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PARENTSWe’ve always been a very close family — and very different in some ways. As I was growing up we’ve always depended on each other and we enjoy a special bond unlike most families. Our parents were very kind, gentle people who were very supportive of my sister Sierra and me even though they’re more than a little different in many ways. Our parents were hippies; products of the free-love movement of the late 1960’s. They actually met in a commune when they were in their early twenties. The commune had about thirty or so members and was located in a very remote area of northern California; somewhat west of the mountain area called the Trinity Alps. Their commune was just like all the others of the time however, the particular commune they belonged to strongly advocated nudity and of course unrestricted free love…sex. The commune encouraged open sexual expression between all of the members — male or female nothing was taboo. Several times a week there were long sessions of group sex held in the main room of the Commune’s cabin. That was a powerful experience for my parents and even after they’d left the commune and moved on with their lives they still retained much of the commune’s attitudes, especially about sex. They felt very strongly that sex was something that should be shared and expressed openly and not hidden.My older sister Sierra and I grew up in the family’s small, but nice, house in the mountains. It was very secluded; the closest neighbor was more than a mile away through a thick forest. We were home schooled by our mother and I think that even bonded us as a family, more than usual. Even though we lived in a remote area, we would come down to town quite often (if the snow didn’t block the road) and every couple of months or so we’d travel to San Francisco or Sacramento if we needed something special. Both Sierra and I knew that other families didn’t live the way we did, and that we were different, but we didn’t care. I was eighteen and Sierra had just turned nineteen and she was planning on leaving to go to college in a few weeks. I wasn’t ready to go quite yet sp I planned to wait a year before I went. One Saturday afternoon I’d been outside doing some chores and like any normal eighteen year old I was always horny. I was in the shed finishing straightening up when mother came out of the house and came to the shed to find me. She was wearing a thin cotton robe that she normally kept on a chair next to the bed and even though the robe was held closed by a sash tied at the waist, it was obvious that she was wearing nothing else under the robe. She came and stood at the door, the light from behind her showed a faint silhouette of her naked body hidden within the robe. I could also see the darkness of her nipples where they pressed against the fabric and I couldn’t help it as it made my cock stir softly. My mother was still an attractive woman with thin and very feminine features. She told me that as soon as I was finished with my chores she wanted me to come in the house and come to their bedroom. “We’re way over due about teaching you and your sister about sex,” she said almost apologetically. “Your sister will be leaving for college soon and we need to teach you both about sex.” A small flash of reluctance went through me as I was hoping, when I finished my chores, that I could go into my bedroom and jack off to relieve the sexual tension that I always felt. Lately I was jacking off at least once a day and sometimes even twice a day to satisfy my needs. When I came in the house I could hear voices coming from our parent’s bedroom so I went to the bedroom door and saw that my sister was on the bed with our parents and the three of them were nude. This was not what I had expected. My father was lying on his back and my mother and sister were sitting on each side on the bed facing him. My father’s cock was hard and I realized that my mother was teaching my sister how to jack a man off and how to control the orgasm and ejaculation through the stimulation of the scrotum. Mother looked over at me and, with a warm smile and in a soft voice, told me to take off my clothes and come join them. I was surprised that I didn’t feel embarrassed or uncomfortable as I undressed. In moments I stood at the side of the bed and watched as my mother showed my sister the most sensitive areas of a male cock and how to stimulate the head and underside of the cock head with her fingers. My cock was hard and it bounced softly as the blood pumped into it making it even harder. Mother showed my sister how to fondle the scrotum and perineum beneath it while stroking the shaft with a continuous motion. My hard cock was made even harder by the sight of my nude sister’s thin fingers wrapped around father’s penis as she gave him pleasure. Sierra was concentrating on stroking the large cock in her hands while stimulating the other areas of father’s male genitals. I couldn’t help but