to his cock thrusts and it was driving me insane. I’d never before had anyone stroke me so determinedly like that. I began to whimper as Craig said “Its okay Baby, I’m close, I’m close. Hold on, let’s cum together.” “Ah! Ah! FUCK ME! I’m cumming Baby, I’m cumming, oooh hell yeah! Mmm, all over your sexy pantyhose! Can you feel it?” As soon as I felt the first twitch in Craig’s cock I lost control, so much so that I went weak in the knees as my cum erupted into my hose and Craig’s big hand. “Oh no you don’t. I’ve got you. Cum in your pantyhose for me Michael. Oh that’s so hot Baby!”Once we were spent of our semen Craig continued to hold me tight against him as his cock shuddered in my cum soaked ass crack. Craig’s cock twitched and twitched as he whispered in my left ear “I’m not done yet.” Seconds later “Oooh yeah! Oooh yeah! Ugh! Ugh! Ugh!” he grunted as more cum shot forth from his big dick and into my pantyhose and ass crack. Once he was certain he was finished Craig stepped back and laughed. “Man oh man! So much cum. Its running down the back of your legs” he laughed. I knew there was a roll of paper towels in the credenza so I retrieved them. Craig ripped several towels from the roll and began to wipe cum out of my pantyhose. Moments later I pushed them down to my thighs so I could better clean my ass. Craig then began working on cleaning off his big dick. I wiped the back of my legs then slipped the pantyhose off as best I could to avoid getting cum all over my legs and feet.I proceeded to get dressed as did Craig. While holding my cum soaked pantyhose by the waistband, I gave them a look over. They were nearly off-black now everywhere Craig’s cum was. I could not get over how white and thick it was. I balled the pantyhose up with a paper towel. Once we had regained our composure Craig opened the door. We stepped into my cubicle and I retrieved my air freshener and gave the office a quick spray. I gathered all of the soiled paper towels and told Craig I was going to the Men’s room to dispose of them. Once inside I gave myself a quick “sponge bath” of my legs, groin and ass. When I returned to my cubicle Craig was still there. He thanked me again for my help with the proposal and for the hot time. I noticed the wadded paper towel containing my soiled pantyhose and pointed to it as I asked Craig if he wanted them. He appeared surprised by the question and before he could answer I said “You know as a souvenir.” He smiled and said thanks but he’d better not as he has a room mate. As we began to exit the building I stopped in front of the Men’s room. “Last chance before I toss them in the trash can.” “You mean you aren’t going to keep them as a souvenir yourself Michael? Oh fuck it! Yeah, I want them” he said as he stuffed them into his left pocket.I didn’t see Craig in the office that week as he was in meetings with the client at their offices and then he went on travel the following week. After four weeks I realized he was gone so I asked by boss if he was sick. He said Craig had requested a transfer to a different department. I didn’t let it bother me and thought it was probably for the best. About three months later I saw him and two of his co-workers at a car wash. Our eyes met and then he quickly looked at the ground as if he was uncomfortable. I took it as a sign not to approach him and say hello so I didn’t. I must admit I was a little hurt but told myself to shrug it off. Only several weeks later we ran into each other in a night club. He was with a few guys from work as was I. It was an easy environment to talk as no one would become the wiser. He slipped me his telephone number and told me to give him a call.I did call Craig and will tell that story soon.

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