30 Haziran 2020

Petra’s 3rd sexy secret about Alex


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Petra’s 3rd sexy secret about AlexPetra secretly seduced sweet sexy Alex in her dream, which was very real – in fact in her own bed Petra knows now the second secret side of Alex: her submissiveness to her girlfriends in real sex Petra soon discovers her third sexy secret: very slutty foxy fantasies often playing with herselfPetra and Alex exchange sexy secretsPetra and Alex chat almost every day in the net about lots of things, like likes in life and lovePetra tries the taste of Alex – sends her links to videos of girls he likes best, solo sex or twoPetra is amazed to find out that Alex is not into slow soft sensual stuff – her taste is tougher!Alex confesses she likes to watch straight bad sex – guys using young yummy tasty teen sexy slutsAlex has a favourite actress who is a real bad-ass, she likes the rougher stuff and gangbangs tooAlex has another secret about that which will remain a secret, like the one about her first timePetra confesses to Alex some sexy secrets of her love life with her granddad from very young agePetra likes to know whether Alex ever tried how it actually feels bahis firmaları to make love with a young manPetra smiles as she sees the blush at the cheeks of Alex and demands to know everything from herAlex tells she recently told a trusted friend with a steady girlfriend: I am is a curious virginAlex invites him to initiate her, as she longs to try finally – her accepts her hot idea of courseAlex is shy so she hesitates to tell any dirty details from her erotic encounter, a few hours longPetra insists on intimate information: let’s start at the beginning blonde beauty and tell me allPetra hears how they first kiss and fondle a bit – slowly they undress, go to the bedroom for morePetra is curious now how slutty the first sex of Alex with a man was – how submissive and obedientAlex laughs – I first play with his prick and start to suck him – he demands to come in my mouthAlex tells him she will jack him off – the guy came quickly – Alex washes away his sperm so soonAlex orders him to wear a condom if he really wants to fuck for first time her tight virgin pussyPetra laughs – listens perabet güvenilir mi how Alex let him lick her pussy, indeed finally penetrate her by his prickPetra keeps laughing as Alex coolly relates how they make love in many positions, like her on topPetra keeps count of orgasms – the guy came three times, last time together with Alex doggy styleAlex explains she needs a finger at her hot clit to get off well, so she grabs herself like thatAlex experiments in straight sex stopped after that first tasty try – satisfying, not convincingAlex enjoys sweet sexy tasty talks with men, mostly elder guys like Peter, so wise and so funnyPetra knows Alex often virtually invites him along with her, to turn him on as she takes a bath Petra tries to convince Alex to stop shave her pussy like she – you have just a few blond hairsPetra proudly sports a big brown bush at her pretty pussy – shave less Alex, I’ll lick you more!Alex promises Petra to let her pubic hair grow for a week at least, to please the bruneete beautyAlex promises Petra to take a photo of her private parts tipobet after a week and send it her in privateAlex promises Petra to make more love to her – she invites her to visit her secret private placePetra knows about that apartment Alex can use – she seduced her best friend for first sex therePetra is honoured to know she is invited to visit Alex as soon as possible, with only one ‘but’Petra knows already: Alex is afraid of anything anal, as she thinks it’s too dirty down her buttAlex admits she never tried to insert her own finger there for some sexy self pleasure: too nastyAlex admits she is curious how it would feel – a finger probing at her tight virgin ass sphinxterAlex admits she can’t imagine to lick and rim an asshole herself but she wonders how it will feelPetra promises Alex to satisfy her sexy curiousity soon: I am sure I will love to rim you, my lovePetra promises Alex to help her to try out her sexy foxy slutty fantasies – Peter will help, lovePetra promises Alex to set up a secret meating of them three, to satisfy and abuse their big loveAlex admits she fingers her slit as she is so sexy, texting with Petra who knows her all secrets Alex admits she is as horny as hell – she tells Petra how she rubs her clit – how big and hot isAlex admits she can’t help coming very hard from their teasing tasty talks – her legs trembling!

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