notice that her elazığ escort tits were fresh and firm and her nipples were more erect than I had ever seen them. Her pubic triangle looked delicate, and soft, where her pale blond hair narrowed down to her pussy. I suddenly wanted to touch her pussy but instead, held back. I’d been jacking off for several years by then but I could only imagine how it must have felt to have another’s hands on my cock, jacking me off as I lay passively on a bed. I briefly imagined Sierra doing it to me.The entire scene was incredibly erotic and I also noticed how my mother’s average sized tits, with their large nipples and areola swayed as her arms moved. On several occasions when she reached up to brush back her long hair her breast seemed to lift toward me almost as if inviting me to reach out for them, to touch them in a way that I had never done before. At one point my mother adjusted her sitting position and as she did I got a clear view of her pussy lips nestled in her patch of hair and moving gently as my father fingered her clit. I felt a powerful surge of desire rush through my whole body. I couldn’t decide which I wanted to fuck — Sierra or my own mother! I was still a virgin and I hoped that that would soon change. I had an almost paralyzing strong urge to fuck both of them. I got on the bed and sat close to my mother and watched Sierra. I knew that Sierra was a little embarrassed but it was also evident that she was just as turned on as I was and she was listening to every word. Sierra stopped fondling father’s cock as he sat up in the bed. Mother moved over next to him and he said, “We’ve tried our best to give you both a good education on many different subjects but now your mother and I feel that it’s time to teach you both about what will be a very, very important part of your lives — the enjoyment of good healthy sex. We also felt that this was an important topic that was best if we actually showed you some of the things we talked about.” They began by explaining the basic stuff that both Sierra and I already pretty much knew and, for me, even that was slightly erotic. Mother did most of the talking but, as she did, father had his fingers in her pussy hair and was lightly rubbing her lips and clit. She told us about their sex experiences in the commune and admitted that that was where they learned the most about sex. Before long mother’s breathing was becoming a little choppy and her face and shoulders were becoming flushed. She was getting very turned on, not only from the fingering my father was doing to her, but also, I think, because of the pure eroticism of what was happening. She was having a little difficulty holding back an orgasm. They talked about masturbation as well as mutual masturbation and how healthy it was to masturbate. Mother talked about and showed us a few of the ways she masturbated and even brought out some of her toys that she masturbated with and showed us how she used it. Sierra and I traded places and mother helped her use the pink, penis shaped vibrator on her clit. I was openly gently stroking my cock as I watched them.Father lay back down on the bed with his hard cock standing erect and without any urging Sierra moved back over and took his hard cock in her hand as the other one began massaging his scrotum. She was obviously doing a very good job of it because before long he was groaning and his whole body would tighten and relax before tightening again. When he was just about to cum my mother told my sister to work faster on him, “Make it cum,” she said softly. I watched as my sister ran her soft hands up and down the length of his hard shaft. Suddenly, with a deep moan that startled me, my father tensed his whole body and a long stream of cum shot out of his cock on to his thighs and my sister’s hands. At mother’s urging she just kept jacking him off and he kept spurting over and over again. I was amazed at how much cum he shot. Sierra smiled at me as she kept jacking him off and I knew she was as turned on as I was. As his orgasm was subsiding, small gobs of cum would ooze out the end of his penis each time his cock jerked softly. At that point my sister let go of his cock and began to finger her own clit gently and mother leaned down and took his cock into her mouth and sucked on him, cleaning up the excess cum. I was so turned on I had my hand on my own cock because it felt good to rub it. I remember my sister and I both watching her suck his cock and licking up some of the cum that was on his belly. Mother finished licking up the cum and sat back up and reached over and put her hand on my cock and stroked me several times and I could almost feel myself starting to cum as she said softly to Sierra, “Do what I showed you to your brother now.” I lay back as Sierra sat between my legs facing me. Without hesitation she took my cock in her hands and began to slowly stroke it like she’d done to my father. escort elazığ Her breath was shallow like mine and I know that she was enjoying masturbating