10 Ocak 2022

Popcorn Paradise


The first time I saw Kate I thought she was someone’s grandmother. Rocking slowly in a hard wooden rocking chair, next to the wood-burning stove some previous tenant had installed in what was left of our living room, she was dressed head to toe in black. She was goth long before goth, minus the hollow emaciation. Black beaded purse, black laced-up 1900’s style boots, a black full length, full sleeved, layered 1900’s style dress, one of those little round black hats and even a black lace veil. And underneath all that prudish turn of the century wardrobe, was what appeared to be an old woman. She had a heavy, pasty round face, short whitish-blond hair done in a tight curl set, and thick, undefined body underneath.

At the time, I was living in what was colloquially known as the student ghetto — and older section of rather run down Victorian homes, adjacent to the university, tending to student rentals and the elderly. I shared this mansion of squalor with Jeff, my best friend since high school, another rather eccentric guy named Wally who was almost never around, and Bill the cat. Bill was pure street. He weighed a good sixteen pounds, nothing but muscle, scar tissue and gristle. Dogs coming down the street would detour to the other side if they saw Bill sunning on our porch.

I had just gotten home from work, and pulled Jeff aside. “Is that your grandmother?” I whispered.

Jeff laughed. “Shit no, that’s Kate. She’s cool.”

“Really.” I was unconvinced, but accepted it for the moment and went in to introduce myself.

“Anybody got a light?” she asked, pulling a gigantic joint out of her purse as I walked in and sat down next to her. My jaw hit the floor, and everyone else in the room laughed.

“Ok, you guys got me,” pulling myself together. “My name’s Dan.” I pulled out a Bic and fired her up.

“Pleased to meet you,” she squeeked out, trying not to let any of the smoke escape her lungs. “Want a hit?” she asked, handing me the doobie.

“Why not? I’m done working for today.” I took a toke — it was some good shit — and passed it on. “So how did you meet these guys?” I asked her.

I don’t recall ever getting a clear answer, but Kate seemed to enjoy visiting us. Every few days she would show up, either to hang out and catch a buzz, or maybe we would all go out to a bar somewhere. Turned out she lived in a little no name burg about twenty miles south of the ‘Zoo, and came up regularly in what passed for her social life. She cursed like a sailor, drank like a fish, and always had the best weed. Of course she ended up being part of our gang — she had enough sarcastic wit to keep up with us, never nagged, she was just fun to be around. She never had a boyfriend, or talked of one, or a girlfriend for that matter. And she didn’t seem to care if any of us had a girlfriend, or picked someone up for an evening’s recreation. To Wally and Jeff and I, she was just one of the guys.

One night, we heard that Bram Stoker’s Dracula would be opening on Friday. Kate, being pre-goth, was dying to see it, but no one else was that interested in what they thought was just another horror film. On the other hand I’d heard that it was pretty good, so I agreed to go with her. Friday night came and we hopped in the car and headed for the drive-in.

Now for those of you who may not be familiar with this film, it was more than just another slasher flick. It’s very gothic, yes, which is what I expect attracted Kate to it, and bloody — very graphic. But it was also romanticized, more in keeping with Stoker’s original vision, in that Dracula loved his victims. And the movie was just chock full of kink. “You can’t understand life until you fuck it in the liver” is one quote, as the Count has sex with a corpse.

So there we were, blasted on some tasty Acapulco Gold Kate had brought, watching the movie head in directions I never expected, eating popcorn. To this day I don’t know if it was the weed, or watching the graphic action on the screen, or the fact that it had been a couple of weeks since I had gotten laid, but suddenly I noticed that my cock started twitching whenever Kate’s hand was rooting around in the popcorn eryaman escort bucket in my lap. I hadn’t thought of Kate that way, but there was no doubt I was getting a boner. Chalk it up to being young and horny. I suppressed a snort.

“What?” Kate asked.

“Nothing,” I replied. “Just a stray thought.”

“No, goddamit! I see that smirk. What is it?” she demanded.

“It’s nothing, really. Just kind of a fable, something that little boys talk about.”

“Tell me or die,” she threatened.

“All right. But remember, you asked,” I said. “A guy goes to the movies with his girlfriend, and to try and get some action he cuts a hole in the bottom of the popcorn bucket and puts it in his lap, sticking his pecker through the hole. Then when his date reaches in to get some corn, she gets more than she expected.” I waited trepidatiously for her reaction.

“You know, that’s actually kind of hot.” Kate finally replied, surprising me. “Want to try it?”

“Seriously?” I asked, dumbfounded.

“Yeah. I always liked hot buttered popcorn.” And after a moment, suddenly shy, quietly, “If you want to…”

So I fished out my pocketknife and started sawing a hole in the bottom of the bucket, trying not to spill any, while she pretended to concentrate on the movie. After a few moments I had everything prepared, pants unzipped, popcorn bucket mounted on my semi-hard cock. Kate scootched over on the seat and started digging into the corn, her eyes still locked on the screen.

