14 Nisan 2021

Sex Leads To Love


My parents died in an airplane crash. I ‘m fifteen and my brother is seventeen. I’m John, he’s Tom. The problems are huge. Emotionally, I think I may feel abandoned forever. I really miss them. But the practical problems take up almost all our time for a while. Maybe it’s just as well. Makes us think of other things. That is, what do we eat? Where do we live?

It turns out that there is a fairly large amount of insurance money. My grandmother, my father’s mother, has to get appointed our guardian by the court. We could live with her but she doesn’t live anywhere near where we do. Or, I should say, we used to live. Our home had a mortgage, a big mortgage. With our parents dead there’s no way we could handle that. So she arranged to sell it. But we want to stay here, where we go to school and know people. Grandma finds a place for us to stay. It’s a Bed & Breakfast place but for us, it’s essentially a boarding house.

Somehow this lady, who has a daughter, has this huge old house. I think her husband died but I don’t really know. She has six bedrooms that she can rent out. So we move there.

The daughter. Her name is Diane. She’s a year older than me and a year younger than Tom. When we first arrive I’m introduced to her. It’s like I’m gobsmacked or something. Sex. Lust. It all hits me at once. She is absolutely the sexiest thing I’ve ever seen. I mean I’ve talked a lot with my friends at school about sex but none of us really know anything about it. So I’ve never come close to this feeling before. I want her. I have no idea what to do about it but I just know that sex and her go together. She just grins at me, her eyes sparkle a little, and I feel as if she can read my mind. Then I realize I’ve got a boner. She can probably see it. Does Tom see it or her Mom? They don’t react at all so I hope not. I think I handle it o.k. and say something inane and then we’re gone to our rooms.

My brother has one room and I have another. We have breakfast there and usually dinner. Lunch is at school mostly. Grandma pays for us out of the insurance money. She’s told me that if I want to go to college, my share of the money should pay my way. I probably will need to go to a state school that costs less. But whatever, at 21 we each get our share of the money. My brother has decided that when he finishes high school he’s getting a job and when he’s 21 he’ll take his share and use it to start a business. A garage I imagine, something about working on cars.

I plan on going to college, become a teacher. Meantime, I’ve got a job delivering papers. I get up very early and on my bike deliver papers in our end of town. When I’m done I come back to where I live and have breakfast and then go to school. It gives me some money of my own to spend as I want.

At the B&B we’re the permanents. The other rooms usually rent for just a night or two to men on business trips, tourists, and sometimes if construction is going on some others move in more permanent, too.

As I learn, Diane helps her Mom. She changes sheets and towels and helps in the kitchen but mostly she goes to the same school as my brother and me. I try and spend as much time with her as I can. Help her when I can, just be nice to her. When we talk she likes to be close, often actually touching. And she likes to touch me, put her hand on my arm as we talk. Sometimes we sit next to one another and watch TV in the evening.

Meanwhile, I jerk off regularly thinking about her. I look up everything sexy on my computer and try to learn what I should do with her if I ever get the chance. She remains pure sex in my mind. She’s built really good, nice breasts, firm butt that sits up sort of high. Lovely, shapely legs. Dark hair and dark eyes on what’s probably more a cute face than a beautiful one. As several years go by she becomes built even better if that’s possible. She plays soccer for the school so her legs stay shapely and strong. I think her breasts actually get even larger.

She’s sort of a serious person. Not giddy and smiley like some girls. At school I see groups of girls moving around together, talking. But Diane is never part of that. She’s alone usually. I see her talking to a boy sometimes. Even my brother Tom. She does with them like she does with me and stands close and talks and seems more smiley and happy. She dates some. I know that she goes out some evenings, usually just weekends.

My brother graduates and is working. As a mechanic, which I knew would be what he wanted to do. He’s making money but is still living here. Diane graduates. She gets a job as a waitress, which is pretty much part time. She still lives here and helps her mother.

I turn eighteen. Mrs. Riley, Diane’s mother, bakes me a cake. I blow out the candles at dinner and it’s almost like a little party. Afterwards, Tom goes out. Mrs. Riley is back in the kitchen. I go into the living room to watch TV. I’m sitting on the couch and Diane comes in, she comes over and sits next to me. Close kartal escort bayan to me. This isn’t completely new, we’ve often sat here and watched TV.

