9 Eylül 2021

Roadside Find


Roadside FindI live up in the mountains with my dad about an hour outside of this small town. The town has maybe two hundred people in it. It was spring break and dad had to go out of town for work and I was left alone at home. That is okay. I needed to get some things so I started the old truck and headed to town. I did not have a drivers license but that was okay as there are not any cops and I will be old enough soon. As I made my way down the crappy road I came upon this little BMW on the side of the road with a flat tire and a nice looking woman standing beside it. She was older, professional looking, not sure why she would be out where she was. I stopped to help as there are no houses out here. I figured she may have been a salesman or something, but I never asked. The Beemer had no spare so I took the tire off and we headed to town. Her name was Millie and she was married, thin, small boobs and long legs. Brown curly hair and okay face. She was not bad looking if you are into older MILFs. Anyway the service station guy told us the tire was trash and he would have to order a new one tomorrow, Monday, and it may take a few days to get here. I told Millie she could stay with me as there was no hotel in town. We grabbed some things from the store and went home to watch the Broncos play. On the way to the house we stopped so she could get her stuff from the Beemer, which included some wine coolers and made our way to the house. She started drinking almost immediately and called he husband up in Denver. Then we watched the game. She really got into it and we had a lot of fun. At half time she changed out of her stuffy clothes into just a t shirt and socks. Millie was getting pretty hammered. bursa escort As she jumped around about the game I kept getting panty shots, she had on these white cotton panties and then her pert nipples and the way her boobs would jiggle I got a massive boner. After the game we got to talking. Millie was asking about my dad and then me. Where my mom had gone. Then some how we got to talking about sex. She asked me if I had ever had sex before. I told her no. Then I said that a pretty woman like must her must have been with a lot of guys. She laughed and said “I don’t think that came out the way you meant it too. I have been only with four guys, thank you.” We both laughed. “But I have never been with a virgin.” Millie added. So then we talked a little about her four guys then she just asked me out of the blue “you want to have sex with me don’t you? I can see the erection in your pants.” “Well, yes I guess I can’t say that I have not thought about it.” I said blushing. “Well I have thought about it too, something about the clean mountain air, rustic cabin, a few drinks and a good looking young man just makes me want to have sex.” Millie said with a smile. “I have always wanted to teach a young man the ways of a woman.” Millie said as she stood up and took off her t shirt, her pert little tities were standing proud with hard nipples. I loved her wide hips and flat stomach. She then dropped her white panties to the floor and laid on the bear skin rug in front of the fire place. Her cute little neatly trimmed light brown beaver just got me so hard. She looked like a playboy model all stretched out there, she was rubbing her hands up and down her body. I was about to jizz my pants, I quickly took off bursa escort bayan my clothes and joined her. The smell of her perfume mixed with the smell of her pussy was even more intoxicating than the wine coolers. I felt a little funny as this woman was probably older than my mom and I really had no idea what I was doing. What I did know was that my cock was so hard that it hurt and I wanted to be inside her when it did. I laid down beside Millie and we started kissing and fondling each other, her pussy was so soft and wet and warm. “I want you inside me” She whispered to me. I sat up and Millie laid on her side, pulled her leg up. I saw her cunt and moved in quickly. I pushed my cock into her. I felt so amazing and slid easily in, she was warm and wet and tight all at the same time. Once I was balls deep in her I just froze as I was about to cum, and I did not want to as I wanted to enjoy this moment longer. Once I regained control I started to move back and fourth. Millie moaned softly and her pussy tightened as I bottomed out again. I was going to cum and I thought for a second if I should pull out or not. But then I started to cum and it felt so good that I just pushed even deeper into her as I flooded her womb with my spunk. “How did you like that? Just stay inside me till you get hard again.” Millie said. She rolled onto her back and I stayed inside her. We laid there for many minutes. My cock got hard again pretty quickly. This time she got on top of me and rode me. Her gooey pussy felt great but I was able to last much longer. Again I came deep inside her. I liked cumming inside her. We laid there for a while talking and kissing then Millie got up, threw on the tshirt and went escort bursa to the kitchen to make dinner. I threw on my boxers and went to help. It was pretty cool to have a woman in the kitchen cooking with just a tshirt on, her ass and pussy would peek out every so often. We ate and hung out, then fucked again. Then we watched a movie and headed to bed. Next morning we did even dress, we fucked and got up and ate and just hung out naked. My cock was sore as shit and Millie said she was too so we could not fuck the rest of the day. We did go into town and found out the tire was not going to get here very quick. So we hung out in town for awhile then wet back to my house. Millie wanted to hike in the woods before dark which we did then we came back and fucked and went to sleep. This how the whole week went. We just hung out around the house and fucked. Millie laughed that she has fucked more in this past week than she had the past few years total. She would even be talking to her husband on the cell phone with my dick inside her pumping her full of cum. The tire showed up late Friday and we got it put on the car but thought Millie should stay the night and leave the next morning plus my dad said he would be home on Sat. Saturday Morning we fucked and Millie showered and got all dressed up to leave. I walked her out the Beemer and I lifted her skirt and fucked her one last time leaving a load deep in her cunt for her drive home. I went inside and my dad came in about twenty minutes later. “Smells like pussy and jizz in here! Was that your girlfriend that I passed on the road in the Beemer? I am glad you are finally getting some pussy but open some windows and let this place air out a little or you will have to start sharing. You should fuck older women, that’s where the good pussy is.” My dad said joking. “Yeah dad, why would I want any of that old dried up pussy?” I replied with a snicker, if my dad only knew.

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