3 Nisan 2021

School’s Out


Before you read this story, be advised that it is adult oriented and contains very graphic depictions of a sexual nature. It is not intended for, nor should it be read under any circumstances, by persons who are not at least eighteen(18) years of age.

It has been quite a while since I last wrote anything so I hope this story is appealing. I began this work right after my kids got out of school for the summer of 2012, hence the title. All characters are fictional in this story, but something similar to this did take place in my youth. I’ve added a couple of characters to the real life version, and attempted to build a rapport with all of them that will lend to a number of sequels (if I can find the time to write them). This is a quite lengthy work so I have broken it into three chapters that could be read as independent stories, but will make much more sense if read in order.

I love to read your comments and would enjoy hearing from you. I even want your comments if you don’t like the story, provided you are actually giving constructive criticism. Please don’t leave a comment if you are simply turned off by what the story contains. Just because you may not enjoy or politically agree with the portrayals doesn’t mean that others won’t.

Thanks for reading…


School’s Out – Chapter 1


This tale begins in the summer after my freshman year of college. My name is Ron and I will never forget what happened one glorious weekend.

It was a raucous time since me and some of my friends were celebrating the completion of our first year in higher education, while some of my other buddies were flying high on the rush of graduating from high school. Our only concerns were what to eat and what would be fun to do next. Which is where this story begins to take shape.

A bunch of us had decided that a weekend camping trip was a good way to cut loose a bit and get away from Mom and Dad for a while. We made all the necessary arrangements and luck was smiling on us when we checked the weather before heading out on Friday. It was supposed to be warm and sunny for the whole weekend, which was great because the place we were going had a beautiful lake that we planned to spend time in.

We were to meet at a nearby state forest that was not heavily trafficked by people since it didn’t offer all the niceties of modern-day camping, like electricity and plumbing. After meeting at the parking area we would then hike into the forest to a secluded spot that some of us had camped in before. Everybody had their assigned provisions to bring and although you’re not supposed to, we figured we would just forage for firewood.

I was the first to arrive at the parking area, accompanied by my best friend, Joe. We expected three more guys to join us; Mark, Kyle and Rusty. It wasn’t long before another vehicle came rolling up the dusty county road and into the lot. Mark and Kyle exited and ambled toward us. Not seeing Rusty with them I asked the obvious question, “Where’s Rusty?”

“He called this morning and said he would drive himself,” Mark replied. “Not sure what the deal is, but he asked if it would be alright if someone else tagged along,” he continued.

“Well, we should be okay on food and stuff, but I hope this guy isn’t a buzz-kill,” I said with a chuckle. I didn’t really expect Rusty to bring someone that would be a downer since we all had pretty much the same attitudes toward life and people. But, on the other hand, Rusty had been known to pull some real boners from time to time.

We set to work unloading our stuff and all was going well until Rusty rolled into the lot in his beat up, old truck. As I peered through the windshield I could see three heads, and two of them were female! This was definitely not part of the plan and I did a mental head slap. “Leave it to Rusty to fuck something up…” I said to myself.

When they got out I immediately recognized one of the girls. Her name was Tracy and she was Rusty’s cousin. She’d hung around with us quite a bit and had just graduated from high school, along with Kyle. She was nice enough, not to mention easy on the eyes, but I hadn’t envisioned a girl on this trip. I was geared up for a weekend of “guy” stuff.

The other girl looked familiar, but I couldn’t place a name with her face. She was a well built brunette who looked to be around the same age as the rest of us, ranging from Kyle who’d just turned 18, to myself at just over 20. She was dressed in denim cut-offs and a lightweight hoodie that prevented a good look at her torso. Still you could tell, just as with Tracy, she was easy on the eyes. And although I have to admit I’m as ready as the next guy to ogle a good looking girl, I felt like she didn’t belong there at that moment.

I could only guess at why Rusty had invited them. I shot him a look and he knew I wasn’t thrilled about their presence. He approached me and in a hushed voice said, “They tricked me.” Looking czech super models porno/ down and shuffling his feet he added, “They promised to show me their tits.”

I had to stifle a chuckle and then simply said, “It’s okay, but I doubt that we’ll have near as much fun now.” Of course, I couldn’t let him know that I’d probably have done the same thing if a couple of hot chicks promised to flash me.

