10 Kasım 2021

Quickie pt.1


Quickie pt.1I had been looking forward to this for some time. 4 whole days and nights away to explore all that Daddy had promised me. I boarded the taxi to head to the cruise port a little nervous…would I be all Daddy wanted? Could I do all he required? I was dressed in the cute sundress and pretty red heels I had picked out for embark day. My skin was tanned and my hair and makeup were flawless as Daddy requested. I had on a pretty red lacy bra, but no panties. As the cab neared the port I found myself getting a little nervous and a little wet all at the same time.As I pulled up I saw Daddy standing out front waiting for me just as he had promised. He had on his nice jeans and boots and was standing there looking tall and handsome as always. He is such a nice man, and so pleasant to others, it is hard for me to imagine what his behavior will be like with me…the things he has told me just don’t seem like they come from the same man.He came and opened the cab door and pulled me up out of the cab….giving me a quick hug and kiss….and saying “Hi baby”…I was so happy to see him! He tipped the driver and we made our way to check in. Things went smoothly and before long we were on Lido. Daddy leaned over and whispered in my ear that I might should anadolu yakası escort have a few drinks….the room would be ready for us to use soon, and then he would be using me. It was strange and exciting to hear Daddy talk like this in person. And I took his advice. I had several drinks while we talked and ate a light lunch.Before long, it was time to head for the room. Daddy held my hand as we made our way to our cabin. We got on the elevator and remarkably, there was nobody else on it. Daddy leaned over and said “Are you ready for this baby? You gonna be a good girl for Daddy?” And then he started pinching my nipples HARD. I said Yes…I’m ready. I was a little tipsy from the heat and the drinks….so I must not of sounded convincing…he said “Yes your ready WHAT?” I said Yes I’m ready Daddy. He had a look in his eyes that I have never seen. It was frightening and exciting.When the elevator got to our floor…I was thinking what am I doing??? But there was no time for that. Daddy said “MOVE” and lead me to our room. He opened the door and I was as always excited to see the cabin, though it was small and very normal. I turned around to say that I wondered when we would get our luggage? ataşehir escort I was met with Daddy undoing his jeans….he said “Come here little girl…you are gonna suck Daddy’s cock till I say to stop…Now get on your fucking knees!” This was what I signed up for of course…though it was odd that it was happening. It must have been the booze or the anticipation and shock because it took me a minute to start moving towards him. He reached out and grabbed me by the hair and said “I said on your knees whore!”I dropped to my knees immediately and Daddy grabbed a handful of my hair and told me to “Get that cock in my throat!” I licked and sucked the head a little and started taking it deeper, loving the way it filled my mouth. Daddy has a very full cock, perfect for sucking. Daddy said “Deeper’ and I tried to suck it farther….but it just wouldn’t fit….I was having a hard time breathing. I was a bit relieved when Daddy pulled me off and let me come up for air…Until I looked up at Daddy just in time to see him rearing his arm back. I was confused…till I felt the SLAP! He said “I will not tell you again to get that cock IN your throat!” Though I knew to expect this…it hurt and made my eyes well up….I ümraniye escort took Daddy’s cock back in my mouth…sucking hard and sloppily….making wet sucking noises and shoving my mouth down on him….I swallowed and gagged his cock until it was hitting the very back of my throat and my face was buried in Daddy’s crotch. It seemed like I sucked his cock forever….my mouth and jaw were sore and tears were running down my face, from gagging and from my rough treatment.Daddy finally said “Good girl…get up” I was tired and a bit relieved. I needed to get used to this a little at a time. They were calling over head that muster would start very soon. So i turned to the mirror and fixed my hair and my makeup as best I could. My face was red my eyes were swollen, but I looked pretty good. I was just finishing up my lipstick, bright red like Daddy likes….when Daddy said “Come here! ” I turned to him and he whipped me back around…facing away from him…I felt the scarf around my neck just before I felt the pressure….Daddy was choking me. He pulled harder and harder. I scratched at his hands, and kicked….but Daddy is so very strong. Just as I was fading out, I felt him lower me to the ground….I came to after what must have been only moments just in time to feel Daddy pulling out of me….I knew he had cum after fucking me very hard as I was sore and very wet with Daddy’s cum. Daddy helped me up and said “Good girl” I fixed myself back up and we headed out the door to Muster. As we got on the elevator Daddy whispered “More after Dinner” I couldn’t wait.

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