Soon enough, her hand brushed the tip of my cock. Even though we both knew it was coming, it was still somehow surprising and my cock twitched in excitement, growing harder.

“Now what is this in my popcorn?” Kate asked, feigning innocence. She felt around in the bucket, her palm cupping the end of my dick while her fingers stroked down the shaft. I was totally turned on — I couldn’t move, couldn’t speak. “I’m not sure what it is, but it sure feels good.” She continued stroking me, pushing the kernels out of the way. I felt a drop of pre-cum leak onto her hand as she moved it up and down and all around, playing with me.

“I wonder how it tastes,” she continued. And with that pronouncement, Kate leaned over and put her head in my lap, sticking her face in the popcorn, and started licking the very tip of my hard-on. “Mmmm, is that some butter I taste?” her tongue swirling over my most sensitive spot, just below the opening, finding another drop of leakage.

“Oh my god,” I groaned in ecstasy. “That feels so good, Kate.” By now she had pushed the bucket down further, so that she had the end of my cock in her mouth, her tongue running around the rim of my exceedingly taut head.

“Let’s go back to my place, where we can do this properly,” she suggested. “This popcorn bucket is kind of getting in the way, and we’ll be a lot more comfortable in my bed.” I already had the car started, the speaker thrown out the window.

When we got to her house, we tore off our clothes and were in her double bed in no time. I’ve told you Kate was a big girl, and she was — about matching my five-nine height, but well north of 200 pounds. But she was mostly solid and fairly firm, not flabby. It was a novel experience for me. Yes, things still shook and jiggled, but not as much as I expected. Until that point, I had mostly chased and lusted after petite little women, or at least slender if they were tall. I started running my hands over her body, palming her large boobs, massaging them, rubbing her big brown nipples until they started to get hard. Her hands roamed over my back, while she whispered, “Oh, Dan…”

I snuggled in a little closer, letting her feel my cock stiffening against her hip, letting my hand fall down to her ample waist. And then I kissed her, hard, open mouthed, my tongue diving into hers, probing, testing, deeply, while she matched me. It was another first, for me anyway — being completely naked while kissing someone for the first time.

Finally we broke, and I slid downward, kissing her neck, her throat, the valley between her ample breasts. My hand slid upwards, cupping them again while I lowered my mouth onto her aureole, sucking sincan escort on it and taking her nipple in my teeth, tugging while I licked the nub. Hearing a breathy “Ahhh…” I smiled to myself, and gave her other tit the same ministrations, this time to hear an “Mmmm…”

I dropped my hand down onto the flat expanse of her inner thigh, and then brought it back up to her loins, turning my hand to cup her mound with my palm. I could feel her pubic hair — she didn’t shave, or even trim it up, but it was soft and downy. As I pressed her with my palm, my fingers tracing little circles on the outer edges of her pussy, I heard her sharp short intake of air and a quick tensing of her body as she opened her legs a little. Her hand slid down between us, grabbing my cock and started to stroke it, pulling me towards her.

Kate was giving me a great hand job — just the right tension, just the right rhythm, her hand sliding all the way down to the base of my shaft, and then up, covering my mushroom capped head, rolling it around a little, and then stroking down again. It felt incredible. I had to share the feeling, so I shifted my hand a little and started rubbing her mound, opening her lips, feeling her wetness. I slid a finger into her hot pussy and ran my thumb up to massage her clit.

“Oh fuck, Dan, that’s so good…” Kate was suddenly soaking wet, her juices flowing like a river, covering my hand and pooling on the sheets. She removed her hand off my pulsating rod, reached down between her legs and wiped as much as she could into her hand. Then she returned her hand to my cock, using her hot cream to lubricate me, gripping me harder while she stroked me. It was exhilarating, knowing where that slick wetness came from while she spread it all over my cock. I knew I would blow if she kept this up much longer, and I wanted her to have the full experience — I needed to speed her up a little, and slow myself down. So I moved down a bit, just out of her hands reach, kissing her ample belly, sticking my tongue in her belly button while I continued to frig her thoroughly.

“What the hell?” Kate exclaimed. “I wanted to make you come, and squirt it all over me.”

“Don’t worry, Kate. I’m going to come, all right — I just think it would be better if we both do.” And with that I climbed in between her ample thighs, took aim on her muff and dived in, zeroing in on her clit, still rotating it underneath my thumb. I started at the bottom of her slit, licking upward with the wide flat of my tongue, up and over the little man in the boat, swirling around it and feeling it swell. Kate groaned and pushed her hips up, into my mouth, while I sucked and nibbled, tasting the salty musky flavor of her juices.

