29 Haziran 2020

Sex Studio Secrets #23: Nikita-4


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Sex Studio Secrets #23: Nikita-4Nikita is bent over my hot ‘horse’, tightly tied at her wrists and ankles, as well to a sexy ‘saddle’She is as afraid as excited about what Professor Peter will do to her on this specially chosen dayNikita is wet and hot from wanton and erotic expectation for her sexy second time with his virilityShe submissively follows his orders for the inauguration rituals of her enormously erotic encounterNikita has to cross borders she never ever dreamt of:Nikita can’t go to the bathroom, so very embarrassingNikita nicely is in position bent over my hot horse all warm weekendNikita lets her juices flow down her legs as she waits for more seedNikita has only one open orifice left to offer for Professor PeterNikita longs he will whip her bums güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri again and next to take her roseNikita prefers her hot horse-whip to colour her bottom from pink to redNikita promises me to bring her sexy shop assistant along for next timeNikita offers me a deal hard to refuse in return for her anal initiation Nikita offers me to use big boobed blonde beauty Barbara for my pleasureNikita is as tight as tasty in her anal canal hosting hotly my big bananaNikita is learning a lesson to orgasm even from anal abuse by a big bruteNikita is coming hard and squirts, as if she wants to give my a sex shower!Nikita is a slender sweet sexy submissive slut selling me even her hot helpNikita is obediently making mental notes of youwin güvenilir mi my orders for our next meetingNikita is to wear only her jodhpurs in her sexy stable, just like BarbaraNikita longs long time for proper off-spring by the right ‘Mister Mindful’Nikita longs to breed a beautiful baby by the best combination of our genesNikita wants me to make her a mother as well as booby blonde beauty BarbaraNikita wants me to make a dear daughter or two at her as well as at BarbaraNikita knows how hot I am for fornication on top of her hot-headed stallionNikita knows how horny and wet she gets there, from first time we made loveNikita pleads me to breed her a baby when I will mount her on top of her horseNikita pleasures me by revealing perabet Barbara always ovulates on the same day as sheNikita feels the need for some off=spring, as she is not having any siblingsNikita feels the need to make sure someone will later take over her enterpriseNikita hopes hotly for a dear daughter, just like her hot Professor PeterNikita hopes hotly she will be as bright and pretty as her hot breeder isNikita is in the middle of a sexy sandwich on top of her hot sexy stallionNikita is unaware her sexy smells cause a enormous hard-on not only at meNikita grabs the big breasts of Barbara and bends her back to present her pussyNikita grabs those big balls for a hold when I start to bang my blonde beautyNikita welcomes my seed in her womb to breed our beautiful dear daughter PetraNikita welcomes Barbara to take the middle, to let us two make her our BiancaNikita and I look forward to see Your ‘thumbs up’Nikita and I long to read Your comment, dear readerNikita knows that the sexy action is oursNikita knows I claim copyright: Poet PETER

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