Before we hit the trail Rusty introduced the girl to everybody. Her name was Debbie. She and Tracy had met at a college prep tour and had become fast friends. It was then that I remembered her. The tour had been at the campus of the college I was attending and I had bumped into Tracy and her new pal. At the time I’d thought that Debbie would be sweet to get in the sack and now my curiosity was suddenly piqued again.

The hike to the campsite passed rather quickly and without incident. Once there we got right to work setting up the tents and gathering firewood. As I finished up, I noticed Debbie wriggling out of her hoodie. The sight reminded me of why I’d been interested in her before. Her boobs weren’t huge but as she stretched her arms above her head they gave a very nice swell to the tank top she was wearing, causing her obviously braless nipples to jut through the fabric.

Joe came around the corner of our tent and ran square into me as he gazed at Debbie’s figure. I chuckled and quietly told him of my meeting her before. He smiled wide and softly mused, “Wonder if she’ll let me talk her into goin’ skinny-dippin’?”

At that point, I realized the girls had not brought a tent of their own. Either they expected some of us to give up ours, or they didn’t mind sharing sleeping quarters with at least one male. This prospect almost made me tell Joe he was going to have to bunk with someone else, but I bit my tongue and decided that time would tell.

By the time we had camp set up there wasn’t much of the day left so we all decided to just hang around the site and before long we tackled the task of preparing supper. After the meal, we settled in to just relax and watch the fire. It was at this time in the evening, had the girls not shown up, I’m sure we males would have began regaling our conquests of women and voicing our desires for more.

But that was not to be since we were all raised to not discuss such things in mixed company. Instead we kept our conversation clean and restricted to topics such as what everyone was planning for the rest of the summer, and what were majors going to be in college. It was purely mundane and uninteresting. So much so that it didn’t take long for the yawns to begin moving through the group.

I announced that I was turning in and my curiosity got the better of me. “Where are you girls sleeping?” I inquired.

Tracy piped up, “We’re going to sack out in Rusty’s tent.”

My libido dropped an inch or two, but I simply bid everyone a good-night and headed for the tree line to relieve myself before hitting the rack. It wasn’t long before Mark joined me, releasing a strong arc of urine that splashed into the weeds ahead. “Lucky little bastard,” he stated flatly.

“Tell me about it,” I replied as I tucked my dick back into my shorts. “But what are you going to do?” I quipped, adding, “They probably feel safe with him. They figure if he tries anything they can beat the shit outta’ him with no problem.”

Mark agreed as he zipped up and we headed for our tents. Once in my sleeping bag, I tossed and turned, sleep evading me. Joe, on the other hand, was sound asleep and snoring lightly. Becoming a bit frustrated, I was just about to get up and go sit by the dwindling fire when I heard what I thought were voices.

I strained to hear over Joe’s snoring, and was sure someone was talking in a hushed tone. I reached out and nudged Joe with my foot, causing him to grunt and roll over. It also silenced his snoring, which was my goal. With him now quiet I could barely make out Rusty’s voice. He was pleading with the girls to make good on their promise, and from the sound of it with no luck.

I had to chuckle when I heard Tracy whisper sternly, “If you don’t stop it I’m going to tell your mom that you were trying to get in my pants.” After that all went silent and I must have drifted off, content with the knowledge that no one else was getting lucky either, I suppose. Little did I know what the next day would bring.

I awoke to the sound of groggy voices carrying no particular point of conversation. I stretched and blinked the sleep from my eyes before struggling out of my sleeping bag. As I slipped into my sneakers, I tried to adjust my shorts as best I could to hide the bulge created by the morning woody that I was sporting. Somewhat satisfied, I unzipped the tent and made my appearance.

Everyone except Kyle was there, gathered together passing boxes of doughnuts between themselves. I stepped up behind Debbie and Tracy, reaching between them czech tax porno to help myself to a Bismark. Just as I latched onto the pastry, Debbie moved backward just a bit, pressing her ass right against my groin.

