10 Ocak 2022

Rendevouz Surprise

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I was going to be late…I just knew I would be…..as I rushed through the traffic with my overnight case…thoughts filled my mind of the plane leaving without me. I had planned this weekend get-a-way for several weeks now. I was excited….and yet…just a little surprised at myself. For I had never done anything like this before….being this bold. I hurriedly reached the ticket counter and breathed a sigh of relief. Whew…I made it just in time. Rush hour traffic could be horrendous. Most of the people were already on board. A few more minutes and I would not have made it.

Walking down the corridor to the plane I smiled. Ahhhhh My adventure begins. I could hardly wait. Such a relaxing weekend it will be by the sea….walking along the beach …evening sunsets and swims. Yes, I needed this.

I quickly found my seat and as I expected…it was by the window…which meant someone would have to move for me to claim my own seat.

“Ummmm excuse me sir,” I began shyly as I approached the seats. I motioned that I was seated beside of him. He looked up and my heart did a flip flop. What gorgeous eyes, so hypnotic! I just knew he could hear my small gasp as I quickly reached for the overhead compartment to secure my case. I fumbled around for a few minutes and realized that he was still sitting directly in front of me…my short skirt rising higher and higher. That was when I glanced down to see the hem of my skirt almost touching his face. It startled me so that my case almost fell down on top of me. His arm quickly reached up as he rose and secured it for me. His body touched mine and the electricity sparked fiercely.

I thanked him and he moved to allow me access to my seat. Once seated the usual routine of flying began…..as the stewardesses began their instructions and lights came on to fasten seat belts. I had not realized how much of a sigh I had released until he turned to me.

“First time flying?” he asked with a smile.

“Well actually …no. But I almost missed the flight because of traffic and getting off work late.”

He smiled and turned back to his book. But I was so aware of him…his scent….his nearness. I didn’t want to read as I settled in and prepared for take off…. the only part of flying I was nervous about. He noticed this of course, the way I constantly smoothed my skirt and tapped my fingers.

“No need to be nervous my dear.” There was that smile again. Ahhhhhhh so sexy. His eyes held a twinkle of sensuous teasing too. I couldn’t help but smile back at him. Soon we were so carried away with conversation that I barely noticed the plane leave the ground. He asked where I was going …was I meeting anyone. I smiled as I lowered my eyes.

But….what was wrong with me? Even the sound of his voice captured me…making me want to …..kiss him…touch him. As if he could read my thoughts…….he smiled and winked at me. Quickly I looked away. But he reached for my hand and held it…bringing it to his lips and kissing the palm of my hand. Mmmmm what delicious sensations coursed through my body. Then, while still holding my hand, he looked up into my eyes. I could etimesgut escort not look away….I just continued to look into his eyes as if no one else in the world was around.

It was dark now, the plane was dimly lit and our seats were the very last ones in the plane….which gave us a little privacy of sorts. I was blushing quite a bit I have to admit. Then he pulled me to him….wrapping his arms around me….and gently kissed my waiting lips. We heard the stewardesses coming then and he pulled away. “Later baby,” was all he said and he turned as if nothing had happened.

The stewardess smiled as she asked what we would like….but when our eyes met, I knew she had witnessed our kiss. Not that I minded terribly….and I admit…I wanted him to kiss me again.

He continued to read…and practically ignored me now….as if he had not even kissed me at all. I was stunned that he was acting this way. I finally asked him to please excuse me to go to the ladies room after we had been in flight for about thirty minutes. He didn’t even look at me as he rose and moved. I just didn’t understand this at all.

I went into the small rest room and turned to lock the door….but then it was being pulled open at the same instant. I started to gasp but his hand covered my mouth quickly.

“Ssshhhh baby,” was all he said. There was barely enough room in there for me ….let alone two people. He looked down into my eyes and smiled again. “Did you think I would let this opportunity go by?”

I couldn’t say anything……all kinds of thoughts were going through my mind….what if someone saw him come in here…what if someone heard? Evidently, those things did not matter to him though.

He pulled me close and kissed me…no more words were spoken. His tongue delved deep into my mouth as our tongues danced…teased…each other. It was so hard not to make any noise. His hands began to roam over my body…exploring…and awakening the need deep inside. I could feel my pussy becoming wetter and the moment I thought that, I felt his hand push my skirt up to my hips…and his fingers began to feel my smooth nether lips….teasing my clit and wetness drenching his fingers.

I began to moan. “Shhhhhhh,” again I heard whispered close to my ear. My heart was pounding excessively as his adept fingers teased me mercilessly….bringing me closer and closer to release.

Then I could no longer contain the overwhelming waves of ecstasy that began. When my moans started again…he smothered them with his kisses as his fingers magically brought me to not one release….. but several. My hips moved against him as I clung to him….moaning…kissing…..cumming.

When I had reached the last orgasm…he brought his fingers to his lips….licking my juices slowly. His eyes twinkled. Then, he turned and left.

It took several minutes for me to slow my breathing enough to return to my seat. My legs were trembling so much it was even hard to stand. I guess he expected me to be a few minutes, and upon returning to my seat…he had a fresh drink for me. He moved to allow me access to my seat…and I couldn’t sincan escort help but let out a big sigh as I sat down.

