19 Ekim 2021

Regina’s First


Regina’s FirstI told my mom I was taking Boots, my beagle out for some training. Boots is my rabbit dog and everything else he could chase. As I was walking out the door, Regina’s my t****e year old sister asked if she could go. I told her sure but she’d have to be quiet.We walked the long road up to the big fields, that had lots of brush and hedge rows along the edges, perfect rabbit hide outs.We just at the edge of the big field and Regina said look at Boots. I asked what? She said look at his “thing”. I said “Oh, he must smell a female dog.” She asked me “What I meant?” I told we humans can talk and tell their partner when they want to mate, a****ls have to use smell when they want to.I thought that was the end of the conversation, But she continued and said there were no dogs for Boots to smell. I told her true but dogs have a better sense of smell. She asked what the red end was sticking out. I told her it was the end of his dick and because he smelled something, it got hard and stuck out.She asked why it got hard I told her so it could get inside the female dog. She asked if boys get hard as well. I told her yes it had to be hard so it could get inside of a girl as well.She said it’s not very big. I told her it doesn’t look big, but his skin slides back and it all goes it, and there is a ball at the end that goes in and gets big to hold him in, called a knot. She asked if she could see it. I told her I don’t know if Boots would let her, it kind of sensitive. I told her ok but let’s get to the woods first. She picked up her pace going to the pine forest. I was wondering if she was getting wet. I think Boots could smell her as well as he was staying pretty close. We got to the woods and found a secluded spot. We sat down with Boots between us. His cock tip was still sticking out. She asked izmir escort what she needed to do. I told her to grab his skin gently slide it back and forth. She did and Boots squatted down a little spreading his legs. I told her he likes it. I told her to reach behind him and grab his balls “Gently”. Now roll them in your fingers. She was doing well. Boots was panting. I told her to slide his skin back as far as it would go. She did and it slipped over his knot. I told her that was his knot. She asked what next. I told her to wrap her hand around his bare cock and pump it up and down. After about a minute Boots started humping her hand, she stopped I told he to keep going he liked it and wanted to cum. She started again, I told her go faster, in a short time Boots was squirting he load, hitting the ground between his front legs. I told her she could stop now, Boots stood there a few seconds, until he’s balls pumped out. Boots walked a little and lay down and started to lick his cock.Regina asked me what he was doing. I told her he was cleaning up. She asked me if boys did that I told her “No” as boys can’t get physically get down there to do it.I asked Regina if she enjoyed doing that. She said yes it was exciting. I asked her if it made her wet. She said yes a little. We sat there a few minutes; I said we better get moving. She abruptly asked, “Can it do you?”I said “WOW, I don’t know.” She asked. “Wouldn’t I like it?” I told her,” Yes of course.” “Well let me than,” she replied. With that she rubbed the crotch of my jeans, I felt my cock grow, as she did too, “Hmm” she purred. I told her she could never tell anyone about Boots or I she agreed. To see how serious she was I told her she had to take off her shorts and underwear. She stood up, unbuttoned her shorts and took them off. I noticed escort izmir a wet spot on her panties. She removed them next, standing there only in her t-shirt.She said, “Ok now your turn.” I unbutton my jeans and slid them down and off. My cock was tenting my briefs. I guess I wasn’t going fast enough, she reminded me to take them off. I pulled down my briefs and my cock sprung out. She said,”It’s bigger than Boot’s!” I said yes I’m bigger than him. With that she said should I do the same to you as I did to him. I told her yes. I’ve been cut so I don’t have any skin to slide back on forth. I told her I’d explain that to her laterI sat down leaning against a tree, pulled my knees up and spread them. She grabbed my cock and pumped it gently. She asked if she could touch my balls, I told her of course. I was in heaven here was my sister jerking me off. She was now between my legs on all fours, pumping and caressing my balls. I dared myself to touch her pussy. I reached oven and pulled her backside around toward me putting my leg down. She was now at angle to me, and closes enough to reach her pussy.I rubbed her belly and gradually slid my hand down her stomach until I reached the top of her pussy. I rubbed her mound in circles and she responded, moving her hips forward, I sign I knew to mean go lower. I did, I reach the top of her lips and put my middle finger between them. I could feel her button getting harder. I slid my finger down further and dipped it in her, she was wet. I took my wet finger back to work on her button. As I did her hips started to move and she moaned a little. I asked if it felt good. She said, “Oh God Yes Don’t stop!” I won’t, I told her. She asked if she was making me feel good. I told her yes as well. She asked if I was going to cum. I told her No and pumped my cock izmir escort bayan harder and faster. I told her to slow down I didn’t want to cum just yet.I put my finger deeper inside of her until I felt her cherry. I found the hole in it and gently pushed my finger against it. I didn’t want to break it.I could tell she was enjoying, she picked up attention to my cock, and she hips were pushing back against my finger, wanting more. I was enjoying to as well, with the pressure building in my balls. I took my middle finger out; pulled her around closer to me and stuck my pinky finger in as far as it would go. I pumped it in and out, as her hips thrust back against my hand.I was going to cum. I yelled, “Suck it, Suck my Cock”. She said “What?”“Suck my cock, I’m going to cum”I said you started this, “How put it your mouth, and pump and suck at the same time!”She did and a few seconds later I was filling her mouth with load. “Swallow it” “You have to clean me like Boots cleaned himself.” She did as she was told. She continued sucking as my cock went soft. Turned and looked at me asking did she do well, I told her very good. I told her lick her lips, she had cum on them. I asked if she liked me fingering her she said yes but wanted more. I said ok.I told her to lie on her back and spread her legs. She asked, “Are you going to fuck me?” I told her, “No, I was going to eat her pussy.” She asked,”What was that?” I told her it was like she sucked my I was going to suck her.I put my head between her legs and licked her bald pussy, licking the length of her virgin pussy, sucking her clit. Her hips started humping against face. It wasn’t long until she was moaning and panting and yelling. I finally got the bitter sweet taste of her orgasm. I licked her clean.“Did you like that?” I asked. “God yes,” she replied.I told her we’d better get going or we’d be missed. She asked if we can do it again. I told her yes and more. “Will you fuck me?” she wanted to know. “Yes,” I replied. “Will let Boots Fuck you as well?” “Yes of course!”

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