12 Ağustos 2020

Sex Files from a Therapist – Chapter 7


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Sex Files from a Therapist – Chapter 7After their horseback ride, and their impromptu sibling fuck, Lee spent the rest of the day mending a fence at the far end of the ranch. Mary and Carol returned to the ranch house, showered, and climbed into bed for a little sisterly love and affection. Carol was repeatedly reminded of how attractive and voluptuous her sister was and how she could quite easily be converted to a woman only sex life if it was Mary she were make love with. The spent quite some time just dreamily kissing and touching each other, exploring every inch of each others’ bodies, learning every crease, fold, line and sensual place the other possessed. Mary was ready now for some serious orgasms and shifted around so that the two of them could eat each other at the same time. Although Mary was a little larger than Carol, Carol preferred the bottom. She liked the feel of another woman’s weight on her. Carol loved the feel of her sister’s large soft tits pressed against her abdomen as Mary settled into position. Carol also liked the feel of her sister’s thighs against her cheeks as she lowered her pussy onto Carol’s face. And Carol loved the feel of her sister’s soft hands on her ass as Mary slipped them under her and held her cheeks firmly as her tongue began to explore Carol’s sensual depths. And Carol loved the aroma of her sister’s pussy as she tasted the early dew of arousal forming around her outer lips. Most of all, Carol loved the sensation of her sister’s soft tongue, acting like a small cock, yet softer and more nimble, finding the clit and flicking it, rubbing it and sliding over it. Carol was taking lessons from a master and followed suit in every way she could. Her sister’s ass was a little larger than her own, her tits were larger, yet still relatively firm and everything about her sister screamed female sensuality and lust. Because of all the foreplay, both women rapidly reached their peak and did not care how much noise they made. They nearly screamed their orgasms as the reached the top together. Both bodies went rigid, asses tightened, legs stiffened, grips on asses reaching the point of mild discomfort for the other. Wave after wave wracked both of them. A couple of the hired hands outside their second floor window heard the howls of delight and smiled at each other, all too familiar with the sounds that often came from that window.Mary recovered long enough to reach for the handle on the nightstand and withdrew from the drawer a dildo, double ended and the size of two of Zach’s cocks. It was shiny black, slightly curved like a banana, and to anyone other than Carol, it looked like it would split a woman in two. Apparently Mary could handle it as well and rolled to her back and asked Carol to get on top so the two of them could fuck it together. Mary inserted nearly half of it into her own pussy first, then Carol hovered over the other end and gradually lowered herself onto it while Mary held it in place. when they were both satisfied with their position and depth, there was only enough left of it for Mary to grasp with two hands. Both were taking at least 8 inches inside themselves. Carol was expecting to hump the toy, but Mary had other plans. Mary held the center of the toy with one hand. The women’s crotches were only a few inches apart, with Carol straddling Mary’s hips. She watched as Mary, grasping the toy with one hand, began to slide the toy up and down. It looked like she was jerking off with her own black cock. Actually, that was what she was doing. She was fucking herself and her sister with a black cock. As it slid from one pussy, it went deeper into the other. Carol felt like she was getting fucked by a real cock. She moved her hands to rest on her sister’s tits and she kneaded them like bread dough as her sister fucked her and herself. After both of them experienced a howl-inducing orgasm, they rolled over and Carol took her turn on her back without either of them removing the toy, and she began to jerk off the cock inside each other as Mary played with her tits. Carol increased the speed and, therefore, the intensity in this case, and they quickly reached another toe curling cum before collapsing one on top of the other, driving the remaining length of the dildo deep into each other until their pubic mounds rubbed each other. Carol had another unexpected orgasm from that little event. The two stayed like that, lightly humping each other with the toy in place for several minutes before they finally decided it was time to take a break and prepare for dinner.Over breakfast the next morning, Mary and Carol plotted how they would treat Lee to something special since he missed out on the fun the evening before. Mary told her sister of a fuck movie she watched with their cousin Kayla and a scene that particularly interested her but not Kayla, so she had let it drop. But Carol was all for it and they worked out the details. Mary said that Lee was very fond of fucking in the barn and doing so sometimes only wearing his chaps. Carol had a hard time envisioning a man only in chaps with a big boner, but she figured it could be good for a laugh if nothing else. Lee was late for breakfast because he had worked late into the evening. Mary informed him of their plans for him after breakfast and suggested that he go out to the barn, clear the hired help to work in the pastures or something for the morning, so they could have a little privacy for their plans.Lee was grinning ear to ear as he hurried through breakfast. Thirty minutes later, his sisters met him in the barn in the same stall Carol had found