Quickly, she moved forward again with a prompt, “Sorry about that” said over her shoulder. But it seemed to me that she had lingered with her tight, round bottom resting firmly on my hard-on just a bit longer than one would if truly an accidental collision had occurred. But, who was I to complain? I simply smiled and took a big bite of my breakfast.

Once Kyle made his way out of the sack and had eaten, we decided to spend the morning just hiking around the area. I thought we might actually see some wildlife and absorb nature, but in reality what we saw the most was the two girls parading around in revealing short-shorts and halter tops. And even though Tracy wore a sweater, her charms were still obvious to everyone.

I had never really given Tracy much consideration in the ‘hot’ department. I think most of us guys just considered her as one of us since she always seemed to be quite the tomboy. And on top of that, she was Rusty’s cousin. We simply never thought of the leggy blonde in ‘that’ way. But her attitude and attire were changing all that.

As the morning wore on, the girls seemed to get more and more silly, for lack of a better term. They were rough housing with one another and generally doing anything that would focus the attention on them. Which was alright, but it was beginning to wear a little thin until I realized there had been a shift in their activities. Now it seemed like they were doing whatever they could just to tease us males. I had to wonder what was on the girls’ minds.

It was nearing noon so I suggested we head back to the campsite and get some lunch. Everyone agreed and soon we were having sandwiches and chips around the remnants of last night’s fire. Tracy had calmed down somewhat, but Debbie was still shamelessly flirting and teasing. Even going so far as bending over in her ultra short cut-offs to tie a shoe that didn’t need it. She had to have known that she was showing nearly all of her goodies to anyone caring to look.

Eventually the warm sun and lunch took its toll on me and I felt my eyes begin to get heavier and heavier. As interesting as Debbie’s exploits were becoming, I simply couldn’t keep my eyes open. My body gave in and I drifted into a nature induced slumber.

Sometime later I was awakened by the sounds of giggling and running feet. I fluttered my eyes open to hoots and cat-calls from a couple of the guys. By the time I focused, all I could see were two shapely and quite naked asses leaping from the shore and into the lake.

I glanced over at Rusty. He was standing there wide eyed with his mouth hanging open. I couldn’t blame him but I wanted a closer look. Hefting myself out of the chair, I hustled toward the edge of the lake. On the way, I decided that if the females weren’t going to be modest, neither was I.

By the time I reached the bank I had already removed my shirt. I dropped it to the ground and unbuttoned my shorts as I toed my sneakers off of my feet. Now I’m no ‘Johnny Atlas’ by any means, but I’m still pretty toned and I have never been ashamed of what I have below the belt. Maybe it was a bit narcissistic, but I stood there for a moment after I dropped my shorts to let the females get a good view before I dove in after them.

It wasn’t long before the rest of the guys joined us in all their bare-butted splendor. Everyone, that is, except for Rusty. He was standing on the shore and had removed his shirt and shoes, but looked uncertain. He reminded me of a puppy that had wandered into a corner and didn’t quite know how to get out.

I called out to him, “C’mon in… The water’s great!”

“In a minute,” was his hesitant answer.

Rusty shuffled around on the shore for a moment more and then started to step into the water. I noticed he hadn’t stripped. “You have to get naked like the rest of us,” I taunted.

He whined a muted reply but I was insistent and the others agreed. Before long we had all began to chant, “Rus-ty, Rus-ty, Rus-ty.”

Eventually, as his cheeks blushed crimson, Rusty unfastened his shorts and slid them down his legs. He hooked his thumbs into the waistband of his underwear and worked them down as well, letting his boner spring free and poke straight out from his youthful body. It wasn’t the biggest dick I’d ever seen, but looked like it would get the job done.

Rusty quickly dove into the water and waded toward the rest of us as we commenced in varied horseplay activities. It was obvious to me by now that the girls, or at the very least Debbie, had more in mind than just camping and I couldn’t see a better time than now to get things started.

Since I was confident Debbie was looking to get laid, I thought I’d try my luck with Tracy and see if her intentions were the same. defloration porno I neared her as she leaned back to dip her hair in the water, her firm tits protruding from her chest. I reached out and ran a finger over one of the nipples and Tracy barely flinched. I made a circle over the bud and then proceeded to cup her whole breast in my hand.

After a moment, she lifted her head, smiled at me and asked in a coy tone, “What do you think you’re doing?”

