30 Haziran 2020



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SappyI would pick you up and bring you beautiful red roses and take you to the finest restaurant in town, not to show off, but to show you off, to give you the best I can because you deserve it. We would have a bottle of the finest wine with our meal and we would go for a short stroll afterwards, before going to a nice dance club where we could dance together, holding hands, chatting about our thoughts and dreams. I would be the gallant, dashing gentleman and you would be the friendly, beautiful woman I was trying to get to like me, because I know this was meant to be and I just had to convince you of that fact. After the dance club where we have a great time, I drive you home and walk you to your door. We chat a bit more, but because it is late, I hatay escort ask if I can call you in the morning so we could do something together during the day. I ask you to think about what you would like to do and we’ll let each other know in the morning what it is. I give you a kiss on your beautiful lips and a squeeze of your hand and say goodnight. I call you early the next morning because I cannot wait to be with you and you let me know that you’d like to go to the market that I had spoken about last night. I say that would be great because we can grab some food there for the afternoon plan that I have, which is a surprise, for now. I pick you up and you are so beautiful in your sun dress, hat and shoes. I’m in shorts and a nice shirt hatay escort bayan and sandals. We stroll through the market and I hold your hand, to guide you through the throngs of people I say, but it’s really because I just want to hold your hand, it feels comfortable, right, and good. We look at various crafts and products that people are selling and we pick up a nice loaf of French bread, some different spreads, cheeses and some wine and I tell you we’re heading to my surprise for the afternoon. I have rented a catamaran boat for us to cruise around the bay and to stop on the island for a picnic. We get the boat and head out. It’s a beautiful day and I am very happy, because I am with the woman I love, but I don’t know how to tell her. escort hatay We tack back and forth across the bay for a while, having fun laughing, getting to know each other even better, getting splashed by the waves once in a while. It’s very hot so I remove my shirt, and you say you’d hoped for something like this and remove your sun dress revealing that you’ve worn a bikini bra beneath it and some thin shorts. I marvel at your figure, your long sexy legs and comment to you that you are very lovely. You say thanks and that I look very nice too. We just coast and drift for a while as we chat about anything and everything and we decide to go ashore to the island for our picnic. We go into the woods for a little bit and find a nice patch of grass in the grass which is shaded. A blanket is spread and we sit. We eat for a bit and then I look at you strange and it’s then that I say I Love You and then it hits you that I’m right, we were meant for each other and we embrace, holding tight.

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