them earlier. The floor of the stall was covered in fresh bursa escort straw and Lee was leaned over the stall door smiling at them as they approached. “Just going to warn you, Carol, I am only wearing my chaps and if there were a knothole in this plank, I would be fucking it.””Sounds like you are so worked up already that you won’t last long enough to please us,” Said Carol, laughing.Lee opened the stall door to let his sisters in and Carol had to admit that the sight was actually arousing. Lee was a distinguished looking man with short, salt and pepper hair. His lean figure was attractive enough on its own, but the leather chaps buckled at the waist with his hard cock sticking straight out was actually arousing to Carol. He was tanned over most of his body except for high thigh to waist line region. He kept his pubic region neatly trimmed, since apparently, he and Mary liked to indulge in the oral aspects of sex on a frequent basis. Mary was wearing a short denim skirt, tennis shoes and a seersucker top with no bra and, as Carol already knew, no panties. Carol chose a matching denim skirt, a tight fitting tank that would have gotten her catcalls if the hired men had been nearby, and of course, no bra or panties herself. Lee was beside himself as he gazed on the two women who had earlier promised to give him a special treat. After breakfast he had hurried back upstairs for a longer than usual shower and was freshly shaved and ready for any possibility. He was wearing a newer set of chaps and they were of softer leather with the women’s comfort in mind. They only covered the front side of his legs, leaving the crotch and ass exposed. His hard cock was already leaking the clear fluid giving away his advanced state of arousal. But Mary assured Carol that their brother was excellent at controlling himself and could avoid cumming until he was ready and so were they. “Put on your cowboy hat, mister,” said Mary. “Then stand right here with your feet spread about three feet apart. And place your hands on the side of the stall for balance.” Mary had him in a stance that looked much like a man about to get frisked by police. “Carol’s going to start sucking your cock. You cannot cum in her mouth. I will tell you when you can cum and when you do, we want to see you shoot it on the wall of the stall. Understand all that?” Mary was taking a no-nonsense approach with her brother. He took it all in and did exactly as he was told.Carol positioned her self on her knees between her brother and the side of the stall. She looked up into his face at the grin of anticipation and appreciation for what he knew she was going to do for his pleasure. But he was in for a surprise. It would be a new experience for him, rare, since he and Mary had seemingly tried just about everything he thought. Carol took his rigid cock in her hand and guided it to her mouth and licked the clear fluid seeping from the end of his rod, licked her lips, swallowed and then took several inches of his stiff cock into her mouth and sucked hard. Lee let out a moan as his eyes closed, his head tilted back, and he felt the rough-smooth pressure of her tongue and lips glide over his shaft with the feel as close to being a pussy as a human can make it. If this were all he would get while Mary watched, Lee could have died a happy man, but the intensity of his experience was about to increase by a very large magnitude. Lee felt Mary run her hands over his ass as she knelt to the stall floor. Then he felt her hands slide gently over his balls and a finger ever so lightly rub that sensitive tissue between his balls and his asshole. It made his cock twitch in Carol’s mouth as Mary rubbed that narrow area even the slightest bit. Then he felt her finger begin to slide into his asshole. Lee had taken more than one cock up his ass, so this was nothing new, but the time Mary was taking to stimulate his asshole was driving him closer to the edge all the time. A part of him wanted to bust a nut right then, but he also wanted to hold back as long as possible. Mary helped him a little by surprising him with a slap to his nuts. It was not a painful slap, but just enough to pull him back from the edge. He concentrated again on Carol’s oral action on his cock and looked down to watch as she seemed to be completely immersed in her own enjoyment of cock sucking. He noticed that she had one hand up her skirt, obviously diddling herself with her free hand. The fact that he could not see her fingers in her own pussy made it all the more erotic to him. Then he felt a new sensation. Mary spread his ass cheeks apart with both hands and Lee could feel her warm breath against the inner crease of his ass. A couple of seconds later, He could feel a combination of warm, wet, soft pressure against his asshole. He could not see what she was doing but he could feel her face pressed up against his ass and he realized that he was finally getting his ass eaten. He could now feel her tongue pushing into his asshole and darting in and out. She would stop and run her tongue from that sensitive area between balls and asshole and lick that, then resume tongue fucking his butt. He had always wanted to try it and done the same for Mary frequently during oral sex. He had always thought it would be better in some ways than getting ass fucked, but he enjoyed that so much too, that he could not imagine it actually being better. But here he was, a mouth on his cock and a tongue up his ass. Mary now took a free hand and put thumb and middle finger around his balls like a cock ring. It had the effect of making the blowjob feel all the more intense and his balls became instantly more sensitive bursa escort bayan as they found themselves in a