“Something I should have done before now,” I answered. Then to seal the deal I asked, “Do you want me to stop?”

“You do and I’ll pull your balls off,” she replied with a grin.

At that I slid an arm under her and lifter her up a bit so that I could get my mouth to her chest. My tongue darted out and began dancing circles around her already hardened nipple, bringing a deep sigh from the girl’s throat. And when she sighed again, I glanced over to see Joe mirroring my actions on Tracy’s other breast.

It wasn’t long before I felt a hand close around my stiffening cock, below the water’s surface. The delicate fingers slowly moved my shaft and in no time at all I had expanded to my full 9 inches. The feeling was intense. A myriad of pleasure derived from the fingers frolicking on my prick and the sensation of the water, and maybe just the pure naughtiness of where we were.

This went on for a few minutes and I was getting really worked up. I was just about to move between Tracy’s legs when a huge splash behind me sprayed water all over my back. The sun was hot and had heated my skin causing me to recoil when the cool water crashed onto me. This movement caused my cock to be pulled free of the grasping fingers as I spun to see the commotion.

Rusty bobbed up from under the water, sputtering and coughing. “What the hell…?” I demanded.

Mark came up to us laughing and filled us in on what had happened. Apparently to help him over his shyness, Debbie had slipped under the water and started sucking Rusty’s dick.

“Next thing we know, she’s coming up coughing and tells us he blew his load in her mouth,” Mark said. “So we gave him a toss,” he concluded.

“Jeez, I didn’t do it on purpose. It just felt so fuckin’ good,” Rusty apologized.

Not wanting to shatter his confidence I said, “Don’t worry about it sport, it happens.”

Just then, Debbie waded up behind Rusty and reached around him with both arms, pressing her beautiful boobs into his back. Her hands disappeared below the water and I’m quite sure that she was fondling his equipment. “Yeah sweetie, don’t worry about it” she said, adding, “I don’t mind the cum in my mouth, just let me know before you blow.”

By the time I turned back to Tracy, Kyle had taken over where I had vacated. Considering my options, I took my cue from Debbie’s previous actions and dipped below the surface and moved between Tracy’s legs. I pressed my lips to her vagina, jabbing my tongue between the labia. I was instantly aware of the warmer, slicker liquid of her secretions coating the tip as I worked it deeper into her.

Of course, it was only a matter of seconds before I had to relinquish this and come up for air. I repeated this move a couple more times and Tracy seemed to be really enjoying it, but it soon became too tiring for my enjoyment. After one last lick, I settled my hips between the girl’s thighs and took my rod in hand. Moving forward, I searched for her opening and soon had the head of my cock pressing into her.

What I quickly discovered was, contrary to popular belief, lake water does not make a very good lubricant. I managed to get my shaft into Tracy’s hot little box, but as I began to thrust the sensation became less than great. I could see from her expression as well that she was not exactly loving it either.

“Let’s move this party to dry land,” I suggested.

We untangled and began to head for the shore, Joe and Kyle leading the way. Tracy and I waded hand in hand a few feet behind them. “I’ve wanted you to do me for a long time,” she confessed meekly..

I found out later that she had only had sex a couple of times before this and that she was understandably nervous. I explained why I’d never made a move on her and we both had a good laugh. We began a relationship and were married 2 years later. We’re still happily married and the sex is as good and as wild as ever, but that’s another story (actually many) for another time.

I nudged Tracy and pointed out Debbie already on the grassy bank, her ass toward us as she lowered herself onto Mark’s turgid pole while he lay stretched beneath her. Joe and Kyle wasted no time waiting for us and hurried to stand in front of the brunette. Debbie was equally as efficient and began sucking and stroking the two dicks now before her.

I felt a shiver run through Tracy’s hand and I wondered if it was fear, excitement or something else. Her eyes were glued to the scene as she stood there taking it in, seemingly mesmerized. “If you’re unsure, you don’t have to do anything,” I assured her when another shiver chased through her nubile body. “No one’s going to force you to do anything you don’t want,” I said.

“I… I just haven’t ever seen anyone doing it before,” the blonde confided. “But I want to try it all,” she added with a lusty tone.

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