29 Haziran 2020

Room Serviced.


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Room Serviced.I travel a lot for work. When I’m away from home I indulge my interest in cross-dressing. I don’t ever leave my hotel room dressed, I just wear lingerie and fantasize while I masturbate.Fantasize about being in the arms of a man, having him slide his hand into my panties… things like that.As time has gone on, I’ve added a dildo to my activities. Started with a tiny butt-plug and have gradually moved up to the big black rubber cock that’s up my ass as I write this story. It’s held in place by my tiny panties when I stand up, but while I sit here… feeling it inside me… rocking my body over it as I type… feeling it deep inside… stretching…I love how it feels to have my ass impaled while I stroke my cock. I like looking at myself in the mirror in my girly underwear and relish the feel of the silky clothing against my skin. My last girlfriend found my clothes and dildo in my travel bag a few months ago. Gave me the third-degree about it, as you might expect. I’d never done anything with another guy but I did admit that I thought about it while I jerked off and that I’d been embellishing my fantasies with dressing in pretty underwear and with fucking myself with dildoes.I told her I’m not gay – I really believe that – it’s just harmless fantasy… but she was freaked out and broke up with me.I should have been more unhappy about it but, really, it freed me up to become more adventurous. Now I can lounge around my own home in stockings and panties. I’ve waxed all the hair from my legs and chest (and cock and balls, of course) and the silky slip I have on now moves freely agaisnt my smooth skin. My cock is hard and held tightly held against my body by my panties. I can reach down and trace it out with my fingertips, feeling the silkiness and the hardness… my precum is soaking through the sheer fabric.Last week I was away again for work. I guess since I’m alone at home now, I’ve fallen out of the habit of hiding my girly clothes and sex toys…. because I forgot that my dildo and lube were left out after my evening ‘workout’ when the young man arrived with my room-service meal.I was naked except for my pink panties when the knock came to the door and quickly pulled on the hotel robe. It covered me fine and I called out OK to come in. My waiter was a young black guy. His tight güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri hotel uniform made in clear he was in great shape and when he bent over to place the dinner tray on the table I felt something stirring in me. It was the first time I ever felt attracted to a man in real life. The fantasies are about getting fucked, yeah, but I never looked at a man and thought ‘Mmmm I want HIM’. Until now. I looked at this fit young guy and wanted him. I imagined how he would look without clothes, imagined his cock. My own cock was hardening under my robe. Embarrassed by my gut reaction to this man, part of me wanted him out of the room quickly before he realised the effect he was having. But other parts of me were thinking erotic thoughts…. I just sat there on the edge of my bed while he arranged the silverware. The TV was on, but my eyes were on his ass… He looked over his shoulder at me briefly and I quickly looked away. Not quick enough, I guess. I saw him smile to himself.With my dinner laid out he stood and turned. His glance went over to the bedside table and I realised he must have seen the big dildo sitting there… He came over with the tab for me to sign. I calculated the tip while he waited. He stood close to me and asked if there was anything else I wanted. I mumbled no, thanks, but he stayed right there. Standing next to me. Close to me. Standing over me. Asked me again. Are you sure? Nothing else you want? I said nothing for a second. It was enough. Do you want this… he asked me and moved to stand right in front of me. His crotch at eye level… He moved a hand down and started rubbing himself suggestively, right in front of me as I sat there, mute… looking…You want this, don’t you? It wasn’t a question. He knew my answer. He unzipped himself as he stood there over me. Reached in and pulled out his penis. It was semi-hard. Jet black and shiny and growing. I wanted it. He was giving it…. it was a lovely looking cock. The kind I admired most when I looked at pictures of naked men. Circumcised. A nice big helmet, the kind I imagined sucking when I thought about sucking cock… I reached out and took him in my hand. Hefting the weight of him. Feeling it swell… and then leaned forwards and opened my lips. Sucking him into my mouth. He became harder youwin güvenilir mi as my moist lips enveloped him. A big cock. His hand came to