He leaned over and kissed me and then handed me the drink..

“I thought you could use something stronger.”

Thanking him I almost gulped the drink and choked. He reached to hold my hand as I closed my eyes to rest. He woke me just before the plane landed. I wished I had not fallen asleep…I wanted to get to know him a little better. But all too soon he was handing me down my overnight case and we were saying our goodbyes…..at least for now.

He was staying at the same hotel that I was. So ….there was that slight chance we could see each other again over the weekend. Of course, he was on business….and I was on leisurely weekend.

We did decide to share a taxi to the hotel…which I was delighted about. Within minutes of being in the taxi….he reached for me again. It was still dark outside with only street lights that dimly lit the interior. Instantly his kisses and wandering hands began to heighten my feelings of need for him. I knew the cab driver was watching…but the excitement of the moment overcame my shyness as I returned his kisses and began to rub his leg…feeling the hardness that so desperately wanted to be free. I moaned as my hand continued to touch him….I wanted more of him….I wanted and needed to feel his cock inside of me. But…..he pushed me back against the seat further and now I couldn’t even touch him. I moaned my protest but his kisses deepened. Did he know just how much he was driving me crazy with this teasing?

Suddenly the cab driver cleared his throat and spoke….”Here we are.”.

I quickly sat up…blushing of course. “He” only chuckled at my embarrassment and reached to give the drier his fare.

Once inside the lobby, we separated quickly for there were others that knew him and were waiting on him. Disappointed, I checked in and went to find my room.

(His turn)…..

I watched her cross the lobby looking quite dejected…and I smiled. For I knew what state of mind I had left her in. But I had intentions of seeing her later on…feeling her scrumptious body….hearing her moan and beg for me to fuck her. She was hot…that was for sure. I wanted to keep her……waiting. Anticipation was the ultimate foreplay. Even though it was still early in the morning when most people are still asleep…business was business so I quickly headed for my meeting. With any luck… negotiations would be over before dinner and I would have the remainder of my weekend free. I smiled at the thoughts of enjoying my time with her.

Even in the meeting, my mind drifted to the feel of her body on the plane and in the taxi. Her scent as she reached her peak….feeling her…knowing she wanted more. Yes, she should be good and ready by the time evening arrived.

=(Her thoughts…again)

I went directly to bed upon reaching my room. What I really wanted was a cold shower to drench my heated desires. But it had been a long night…so hurriedly shedding my clothes, I slipped between the cool sheets. I slept for hours and it was late escort etimesgut into the afternoon when I arose. The light on the phone was blinking…which surprised me. So, I called to retrieve the message.

It said “There is a package waiting for you at the front desk.”

No idea of what to expect, I went to retrieve the package and quickly went back to my room.

I was quite surprised! There was a note saying…..”Wear this to dinner, nothing else, and meet me in the lounge at 7:00 pm”…..

I was stunned at his boldness but yet….intrigued as well. Curiosity got the better of me as I looked at the contents within…. there was a short leather black dress…cut quite low in the front and back…black stockings, and steletto heels. That was it! I sat and looked at the contents…quite amazed that I would even consider such a thing.

But this was my weekend to branch out….I went to take a shower and ……prepare … for the evening ahead. For some strange reason…..just the thoughts of his kisses and his teasing…once again made my pussy throb with need….and yes…anticipation….I wanted him to continue hold me….touch me….just as he had done.

Stepping into the shower…I felt the water cool my desire just a little…as the thoughts and images of his arms wrapped around me continued to heighten the fires deep inside…..

I applied my makeup (very little of course), and pulled my hair up high away from my face. Curls cascaded around my shoulders and down my back. With a deep breath, I put the stockings on and slipped into the leather dress. It fit like a glove, and showed every curve of my breasts…my hips….and slim legs. It wasn’t quite what I would have picked out for myself….but I have to admit…it did make me feel…sexy. Last but not least…the heels. I felt quite….naughty as I picked up my purse and headed to the door.

I arrived at the lounge and did not see him anywhere. Now what was I to do? I noticed how several of the men were watching me. I smiled politely and they could tell that I was looking…waiting for someone. The bartender motioned for me and whispered to me that there was a table waiting for me near the back of the room. My eyes adjusted to the dimness and then….. I saw him. My heart began to beat faster…knowing he was there…was waiting for me.


I watched her…enter the room. She didn’t seem nervous as I thought that she would. She looked like she was ready…for me. I knew the dress would fit her…I was right… for it looked quite stunning on her….even better than I imagined it would. I licked my lips in anticipation of the evening.

She walked over to me….slowly. Hips swaying gently…..enticing me. Her eyes held a look that told me…she wanted me. I smiled.


I watched his eyes….they were so hypnotizing. He had a magnetism about him. I could feel my body responding to him already….feel the dampness between my legs. I stopped in front of the table as he stood up. He smiled as he held out my chair and poured me a glass of wine.

“The dress fits you…..perfectly…my dear,” he continued to admire my body accentuated by the leather. I lowered my eyes smiling. I was a little nervous and was trying my best to not let it show. He reached over and kissed me….which instantly made my nerves calm down.

(To be continued)…

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