choke hold in his sister’s hand. Mary tugged on them gently as she continued to tongue fuck his ass. He could feel her saliva building in his crack and beginning to run down the base of his balls where her fingers gripped his bag. Meanwhile, Carol was still slowly working his cock like a master. She would swirl her tongue over his head, then lick his shaft like a lollipop, then suck the whole thing into her mouth and take him down her throat like a porn star. Lee’s legs began to quiver and both women knew he could not last much longer. Mary tapped Carol, the agreed upon signal it would be time to quit sucking and let their brother cum. Carol pulled off and told Lee it was okay to cum and to spray his cum against the stall wall. Mary backed away from his ass and watched from between his legs as he gripped his cock with one hand, jerked a few times and began to spew cum. The first shot made an audible splat against the wood siding. It was thick and white and clung in one place for several seconds before starting its slide down the wall. His second shot was equally as large as the first, hitting the wall just to the right of the first shot. It was a little more fluid and began to run more quickly down the wall. The third shot landed below the first two and then he launched two more shots that went straight to the floor into the straw. Lee, nor Mary, could remember the last time he had spewed that much cum in one orgasm. Mary’s research was accurate in that her ass eating, ball stimulation and simultaneous cock sucking would result in an unusually large cum shot. Lee had to lie down for a few minutes on the hay as his cock began to retreat to a more flaccid state. He had not spent himself like that in years. The women laid down on the straw, one on each side of him, and removed their tops so that he could play with their tits while he relaxed and recovered. Unknown to them, up in the loft, a young man was watching the whole thing and was quietly stroking his rather large cock, shooting an even larger wad of cum into the hay around him at roughly the same time Lee shot his own. This young man was hoping that there would be a way for him to let Lee know how much he would like to fuck him and get fucked by him, and hoping that Lee would have the same desires for him. It might be too much to ask for, but it was a pleasant fantasy if nothing else. Once the three siblings left the barn, dressed again just in case any of the crew returned early, the young man descended from the loft, and left the barn from the back side as the others headed for the ranch house. The young man was one of the ranch hands and had been instructed by the foreman to handle a few chores behind the barn before joining the others. He quickly took care of those things, climbed into the ATV and headed to where his brother was working. The crew had dropped him off to work alone until his brother got there. Their job was to clear some brush from a draw. They would later use the brush for a campfire when the hosted a chuck wagon dinner for guests. The young man headed for his brother, gathering up tools and getting ready to work.”Where the fuck have you been, Scott? It’s only an hour until lunch and the others will be coming to get us. We need to show more progress or the foreman will have our asses.” His brother, Kevin, was not amused.”Kevin, I just watched the hottest thing I have ever seen.” Scott went on to describe who had been doing what in the barn. “You see? We are not the only siblings who fuck each other! Maybe in ain’t that strange after all. And Lee has the finest ass you have ever laid eyes on, well, maybe next to your own. It was so fucking hot, I came a boatload when I jerked off watching them.”Kevin was clearly aroused and encouraged by what Scott had relayed. Kevin was working without a shirt and his tanned and toned chest and abs were glistening with perspiration. His work pants revealed a rather large erection building and threatening to burst through. “Need me to take care of that for you, bro?” asked Scott hopefully.”Yeah, think we can do it before the rest of the crew comes back for us?””That’s up to you, Kevin. Mouth or ass?””Ass. And you should be worked up enough that I can get right to it. Won’t take me that long to cum after the story you just told me.”Scott already had his shirt off and was removing his pants. His brother was as hung as he was, bot sporting eight or nine inches of fully hard cock when they were aroused. Kevin’s was a little thicker, but not by much. Scott leaned over the ATV and spread his legs, wearing only his work boots. His brother, holding his cock in one hand and wearing only his work boots as well, walked up behind his brother and began to quickly push his cock into his brother’s waiting asshole. Scott grimaced as his brother roughly drove his cock up Scott’s ass. Scott loved the feeling of a cock sliding in and out of his asshole, but this was a little too much meat too fast and he had to ask his brother to slow down and let him adjust. Scott relaxed and gave his brother the okay to resume fucking. The brothers had been blowing each other since they were teens. They were identical twins and the foreman was forever annoyed that he could not keep them straight. They had moved on from blowing each other to humping each other’s ass cracks until they shot their loads on each other’s backs. They added frotting to their repertoire, holding their cocks together and jerking off until they produced a huge puddle of cum all over themselves. When they had tried just about görükle escort everything else, they finally worked up the nerve to ass fuck each other. There was not a day gone by in the last three years that the twin brothers did