rest on the back of my head and he slowly moved his hips back and forth, fucking my mouth gently. You like this. You like my cock. Stroke yourself while my cock is in your mouth… you want to, don’t you? I reached down and undid my robe. Pulled it open so that now he could see my tight pink panties and the bulge they were constraining. Pretty panties, he said. I rubbed my hard-on through the sheer fabric. He undid the button of his pants and pushed them down over his hips. His cock was still in my mouth. Now I reached up and gripped his ass while he moved in and out of my sucking lips. He was fully hard now. Big. The size of my dildo, easily. I gripped his muscular, clenching buttocks tighter and took as much of him into my mouth as I could. Sucking that beautiful cock. Now he pushed me back on the bed. He stood over me with his huge cock swaying, glistening with my saliva.I lay there, looking up at him as he pulled down his trousers. Turn over, he told me. Now I was face down on the bed and felt him tugging my robe off. I lay there with just my tiny pink panties. My ass… my ass was there for him. I knew I would be well lubricated and relaxed… I had been fucking myself with the dildo… He still had his jacket and shirt and tie on… his pants round his ankles. I felt him slip my panties down over my ass. Just to the tops of my thighs. Exposing my bare, smooth ass to him and his big hard penis. You want this, don’t you? You want my cock inside. I hadn’t said a word to him since he first unzipped… now I just whispered ‘yes’. I reached behind myself and pulled the cheeks of my ass wide. Inviting him to fuck me. He clambered up on the bed, straddled my thighs and I felt him position his big cock against my ass. I’m going to fuck you now, panty boy, just like you want. I did want. I wanted his lovely cock. I wanted HIM. This sexy man. The first man I’d really been attracted to. He pressed against my hole and I felt him slip into me. My slippery ass accepted his cock. He began. Lowered himself onto me and fucked my ass. In and out, so nice. Filling my ass with his sexy cock. I lifted myself up from the bed to meet him. Taking perabet him as deep as I could. Thrusting into my ass. Slippery, relaxed, accepting. Feeling him stretch my ass. Feeling the length of his shaft sliding up and down. He stopped. Pulled out. No, put it back in! Fuck me! I silently screamed in frustration, already craving his huge cock in my ass.But he wasn’t done. He turned me over. I lay there, looking up at him as he stripped naked. His taut firm ebony body attracted me more and more. His penis stood firm and large. He pulled my panties all the way down my silken legs and off. Now I spread for him and grabbed my ankles. My ass was wide open. I felt the cool air of the room on my open hole, almost like a tickle. He got between my legs then, and he held the backs of my knees. Pushing them down. Pushing my legs back so they were alongside my body. My ass came up off the bed. Spread wider by how he was holding me down. Now his huge cock pressed against my willing hole again and he slid back inside me in one long movement. I felt his pubic hair tickling my taint. My cock was so hard, my ballsack tight. He reached down and gripped my penis as he fucked my ass. Stroking me in time with his thrusts. I came. I came and shot cum up onto my stomach. My chest. Some splashed up to my mouth and I licked my own cum. And then he sped up his fucking. He was getting ready to cum. I reached up and put my arms around this ebony god. Pulled him onto me. Held on with all my might as he pistoned his wonderful cock into my body over and over. Holding him to me. Faster and more urgent… until one last monster buck of his sexy hips… could it go deeper? He was trying… and he came. Filling my ass with his cum. Twitching body in my arms. My face buried in his neck, loving his cum filling me. Fat cock in my ass. Big cock, stretching, spurting, grinding. I held on while his manic movements drove me into the bed. Over and over. Ramming himself into me and spurting his cum up my ass. Finally it was over. He withdrew his penis. I was sorry to feel it leave me. I wanted his cock there forever. His cum trickled out of my gaping asshole. He stood over me. Looking down at my well-fucked body. His massive black cock, shiny and slick, swaying between his legs. Enormous even when not fully erect. Had I really just had that monster up my bum? Yes. And loved it. He dressed and left quickly. Leaving me to clean up and eat my cold dinner. Now my sexual fantasies are enhanced… when I fuck myself with my big dildo, I remember the night when I was fucked for real by the only man who has turned me on.

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