me as much as I did. Before my father’s cock got soft my mother straddled him and inserted it into her cunt and began to ride him. My sister’s gaze was fixed on his cock as is disappeared and was withdrawn from her vagina. Mother was moaning softly as the cock plunged in and out of her wet pussy. Both my sister and I stopped playing and we watched as they fucked. I can still remember the strong smell of sex that filled my nostrils — I loved it. The soft odor was emanating from my mother’s hole as well as traces of semen that were still on the bed sheets around us. I reached over and began to rub my mother’s breast as she continued to fuck my father and I can still remember how warm her soft flesh felt. She looked at me and smiled as she clasped her hand over mine and began rubbing her breast with a circular motion directly over her nipple and areola. Sierra seemed fixated as she watched my father’s cock as it went in and out of mother’s vagina. It was obvious that they had planned everything as a way to educate Sierra and me about sex — and to learn how to be good at it. Regardless of what anyone else thinks this is what they honestly considered to be the best way for us to learn about an important part of our lives that would be with us forever. Mother kept raising and lowering her hips as they fucked and she was building to a strong orgasm. Just before her pleasure flooded her body she slowed down and stopped riding my father’s hard cock. She rolled off of him and onto the bed and said something to father that I couldn’t hear before she lay on the bed on her back. She drew her legs up slightly as she spread them apart giving me my first, really close-up look at a mature woman’s cunt. The hair surrounding her pussy lips was damp with their mixed lubrication; her cunt lips stood out from the wet pubic hair. Her pink clitoris was protruding from between her cunt lips and I noticed that her lips were shaded in a soft pink and a dark crimson color. I knew that my cock was harder than it had even been before and every time I moved, even slightly, it throbbed. My father turned from his position slightly and sat up next to mother’s right leg. He held one of her thighs open as he reach down and parted her labia with his fingers, giving me an unrestricted view of her erotic sex hole. He was rubbing her clit in a way to give her the most intense pleasure and she was moaning from the sweet pleasure she felt. I reached out and pressed my fingers against the warm wetness of her freshly fucked cunt and I still can remember how wet and warm her cunt felt to my fingers. My father had his other hand in Sierra’s cunt and was stimulating her at the same time and she was moaning softly with her eyes closed. “It’s time that you both learned how to make love,” mother said with a smile, “and we’re going to teach you both.” Father got off the bed and told Sierra to lay down next to her mother and spread her thighs. Sierra did what she was told and father quickly knelt between her young legs and began to explore her pussy with his fingers. I was fascinated. I hesitated a moment as I looked at Sierra’s cunt. Then I looked deeply into my mother’s eyes as she rubbed her own cunt and urged me to get between her spread thighs. Mother’s cunt looked different from Sierra’s and I couldn’t believe how delicious and exotic her cunt looked from this close. My insides were churning with excitement and lust as I moved closer to her inviting cunt. Mother put her hands on my arms and pressed her knees gently against my hips as if trying to pull me into her wet vagina. Her breath was heavy and full of sexual excitement since we were just moments from fucking. As I brought my young virgin cock closer to her hole I glanced over and saw my father applying a copious amount of lube to his cock. He applied so much that even the head of his prick was dripping with lube. Moving forward he rested on his elbows above Sierra’s virgin body as he slowly began pushing it into her vagina. His cock looked to be much larger than mine as it slowly disappeared into her cunt. Sierra pulled her knees up slightly and began moaning from the intense pleasure of finally feeling a hard cock fucking her cunt for the first time (I assumed). Mother and Sierra held hands as father began fucking Sierra with slow, deep strokes. Occasionally he would bend down slightly and suck on her erect nipples which would make her moan even louder.I felt my cock head pressing against the hairy softness of my mother’s cunt and she told me to press my cock in her pussy and move it gently around until I found the opening to her vagina. I moved it up and down between her lips searching for her hole and, in my excitement; I know I missed it several times. With her right hand she finally reached down and directed elazığ escort bayan my cock to the entrance of her vagina. My cock head felt the opening of her cunt-hole and I hesitated for a brief moment before going inside her. Before I could enter her