I plugged a second finger into her cunt next the first — a much tighter fit, and curled them upwards so I could rub against the roof of her pussy, while I slid them slowly in and out of her wet orifice. Kate was moaning by this time, rocking her hips back and forth, her fingers locked into my hair, pulling my face into her crotch. Her moans were getting louder, her hips moving more quickly, wildly. I wrapped my arm around one of her legs, pushing it over my shoulder, and locked it in place to hang on. Suddenly her back arched, and she bucked frantically, hips gyrating. “Oh shit, Dan, fuck… just fuck me, hurry up and fuck me…”

I came up for air. “OK, Kate. Roll over, ok?” I helped turn her around, her generous ass up in the air, presenting herself to my achingly hard cock. Her head was down against the bed as I grabbed both of her ample ass cheeks, squeezed them, and moved in place behind her. I leaned forward, and when I felt the tip of my cock lined up with her wet pussy lips I drove forward, sliding smoothly into her hot juicy wet snatch, all the way to the hilt. Kate gurgled a little into the sheets as I withdrew, and then penetrated her again. She wasn’t particularly tight, but I had expected that as she had at least fifty pounds on me. But she was very wet and slippery inside, and the warmth of her cunt felt great as I rocked in and out of her.

The angle must have been good for Kate, too. Soon batıkent escort she was rocking back and forth as well, matching my strokes to meet me, and I could see her hands clenching the sheets in a death grip. I grabbed her hips and started pounding her harder. “Oh shit, yes, fuck me harder,” she cried, muffled by a pillow near her head. I kept thrusting, feeling yet another gush of wetness from her. We were both panting, a slick sheen of perspiration covering us.

I pulled back for a moment. “Roll over again, OK Kate? I want to do you face to face.” We got repositioned, and I knelt between her legs, her arms reaching up for me. I slid my cock back into her satiny wet snatch, feeling the warmth envelop me, and sighed, contented. “God that sure feels good…”

“Tell me about it,” Kate laughed. I started sliding in and out of her, staying upright so I could fondle her large boobs and tease her nipples while we fucked. Her head rolled back, and she had her hands on my hips, pulling me into her, setting the rhythm. And at that moment, I had a revelation. All that extra padding Kate had just meant that I could bang her as hard as I wanted, as hard as I could, and it wouldn’t hurt her. I wondered if all those other petite little things that I enjoyed so much felt the same way, that they could fuck me with abandon if they were on top, knowing they wouldn’t break anything. I had held back sometimes, especially with the smaller ones, worried that I might be too much. It was something I needed to investigate…

Obviously I didn’t have that problem with Kate. She was starting to writhe and twist, her hips locked onto my fully engorged manhood as I drove into her again and again. I could feel her muscles tightening and tensing under her skin, hear her breath start to come in short little gasps. The bedsprings were creaking and squeaking, loudly singing their unforgettable song as I bounced on her, ramming my cock home to the hilt, time and again. I could feel the pressure starting to build in my balls, the wonderful glossy feel of my glans rubbing deep inside her pussy as I thrust harder and harder. “Oh god, Kate, fuck me, I’m gonna come…” I gasped.

She thrust her hips up hard to meet me and then wrapped those muscular thighs around me, clamping me in place as I pounded into her. I held on as long as I could, feeling her squirm and jump against me, but soon enough I was shooting into her, my creamy ribbons of hot jism, deep in her oh so warm wet snatch. It felt so good, all that cum draining out of my balls, that beautiful feeling of release as I continued to pump into her own creamy hot wetness.

“See, I knew you would make me come,” I teased as we wound down, catching our breath. “But I squirted it all up inside you, instead of all over you.”

“Shit, that’s ok, Dan,” she replied. “Besides, you made me come about a million times.”

Afterwards we just lay there a moment, our muscles uncoiling, the tension flowing away, fully relaxed, the sweat of our exertions cooling our skin. As we lay there, side by side, Kate told me I couldn’t stay the night — she didn’t want her neighbors to see me leaving in the morning.

I got up and dressed, and then sat on the bed to tell her goodnight. Kate put her hand on my leg. “I know I’m not your type,” she began, “I know this was just a one-time thing. And I won’t say anything to anyone — I don’t want to ruin your reputation.” After a moment she continued, “But I wanted you to know this was a lot of fun, Dan, I liked it a lot. And thank you.”

“Don’t worry about it, Kate. And I had fun too,” I replied, thinking, “I had a reputation? Who knew?”

Then I leaned over, kissed her lightly, and left. As far as I know she never spoke of it to anyone; nor did I, for a very long time.

Many years later, Jeff and I were reminiscing late one evening, enjoying a fine single malt, and I mentioned that I had done Kate once upon a time. He was quite surprised, knowing well my predilections for tiny and tight, so to speak, and my general apathy towards what we now refer to as BBWs. He asked me why I had done it.

“It seemed right at the time,” I reflected, finishing off my scotch.

And to Kate, wherever you might be, thank you for showing me there are some advantages to being a larger woman, and for proving once and for all that there actually is a kernel of truth to the old ‘pecker in the popcorn’ fable.

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