“Happy birthday, Johnny” she says.


“Are you going to do anything special for your birthday?”

“No, I don’t think so. Don’t know of anything special.”

She does something that amazes me. She moves around, sort of straddles me and sits on my lap, facing me, and leans in to kiss me. I kiss her back, put my arms around her and hold her close. “I have a birthday present for you,” she says. “We need to go up to your room.”

We walk up the stairs and go into my room. “Take off your clothes,” she says. I’m dumbfounded. But she starts pulling her blouse off then unfastens and removes her bra. Her bare breasts are looking right at me. “C’mon,” she says, “get your clothes off. My present for you is me. I’ve wanted to do this since the day we met and I know you have too but I’ve forced myself to wait until today.”

I hurry to get everything off, just tossing it in a heap on the floor. “You’re a real hunk, Johnny,” she says as she steps up against me. I can feel her breasts and stomach pressing on my body.

“You’re gorgeous, Diane,” I tell her as I put my arms around her to hold her against me. “You have the sexiest body in the world.” I kiss her and she kisses back. Her hand moves down between us to grasp my very erect cock.

“You have a perfect cock, Johnny,” she says. “Plenty big and straight and beautiful.” She slides through my arms as she lowers herself, holding onto my cock the whole time. “I bet it fits my mouth like we were meant to be together.” With that, she’s on her knees and I can feel her licking and then I feel her warm lips around the head.

“You don’t have to do this,” I tell her.

She moves her head back slightly. “You don’t like it?”

“Oh, I love it but I don’t want you to do anything you don’t want to.” By then she’d sucked a couple inches into her mouth. She moves free for a moment, still holding it with her fingers.

“Oh I definitely want to.” And she slides her lips down taking at least half of me into her mouth.

I’ve never felt anything like it before in my life. I’ve jerked off and cum a lot but it never felt as good as her mouth does. She’s moving her head back and forth, moving her fingers that are grasping my cock, working me toward my cumming and I can feel it already. I doubt if she’s sucking me for even a minute and I start shooting off. “I’m sorry” I sort of mumble as I can feel my cum spouting out in jerks. She doesn’t say anything, seems to take even more of me into her. When I think I’ve shot my last, she starts sliding her lips down my cock, sort of milking it. I guess she wants to get every bit of my cum. She does this a couple times.

She moves her head back slightly and still holding my cock starts to lick it, making humming noises as if she’s really enjoying the whole experience. I look down and can see her. After cleaning me with several licks she sits back some and looks up at me grinning. I reach down and get my hands under her armpits and lift her up, leaning my head down slightly so I can kiss her. I get my arms around her and she puts hers around me and we kiss. I push my tongue into her mouth and we’re trading off sucking each other’s tongues. When we’ve kissed for awhile, she leans her head back slightly to look up at me, pushing her hips against me even tighter. “You kiss me after I suck you?” she asks.

“I’ll kiss you anytime, ” I say, “I’ll never get to kiss you enough. But now it’s my turn. I’ve never done this before but I’ve watched it on the ‘net a lot and really, really want to sample your body as much as I can.” I sort of half pick her up and half walk her backwards to my bed and lay us both down, her on her back, me on my side, partly on her and partly on the bed. I kiss her again. We’re both still holding one another.

I try to kiss her everywhere, her cheeks, her neck, her shoulders. Then her breasts. Her gorgeous, perfect breasts. I purposely hold one softly, trying to caress it rather than maul her. I get my lips on her breast and kiss on top. on the side, below the nipple, then get my lips around the nipple and lick and suck. I have my other hand on her other breast. I can hear her breathing hard, making small moaning sounds. I’m trying to do everything the way I think it should be done but I have to admit to myself that I really like doing this. I’ve dreamt many times about getting at her body and actually doing it is even better than I imagined.

Then to the other breast. I’m slobbering a little. I love the feel and taste of this experience and Diane really is the sexiest thing in the world. Then down over her stomach, kissing and licking. I tongue her innnie navel. I know I should move on down and kiss up her legs and work my way to her pussy slower but I want to get at it so much I can’t wait. I slide down to get between escort maltepe her legs. Fuck, I’m not sure I can even find it. She must shave some, there’s a fairly small patch of hair so this sort of wrinkly area right below the hair must be it. I feel with my fingers, trying to not push too hard and hurt her.

