10 Ocak 2022

Pouting Lips

Adria Rae

My older sister Rachel has a friend named Jen. She was always at our house and I was able to look her over pretty well. Jen had curly brown hair and she had a thin body. The best part was that her facial lips made her look like she was always pouting. She wasn’t really mad or sad but I think it put people off. I thought she looked hot but I didn’t think she liked me. I got the impression she tolerated me because of my sister.

One day when Rachel and I were home alone she quizzed me.

“When are you going to ask Jen out?”

I must have looked stunned.

“You do know that she likes you, don’t you?”

I had no idea that Jen liked an nineteen year old guy like me. Besides she was twenty-one and a little older than me. She always seemed distant whenever I was around her. I guessed I would have to get up the courage and ask her out. It all came about one day when my parents and Rachel were out of the house. The doorbell rang and there stood Jen. I invited her in and I told her that Jen went with my folks on a shopping trip. I got the impression that Jen already knew that and she was here to see me.

She came inside and we made small talk for a few minutes. There was no better time to ask her out but there was something more going on. Jen’s body language was saying she was here at our house for something more. I needed ankara eryaman escortlar to find out now. I stepped towards Jen and we were inches away from each other. I put my arms around her waist and pulled her into me. Jen didn’t waste any time. She kissed me on the lips.

I was tasting those pouting lips for the first time. Our tongues touched and I brought my hands up to her shirt. I acted like a wild man. I was pulling her clothes off and in just a few minutes Jan was naked before me. The first thing to tell you was her pubic hair was shaved down completely. Her pussy lips were flared out like they were waiting for cock.

I stripped my clothes off in record time and I led Jen back to my bed. I had her lie down and I buried my face in her muff. I used my tongue to lap up and down her steamy hot slit. I wish you could have heard Jen. She was making these passionate noises like she needed to be eaten. I pushed the tip of my tongue inside and that got Jen wound up. Once she was completely wet from my mouth I got up upon my knees.

Jen just looked at me and I knew what needed to be done. I took hold of my dick and I guided it to her opening. I slowly pushed my mushroom into her pussy.

“Oh my God Barry,” she cried out.

I kept feeding her my entire length until our mounds touched. I held my cock in place escort etimesgut for a good minute. Jen was working her muscles all around my cock. I could feel her pussy spasms as I started to circle my rod around inside her. Jen put her legs around my back and she held on as I started to fuck her harder. We got into a nice rhythm together. I looked down and saw my cock sliding in and out of her wanting pussy.

Her pussy lips seem to engulf my cock. One thing was for sure. Each time I pushed into Jen I heard slurping noises. I thought about how my sister told me I should ask Jen out on a date. I should have made my move a long time ago and took Jen to my bed months ago.

“You feel so big,” Jen told me.

I am around seven inches long and I have a thick cock. All I knew was Jen was taking every inch I had. I lowered my face and I found Jen’s nipples. I took turns sucking on each one. Her nips were standing straight up when I finished with them. I guess we must have went close to an hour there in my bed. I started to feel my nuts pinching. Here I was taking Jen with my bare cock and I had no idea if she was on the pill.

I sure hoped she was because I got to the point of no return and I flooded Jen with my love oils. I buried my dick inside Jen and I hosed her with my cum. I looked batıkent escort down to see Jen’s eyes going wide when she felt the heat of my seed entering her belly. Jen’s body shook and we had our orgasms together. Jen was panting like a dog as I continued to feed her my cock. It took some minutes but I finally emptied out.

I held my cock inside Jen and she used her muscles to squeeze the last bit of white batter from my dick. We ended up kissing afterwards and then I pulled my cock out. My seed came spilling out of Jen’s body. She looked spent and she didn’t move much for the next few minutes. Eventually she got up to the side of the bed.

“I better clean up,” she said.

When Jen came back she had gathered up her clothes and dressed.

“I need to go, I have some things to do,” she told me.

I was disappointed to say the least. I was hoping we might go again but it wasn’t to be that day. Jen and I exchanged phone numbers and she kissed me going out the door. Later when my sister got back she quizzed me as to whether I talked to Jen yet.

“Yes, we talked,” I told my sister.

Oh how I wish I could have told her I ended up fucking her best friend on my bed this afternoon. It was better I keep my big mouth shut for now. Later in the evening I got a text message from Jen. She said she hoped we could get together again soon. She also said that she couldn’t get the thought of my cock out of her mind. She wanted me to fuck her again just like we had done earlier.

My dick was getting hard just reading this and thinking about those pouting pussy lips just waiting to be entered one more time.

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