15 Temmuz 2021



PATRICIA AND THE POOL BOYPatricia watched him from her upstairs window his golden brown skin glistened in the afternoon sun she watched his muscles rippling as he skimmed the debris from her built in pool her hand strayed to her panties and she rubbed herself through the fabric soon this was not enough and she slipped her hand inside and her finger found her clitoris she circled it with her finger as she imagined Juan the pool boy on top of her his big bronze colored cock driving between the lips of her hungry wet pussy…Patricia’s husband had been inattentive to her needs lately and she needed a release and as she watched Juan from her window her needs grew too strong to deny so she removed her finger from her now wet and hungry pussy and she decided now was a good time for a swim so she slipped into her new bikini it was skimpy and tight and barely covered her female parts it was perfect for what she had in mind…Patricia opened the slider door to her deck and got a better look at Juan he was just finishing up with the pool and she wanted to catch him before he left so she cleared her throat and Juan turned to her his eyes lit up a bit at the sight of her and Patricia smiled “I felt like a swim is the pool ready?” Juan nodded his tongue was a little tied up from imagining her without her bikini and the telltale bulge in his swimming trunks betrayed his desires to Patricia’s delight she dove into the refreshing water expertly with hardly a splash she arose in the middle of the pool and looked at Juan she smiled and said “It’s a hot day want to join me for a swim?” Juan said “Si Senorita I would love to!” He dove into the water almost as well as she had and emerged right next to her Patricia liked the way the water glistened on his muscular body she playfully splashed him and swam away he laughed and swam after her they raced around the pool their bodies occasionally touching and every time they did Patricia got an electric shock and her woman place began to grow wet she decided to take it to the next step so she offered Juan a drink inside he happily agreed and they toweled off and entered the home canlı bahis Patricia’s body toned from years of aerobics and exercise looked amazing and her long black hair glistened on her light though slightly tanned skin Juan could not take his eyes off her she bade him sit down while she made them drinks sitting across from him she made conversation until she was ready to make her move then she casually extended her leg and let her foot slip inside his swimming trunks her toes found his cock thick and growing in there Juan’s eyes grew large as she found the head of his uncircumcised cock and deftly used her toes to peel back the skin she rubbed it up and down between her great toe and the next his cock stretched to full hardness Patricia smiled wickedly but her eyes widened as well when Juan used his great toe to move aside the thin fabric that covered her mound then he found her clitoris and began to rub it expertly Patricia’s eyes glazed over and she began to moan she writhed against his toe and cried out when he slipped it inside her to retrieve some wetness to lubricate her clitty he was rubbing his cock with her foot and it seemed they would both cum soon until Patricia took his foot lifted it to her lovely face and licked the wetness from his toes “Lets take this to the bedroom shall we?” She almost demanded but managed to ask sweetly Juan said “Si let us do!” Patricia reluctantly removed her own foot which had been rubbing his now very hard cock…Patricia took his hand and led him to the guest bedroom and once inside she dropped to her knees and pulled down his swim gear his cock sprang to attention almost poking her in the eye Patricia said “Oh Juan what a nice big cock you have may I suck it for you?” She asked she knew what his answer would be and when he choked out a “Si” she dove onto his cock lips first licking and sucking him until he groaned she expertly performed fellatio on his large Latin cock milking his full hanging balls until he gave her what she wanted a mouthful of warm thick cum which she showed to him before smiling sweetly and then swallowing…Patricia got off her knees bahis siteleri and let Juan undress her there was not much to undress just her bikini top and bottoms but he kissed her lovely hard nipples dark and hot with blood she moaned softly as he sucked each one then he slid down her bottoms and buried his face in the soft black pubic hairs which gently covered her perfectly delicious looking pussy his tongue found her clitoris and she cried out with pleasure and as he lapped his tongue against it she had her first of many orgasms Patricia grabbed his dark wavy long black hair and held his face to her pussy while her body convulsed and she moaned finally finishing she released him and he got up smiling…they had both tasted each other and now it was time to get down to business she lay back on the bed and drew him on top of her Juan slid his lean muscled body over Patricia’s he was anxious to slide his cock into her he had never fucked and Asian woman before and wanted to see what they were like in bed…Juan kissed both her nipples which were hard and erect begging to be sucked squeezed anything he would tend to them later for as his lips found Patricia’s his cock found her wet inviting pussy it slid inside and she was hot and wet and her pussy gripped his cock tightly it was everything he had imagined it would be and more Juan began to stroke her deeply and Patricia responded her long manicured nails raked his back and her slender ankles locked around his waist as her gasps and moans filled the afternoon air orgasm after sweet orgasm Patricia had fulfilling her need for cock it was a long hard sweet ride he gave her until his ragged breath told her he was going to cum “All over my body I want it sprayed all over me NOW!” Patricia panted into his ear Juan was only too happy to oblige and he pulled his cock dripping wet with her juices from her wonderfully tight pussy and after two or three strokes from his hand it erupted and sent a cascade of thick white cum raining down onto Patricia’s beautiful body…It splashed her tits and covered her belly then a long squirt reached her face and even landed bahis şirketleri in her open mouth she giggled and closed her mouth savoring the taste of his cum before swallowing it down the scent of cum and sex filled the air and made Patricia dizzy with delight! She scooped off a glob of cum from her breast and put it into her mouth then another off her belly Juan began to help her and soon her mouth was full and a lake of cum was swirling inside first she blew some cum bubbles but then closed her mouth and swallowed the whole mess it took a few swallows to get it all but she did and she showed Juan her now empty mouth Juan was amazed at this incredibly sexy woman and thought how lucky he was that she chose him! Juan had to get to his next job and Patricia though she would have liked more sex knew she had to let him go she told him to make sure he had more time for her next time he came he said he surely would and the generous tip she gave him put an even bigger smile on his face than the one that was already there…Patricia saw him out squeezing his cock before letting him go then she took a nice relaxing shower and played over in her mind her seduction of the pool boy and her fingers found her clitoris and she got herself off once again remembering the taste of his cum…He always made extra time for her now and even taught her the joys of anal sex feeding his big Latin cock into her tight little Asian rosebud Patricia moaned loudly and although it hurt a little at first she enjoyed getting fucked this way her husband who was off on another business trip never took her this way he thought it was dirty little did he know Patricia liked dirty she liked dirty a lot and she tried everything she could think of with her new pool boy lover and Juan seeing that she had no inhibitions tried things with her that he had never had the courage to ask another woman to do Patricia did them willingly and with pleasure it was to be a long and happy relationship between them and Patricia was no longer sexually frustrated but very happy and content and it even made her husband happy because Patricia was happy now and returned some of that happiness to him if he only knew where that happiness was coming from maybe he would not have been so pleased but Patricia kept her pool boy a secret and to this day he is not the wiser!Never, THE END

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