She moves. Her legs go up, almost to her shoulders. Her hands come down right where I am and pull on each side and open her pussy up. It’s all pink and wet and glistening. I get my tongue in there and start licking. She moves her hands away so I have to get my fingers to pull her open again so that I can get my tongue inside her, into all that pink, soft, warm flesh. Except it isn’t just flesh, it’s like a mucous membrane or something. I like the taste. I don’t even know what the taste is, it’s not exactly like anything I’ve eaten before. But it’s Diane. It’s her taste.

I know the vagina is sort of at the bottom and the clit is a little higher and that at some point I need to find her clit with my tongue and lips. So I move my tongue around, licking and tasting. Ah, here’s the vagina. I shove my tongue in and move it around. I pull it out and lick up a little. Here’s the shape. A bump. But as my tongue licks it the bump seems to grow a little, change a little. That’s got to be the clit.

Keeping my tongue there so I don’t lose it, I let go with one hand and move a finger up under my chin so I can push it into her vagina as I lick her clit. My finger’s there, it slides right in, no trouble at all. Hardly need to even push much. I pull it back some and get another finger next to it and push them both in. Tighter. I slide them in as far as I can and then out a little. I start finger fucking her as I work on her clit with my tongue.

She starts getting wetter. Her insides seem to swell slightly or get softer somehow her clit is now a tiny finger, I can flick back and forth on it with my tongue. Her moans are now light screams almost and her hips seem to be jumping a little. I get my lips around the clit and suck on it. Her hand is on the back of my head, pushing me tighter against her pussy. Her legs seem to be moving some on each side of my head.

She’s cumming. That’s what it has to be. Fluid is coming out, I can feel it on my fingers. Her hips are jumping more. Her hand is pushing me even tighter against her, The scream is real. I’ve got to taste that cum. I pull out my fingers and move from her clit to get my mouth around her whole pussy as much as I can and start sucking. She really puts out some juices, my face is getting wet. Her hand starts pulling on my hair, wanting me to move, I think. Is she done maybe? I slide up over her and my cock moves into position. She grabs my cock and helps aim it into her and actually pushes with her hips to get me started into her.

I have to push. I don’t just slide easily into her, she’s tight. My cock is pushing its way through flesh. I stop and pull back a little and push some more and slowly work my way into her. Her legs are around my butt. Fuck, this is so much more than I ever dreamed about. The feeling of her insides grasping my cock all around as I move inside her is unbelievable. And I’m in. My body is touching hers. I’m all the way in. I look down at her and she’s looking at me grinning. I try and hunch my back enough to get my mouth to her and kiss her But I’m too tall or she’s too short. I would have to pull out to get my mouth to hers and I don’t want to do that. I do pull back some and push in again. I kiss her forehead.

And I fuck her. I really, truly fuck her. I pull back and shove in over and over. She’s shoving her hips at me almost as much as I’m shoving into her. It’s like she doesn’t want my cock to come out. As I pull back she shoves up. I’m surprised, I last and last, plunging into her. “Harder” she says. “Faster” I start really banging into her. I don’t want to hurt her but from the way she’s acting she wants it like this. Moving inside her is a fantastic feeling. I can’t describe it, it’s just way too much. I’m feeling this all through my body and I think she is, too, from the way her body is pushing back at me. I’m surprised at how strong she must be, she’s really lifting her whole body up at times, moving my body, too. The whole world seems to be centered on my cock pumping in her vagina.

And then she screams and I can feel her insides grasping my cock even tighter, sort of pulsing a little and that pushes me over the top and I start squirting into her as she’s leaking her juices around my cock onto her butt and the bed. I almost collapse onto her. I try to support my weight some but I’m mostly just laying on her, my cock still in her, her legs still around me. I slide back some, my cock drops out but I manage to get my lips to her and we kiss. I roll to the side facing her. She rolls slightly to face me. We hold each other and kiss and kiss. My one hand is feeling her butt as we kiss. Her hand is doing the same to me.