I couldn’t hold back any longer. The pressure in my loins was too strong and my cock began spewing cum on her pussy hair and lips as I came prematurely outside her cunt. Mother reached down and took my cock in her hand and she kept gently stroking it to keep it hard. I was embarrassed and disappointed that I had cum but mother just smiled at me and kept stroking my very sensitive cock. With mother’s gentle stroking I was surprised that I stayed hard and, in what felt like just a few minutes, I was ready to push my cock into her pussy to fuck her. The thought of finally being able to leave some of my cum in her velvet sex-hole when I came a second time was unbelievably powerful to me and I moved up on her body as she directed my penis to the opening of her very wet, cum covered vagina. With a push I felt my cock parting her cunt lips and slipping into the wet and warm paradise between her thighs. Instinctively I began to fuck her with in and out motions that made my cock feel so good and she responded to all of my thrusts by rolling her hips toward me. Her breath was choppy and her face began to show the intense pleasure that was building inside her. As we fucked she turned often to watch her daughter getting fucked next to us. Father was fucking Sierra with a series of fast, shallow strokes that I learned later was a G-spot fuck. Sierra was writhing in pleasure as her body was racing toward a huge orgasm.We fucked on the bed in different positions and a couple of times I had to stop for a few moments so that I wouldn’t cum again too soon. My sister, like my mother, made a lot of noise as she was getting fucked so the bedroom was filled with the wonderful sounds of sex. Sierra’s low moans turned into sharp, loud whimpers of pleasure as father kept fucking her. I think the effect of seeing her daughter getting fucked by her father suddenly triggered a huge orgasm in my mother and she started to fuck against me as the intense wave of pleasure swept through her naked body. Her hands clasped my back as if she were trying to pull me deeper inside her cunt and her body tightened and relaxed as she let out a deep cry of satisfaction. I couldn’t hold anything back and I felt the intense rush of pleasure as I ejaculated my cum into her warm cunt. I collapsed on her as she held me against her warm breast — I felt as if her pussy was milking my cock of what little cum I had left in my dick and balls. I lay my exhausted body on my mother’s slim body and I could feel my softening cock still inside her cunt as my father continued to fuck my sister next to us. The intensity and pleasure in mother’s eyes as she watched Sierra getting fucked was incredibly erotic. It didn’t take long before my sister began to violently thrust her whole body toward my father’s penis as he fucked her. She was moaning loudly and clawing at his back as their bodies slapped together in a frenzied race for satisfaction and pleasure. Sierra cried out with a series of garbled words that turned into a high-pitched squeal as her body began to shudder violently as she started to cum. I watched my father’s legs and ass cheeks flex repeatedly as he ejaculated streams of white cum into his daughter’s tight cunt. The four of us stayed in bed the rest of the day and we watched as our parents fucked in several different positions, pointing out the subtle differences of each. With mother’s gentle coaching Sierra and I fucked each other in some of the positions they showed us. Mother also showed Sierra how to suck a cock and they both took turns sucking on father and me. Sierra finally wanted me to fuck her but she wanted to be on the top like she’d watched mother do before. I lay on my back with my cock standing straight up and she straddled me holding her wet pussy just above the head of my cock. Mother rubbed lube on my cock before she helped Sierra get into the right position over me. I’ll never forget the feeling as Sierra’s tight little cunt slipped down my cock for the first time and she began to ride me. I didn’t have a lot of sperm left in my balls so it took a lot longer for me to cum. I think Sierra had at least one orgasm before we finally did together.After that day things were different and regular sex was a part of our family until Sierra left to go to college. I actually fucked my mother every few days as she had a lot to teach me and she was a good teacher. She taught me how to perform oral sex on a woman and stimulate the most sensitive part of a woman’s clit and she taught me how to be especially gentle in anal sex and I know for her enjoyment she loved to suck my cock as father watched sometimes. Sometimes I would fuck her right after she got fucked by my father. No one ever knew our family secret; it was something that was held just between us. Even my own wife never knew about those few afternoons in the mountains — the place and time where I learned how to fuck…make love to…and satisfy a woman.

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