not cum at least twice with each other. Usually the first time was a mutual blowjob either early in the day before work or right after work and then ass fucking in the evening before showering and going to bed. This occasion was rare – fucking in the middle of the day during working hours in the middle of a pasture. They did not want to get caught and kept their secret relationship to themselves. They seemed emboldened by Scott’s revelation that other siblings fuck each other. Keven was pounding his brother’s ass, wanting to get his first nut busted for the day. Scott was using his ass muscles to help hurry his brother along, squeezing his cock inside him, increasing the intensity and making it more difficult to stroke in and out. It worked handsomely. Kevin began to grunt and told his brother he was about to cum. Scott prepped himself for the flood of warm cum shooting in his ass. He relaxed so that his brother could fuck more freely and shoot it deep into his ass. He liked the deeper penetration and could feel the entire length of his brother’s cock twitch and throb in his ass as his brother shot several streams of cum inside him. Kevin, finally finished, pulled his cock from his brother’s ass. His cum quickly followed and dripped to the ground in a white stream, landing between Scott’s work boots. As the turned around, they found themselves face to face with Lee. He had walked up quietly when he saw what they were doing. He always enjoyed a good man to man scene and was rubbing his stiff cock through his pants as he watched this one play out. Both young men tried to cover themselves and Lee just smiled and waved his hand in dismissal.”Boys, boys. No need for modesty at this point. I saw the whole thing. Might I just say I was quite impressed. Oh, and you don’t need to worry about getting caught by the crew. I checked on them first and they said you would be here, so I told them I would get you back to the ranch by quitting time. So that means we have some time to ourselves now to try out our three boy toys together. What do you say?”Scott dropped his pants he was holding to cover himself, revealing his hard cock. Kevin had just spent his load and was just now feeling relieved enough he could try getting hard again.”Kevin,” began Lee, “How about you come over here and start sucking my cock. Scott, you come in from behind and fuck my horny ass.”Both young men did as they were instructed. Lee braced himself on the ATV in the same position he had taken with his sisters in the barn earlier. Kevin knelt between the ATV and Lee’s hard cock and began sucking the older man’s thick wood. Scott was getting for real what he had dreamed of only a couple of hours earlier – his cock in Lee’s ass. Lee felt the early stages of taking the young man’s thick stiff cock into his ass and he loved the feel of it. Scott was ll the way in his boss’ ass and the two of them could feel their balls slapping against the others’ as they began banging at full speed. Every thrust Scott made into Lee’s ass drove Lee’s cock deep into Kevin’s mouth. Kevin was already nearly deep throating the ranch owner as it was, so the thrusts actually shoved just a portion of his ball sac into Kevin’s mouth as well. “Ooh, yeah, oh, let’s try that. That felt good. Suck my balls, Kevin. Scott, take it a bit slower. Wouldn’t want him to slip up and bite.”Scott slowed the pace and Kevin took Lee’s balls into his mouth, first one and then the other. He used his tongue to twirl them around in his mouth like a couple of jawbreakers, careful not to let his teeth hit them too hard. Kevin stroked Lee’s cock with one hand while his mouth worked the balls. Lee was feeling the beginnings of another massive cum building. Scott was still fucking at the slower pace when Lee told Kevin to resume the cock sucking.”I am going to cum in your mouth, my friend. I hope you can swallow all that cum.” Lee grabbed the back of Kevin’s head and began fucking his face like it was a pussy. He didn’t care at the moment whether Kevin could breathe. It was not going to be that long. Then the torrent hit. Gush after thick gush, Lee shot his second huge cum of the day against the back of Kevin’s mouth and down his throat. Kevin swallowed as fast as he could, not losing a single drop. Lee finally finished and pulled his cock from Kevin’s mouth, finally giving the young man a chance to catch his breath.”When you cum, Scott, pull out and shoot it on your brother’s face. I want to see the size of your cum load. It will help me when we get together again soon.”Scott pulled out, moved to a place in front of his brother, who already knew what he could expect. Scott stroked a few times and aimed his cock at his brother’s face and drenched his sweaty face. Even though he had already cum in the hayloft earlier, Scott had amassed another impressive cum load. The first ropy stream landed in a straight line down the center of Kevin’s face, dividing forehead, nose, lips, and chin into two halves. The second thick stream splattered against Kevin’s right eye and pooled there. The third and fourth shots took a more downward trajectory and landed on Kevin’s cock at the base of his shaft. “Nice load!” said Lee. “I think we are going to have a lot of fun, the three of us. That is, if you men are interested.””Damn right we are,” said Kevin. “Absolutely!” said Scott. “When do you want to get after it again?””I will let you know. But soon.” responded Lee.Lee was pleased with his newfound luck. He was getting fucked by his sister, getting his ass eaten by his other sister and now he had two new play pals for all the ass fucking and cock sucking he could ask for. Life could not be better.

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