30 Haziran 2020

Saturday Night


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Saturday NightOnce Jake (pizza guy) and I had finished fucking in the shower, we walked to my bedroom to see the playpen that Scott had made for us. He had a bunch of candles lit, a flick in the dvd player and a few bottles of wine.Scott stood up, grabbed me at my waist and kissed me passionately. His dick grew harder as he felt my tits get harder against his chest. Jake, stood behind me rubbing my ass and reaching over to rub Scott’s ass, too. Jake, was rubbing both of our asses as his dick grew hard again.I started to squat down and began sucking on both of their cocks. Both at the same time, then one at a time. I could feel my pussy twitching and it needs some attention. I get up and go to my toy bag and pull out my suction cup dildo. I stick it to the floor, squat down on it and continue sucking their dicks.I lift up from the dildo and slide back down, but in my ass. I moan loudly and fuck my ass as I suck on Jake. Scott, sits down and pulls me on is dick. I slide my ass on his super rock hard cock. Jake is still in my mouth and is holding my head, so he can fuck my face. He’s ready to blow and does so in my throat. I lift my head and smile at him and continue to fuck Scott with my ass.Jake goes to the bathroom, then comes back to me on all fours and begins to lick my pussy. I beg for him to fuck me, his dick isn’t ready yet, so he comes to me, or as I thought he was coming to me to suck on him, but he puts his dick in Scott’s mouth. Scott sucks him hard and is fucking me harder.Jake, güngören escort then pulls out and comes to my pussy to fuck me. The guys change positions and I’m cumming again, Scott can feel my cum dripping on his dick. He pulls out of me and licks my pussy. He’s fingering me with 3 of his large fingers.Jake tells him to pump me harder, cuz he likes the feeling. Scott, then takes his other hand and slipps a digit in Jakes ass. He moans a bit, holds onto me and rolls to his side. Scott has easier access to Jake’s ass and puts 2 fingers in his ass. I get up to all fours, Jake is in my ass and Scott is mounting Jake’s ass. He starts to stick his dick in his ass, spiiting a bit and it’s not hppening. Scott bends down and begins to suck on Jake’s ass. Sucking and fucking him with his tongue. Jake pulls out of me and is enjoying Scott’s attention. Scott, then puts his dick in Jake’s ass. Slow at first, inching his way in.Jake tells him to fuck him hard, the way he’s been fucking me. Scott does so, stretching his hole wide. Jake is wanking his dick as he watches me use my vibrator in my ass and another dildo in my pussy. Scott is ready to shoot his wad and does so on Jake’s backside.Jake crawls over to me and puts his dick in my mouth as he fucks my hole with the dildo. Scott gets hold of my vibe and fucks my ass until I cum. Once I cum, scott takes my vibe and puts it in his ass. It slides in with ease and he’s fucking his ass, with the vibe on high. Jake ges over to him and escort güngören begins to suck and fuck his ass.Scott, is moaning. Jake fingers and fucks his ass with the vibrator, then tells me to bring him my bigf blue vibrator, that is laying next to me. I take it over to him and he inserts it in Scott’s ass. Jake sucks on the dildo before trying again. It’s almost too big with out lube. I take it from him, put in my pussy and fuck myself till I cum hard.I hand the drippy dildo to Jake and he uses it, to put in Scotts ass. This time it works and he’s able to get it all the way in. Scott is tugging at his own cock. I go and wiggle my way under Scott and begin sucking on his shribbled dick. I suck on his balls, then his dick. Scott is fingering my clit and pussy, that i’m ready to cum again. He continues with rubbing my clit and I begin to squirt.Jake fucks Scott’s ass with the dildo, pulls it out and inserts his swollen cock. Jake fucks him like he’s never been fucked before. Scott is in unisom with Jake and the 2 are watching me fuck myself again. I stop and get up to get my camera. I begin taking pictures, then switch it over to video. I’m crawling under Scott, getting a clse view of his balls flopping and slapping Jake’s legs. Then I’m above Scott and getting a really close up view of Jake’s dick sliding in and out of Scott’s ass. Jake is slapping Scott’s buttocks. He tells scott that he’s been a bad boy and needs a good ass whippping.He pulls out of Scott, tells him to roll güngören escort bayan oer on his back and suck his dick. Scott opens his mouth and sucks him hard. Jake, is leaning back to stretch his back and then pulls out of Scott’s mouth. Bends down, to lift Scott’s legs and slides his dick in Scott’s ass again. He tells Scott to hold his own legs, while Jake slaps him some more. I’m getting all this on video.Jake is ready to get off and pulls from the ass. I tell him I want him to cum in my mouth again. I hand the camera to Scott, who then is catching Jake jerking at his dick and cumming in my mouth. A few drops leak from my lips and down my chin. Scott, gets a good shot of the cum on my tongue, before I swallow and show that it is all gone.The three of us collapse on the blankets, drinking a few glasses of wine, before we begin taping each other as we fuck. This went on the rest of the night into Sunday morning. I didn’t expect this to happen, but I’m sure glad it did. Jake got up, took a shower and was getting ready to leave for work. Before he left, I gave him my phone number for when he’s ready for a late night fucking. Plus, I told him , that I will make sure he delivers my pizza for now on.Scott and I fucked all day and into the evening. We talked quite a bit, got to know each other better, than just fucking. Scott asked me if I would like to go for dinner one night this week, I told him yes. We went and had mexican and drank some margaritas, before going back to his place to fuck. We bacame a couple, fucking and sucking every day and night.When we were at my house, we would order pizza and make sure that Jake delivered to us. Of course, when Jake’s shift was over, he would come to my house for some fucking of his own.

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