“Happy pendik escort birthday, Johnny,” she finally says, sort of breathless.

I just look at her a moment. “This has been the best experience in my whole life,” I finally manage to say. She grins and we kiss again.

We lay there for a while, kissing and feeling each other. Diane finally says, “You have to get up early. I better go back to my room.”

“Diane, you said you were my birthday gift. You can’t go. You’re mine. I’m keeping you. We’re going to do this a hundred more times. A million more times. And at least once more tonight. Maybe twice. Well, unless you don’t want to. I don’t want to make you do anything you don’t want to.”

She grins at me. “Twice would be better than once.” Her hand moves down between us to grab my cock and start massaging it. I kiss her and then slide down just a little to get my hands and mouth to her breasts. Eventually I work my way down further and as I’m positioning myself between her legs, she says, “I’m sort of cruddy down there.”

“There’s nothing here but our juices, stuff from you and stuff from me. That’s not cruddy, that’s sexy.” I use my fingers to spread her open some and get my tongue into her. She really does taste stronger and slightly different. I lick up and down and settle my tongue on her clit and go to work. As I slide a finger into her, I tell her, “This is like the portal to paradise, I’m going to spend a lot of time here.”

“Johnny, you can’t spend too much time there for me.” She starts to moan a little as I slurp in her pussy and slide a couple fingers into her.

We do manage to do it twice more. And I am a little sleepy in the morning when I have to get up early for my paper route. I don’t do it on a bike anymore. I have a four year old Honda Civic that my brother Tom found for me that he says should see me through college with no major expenses. So my route is now longer but I do it quicker. When I get back and go up to my room to dress and get ready for school, Diane is still asleep in my bed. I undress and climb in next to her. I can always hurry through breakfast and still make my first class. In fact, maybe I should eat something different for breakfast this morning. So I roll her onto her back and pull her to the side of the bed so I can kneel on the floor and get my mouth to her pussy. The movement wakes her slightly and my tongue wakes her fully. “Johnny, this is a perfect way to wake up.”

Weeks go by. Often, I’m awakened by her mouth working on my cock. Sometimes, it’s me licking her that wakes her. She has to go to work as a waitress. I go to school and deliver papers.Her shifts change, sometimes lunch and sometimes dinner, sometimes both. So we have to fit sex in where we can depending upon our schedules. But we generally manage to have sex a lot, one way or another. This goes on for weeks and weeks, almost a year. We even manage to talk a little in addition to fucking.

We’re laying there next to one another, naked, after just finishing a really good fuck. “Johnny, I need to tell you some things.”

“Diane, you don’t need to tell me anything. I love you as you are.”

“I love you, too. That’s why you need to know more about me. You might as well know, it seems like every one else in town does. My mother wasn’t married when she had me. Like you, her parents died when she was young, late teens. I don’t mean to make excuses for her but she had no skills, had to live some way and she arranged to go to work in a whore house. She did have that basic skill. A very, very rich man found out there was a new girl and after using her decided he liked her. He wanted her for himself.

“This house is where he grew up. He married and built his own mansion. His parents, very old by then — I think he was already in his sixties — still lived here. So he moved my Mom into this house and made her his mistress. Exclusively his. After a while, I was born and his parents both died. Some how, Mom managed to get him to deed her the house. And she continued as his mistress as I grew up. When I was still very young, he died. My father died. He never legally admitted to being my father and my Mom never pursued anything legally. She owned this house and made it into a B&B four or five years before you two came along.

“Nobody in this town accepts us. I never get invited to classmates birthday parties. Even in high school, none of the other girls ever would have anything to do with me. The guys would but as I learned, only because they figured I’d be an easy lay. Well, I wasn’t. When you moved here, I had never had sex with any boy. But I did have feelings. Eventually I acted on them and had sex with a boy at school. I liked it. I wanted to have sex more often. Heck, I couldn’t hurt my reputation, I had none. As you already know, I really love sex, want it all the time it seems. So I got a little wild. I haven’t been with a million guys or anything but I have been with a half dozen. And I better tell you, one of them was your brother.

“Since I’ve been with you, I’ve been with no one else. And I don’t want anyone else but you. But you have to know all this. It may mean you don’t want anything to do with me but at least I’m honest.”

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